Best Male Dancers In India

This is the list of best male dancers ever in India.

The Top Ten

1 NTR NTR Nandhamuri Taraka Rama Rao (Jr.NTR), Born on 20 May 1983, He is an INDIAN, He Is Popular actor and Dancer In TELUGU FILM INDUSTRY And In INDIA, His Fans Call Him As YOUNG TIGER, TOLLYWOOD THALAIVA,

NTR is the number 1 BEST MALE Dancer/Dancer in India, He could Perform all kinds of Dances including Classical, Folk & WEstern Dances Perfectly

He give expressions along with his dance and according to song movements also very nice. we can say he is number 1 dancer in India. Allu is after him, because in Allu dance I feel not real dance.

NTR is the best dancer and also perfect actor

He is the best of india and actor tooo

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2 Allu Arjun Allu Arjun

He is best Indian Dancer... He must be in top... He can perform all dances including floor movements and moon walk but Ntr always stick with leg movements - M1S

The best boss of dance STYLISH STAR for a reason

Best dancer ever he tries bringing up new dance forms

Allu Arjun is better than ntr

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3 Hrithik Roshan Hrithik Roshan

Awesome dancer ever seen

He is very dancer in india with amazing body

Best dancer in the world

Hrithik is best dancer

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4 Prabhu Deva Prabhu Deva

His dancing is aswome


5 Lawrence
6 Ram Charan Teja

Ram Charan is the best

Grace moments at peaks

Graceful dancer...

Best dancer

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7 Simbhu

Great dancer of era

Great dancer

S t r the supar dancer he is dance is vare stylish I love S T R

8 Govinda

He is the only dancer to whom you can see him dancing for 24/7...

Evergreen natural dancing style that nobody has in the whole world like him.He is Just BAAP..

9 Javed Jaffery
10 Shahid Kapoor

The Newcomers

? Puneeth Rajkumar

Puneet is better than allu arjun

I will sure 100 % he should be in top 6 best dancers... Once watch Appu dance jackie Anjaniputhra steps

The Contenders

11 Tiger Shroff Tiger Shroff

A combination of Hritik Roshan and Michael Jackson! Dances like a living dream.. He elucidates heavy steps very smoothly and most importantly, smile never goes off his face even while performing difficult stunts and steps..

He is the pro version of my favourite michael jackson

Tiger Shroff is the best dancer in India

1 no

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12 Raghav Juyal

Slow motion king

My favourite singer I have ever seen

You are Slow moson king

Awesome dancing sence

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13 Vijay Vijay

He is a dance world

14 Prabhas
15 Chiranjeevi Chiranjeevi

King of tollywood

Boss is back.

Chiranjeevi is totally different from other dancers, I love allu Arjun, prabu deva, hirthik roshan and jr ntr dance too

Chiranjeevi is totally different from other dancers, he is one of best gracefull dancer in india, not only that dance with expressions and style, he is best in doing style movements, most of his songs were.chorographed by lawerence master, in telugu alluarjun, ramcharm, jrntr, rampoteni, chiranjeevi and sunil are my favorite ones

16 Varun Dhawan
17 Nandamuri Balakrishna
18 Ram Pothineni
19 Sai Daram Tej

Full of grace

20 Harman Baweja

He is also a great dancer in Bollywood..he did difficult steps with perfection.. he's dance style like hrithik roshan

21 Harihar Dash
22 Fremin Cruz
23 Krushna Abhishek
24 Jayam Ravi
25 Munna Michael
26 Punit Pathak
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