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141 Thirsty

Super fun track, wish it was released and promoted well

142 Cry.
143 Dedicated
144 Supernatural
145 Meteorite
146 One More Try
147 Money ($ * /...)
148 You Don't Know What to Do
149 Heavenly (No Ways Tired / Can't Give Up Now) V 1 Comment
150 Oh Santa!

Is The Best Christmas Song From Her Second Christmas Album Merry Christmas II You

151 Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

Love This Song From Her First Christmas Album Back In 1994 It Was Release The Same Day As All I Want For Christmas Is You As

152 The Impossible
153 It's Like That

Great song, Great video, Great Lyrics, Mindblowing Rap Things, Surely one of the best Song of the Biggest selling female artist Miss Mariah carey, Ms. Mariah gives this songs Catchy R&B rhythm.

154 Anytime You Need a Friend

I Love This Song By Her I Took Me To Church One Day When I Was Listening To It And I Have It I Love This Song So Much I Just Fell In Love With This Song

This song is so beautiful.

Since the break down of my 32year marriage. I felt very alone and hurt deeply. I heard this song along with here and I cried deeply at both of them. that's when I knew that god was with me and he gave to inner peace in my heart and soul. so when I feel down I listen to both songs now and I know that I am never alone. none of us are. thank you Mariah.

Why is this no.154? WHATT THIS SHOULD BE IN TOP 10

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