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61 Leaving California

I love Maroon 5, but this song beats out the rest of the songs on any album. It has so much emotion and reminds me of their older songs like She Will Be Loved. However, it has a different vibe to it that makes it more... complete. They need to release this song.

This song has a great soul to it. It should be become famous once it has been out for long enough.

This song has a soul that other, more popular, songs like One More Night lack. I love it!

I love this song:). I hope they release it! One of the best on the new album

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62 What Lovers Do - Maroon 5
63 Come Away to the Water

Unlike anything they've done, easily my favorite, a unique and perfectly tailored song for The Hunger Games.

Subtle and electrifying. I love anything m5 but this takes my vote

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64 Soap Disco

As Kara's Flowers, before they became Maroon 5, these guys rocked! Soap disco is like a mix between the band now, and Weezer. It's weird, but awesome. Plus, some of the best solos from the band to date!

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65 Get Back In My Life

Okay, "My Life" has Eminem and 50 Cent, "Get Back in My Life" is totally different

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66 Woman

Very underrated... Exceptionally smooth

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67 Unkiss Me

In May 2015, Maroon 5 was my favorite band, even trumping Imagine Dragons. I listened to some of their older music and liked it. A lot. V wasn't as good as them even before I completely delved into the album, but I was expecting a lot because at the time, all of the singles were great.

When I heard Unkiss Me, my expectations were not fulfilled whatsoever. The lyrics aren't bad but that isn't the issue. Musically this is one of the ugliest songs I've ever heard. The song starts with a blazingly eerie four-note synth line and horrendous dubstep, and for the first verse and half of the second verse, Adam doesn't sing with any passion whatsoever.

"If those are the only flaws, it can't be THAT bad, right? "

The caliber of the flaws is way too high to make it enjoyable for me. - WonkeyDude98

This should be in top 10

If this one gets released as a single it will jump into the top ten.

WHAAT? Really 70 position? I'd think nobody actually heard this song! It's the best one ever, the lyric is so perfect... This should be in the TOP 10

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68 Whiskey
69 Wasted Years

Why is this song not included in the top 10? It is one of the best and it is catchy

Very catchy and very unique among their songs.

This is amazing - lovefrombadlands

70 In Your Pocket

This song had potential to be pretty good, but it doesn't sound like a complete song. It sounds like an unfinished demo with basic backing instrumental tracks before the lead guitars were put on. And for the anger that this song has, the instrumental was too light. The song itself isn't bad, but it does rub me the wrong way.

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71 Shoot Love V 2 Comments
72 Coming Back for You

Guyzz it awesome song you should listen dizz also the all songs of album v is great

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73 New Love

Oh my gosh! This low?! "New Love" is just so catchy and such an underrated song! Please give it a listen!

This song has a perfect beat to it and it should be in the top ten

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74 Is Anybody Out There

I don't know this song...Is it harder to breath?

Shouldn't this be called "Harder to Breathe"?

75 Don't Know Nothing
76 Highway to Hell
77 Me and My Broken Heart

This is...Rixton's song, not Maroon 5's. I don't get the confusion. - WonkeyDude98

Well it's a good song but it's by Rixton...

Not maroon 5

No no no no no
Me and my broken heart is RIXTON!

78 Hello

Actually, this song is a cover song Maroon 5 did, except the song they did was originally by Oasis, not Adele.

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79 Wait

Its 93? Can it be either 9 or 3? Can it be higher? - lovefrombadlands

Vote for it now!

I'm just commenting this so I can vote for my favorite song - lovefrombadlands

80 Kiwi

I love dis song

I like Kiwi by Maroon but not Kiwi by Harry Styles. - lovefrombadlands

A good simple song.

Not a big fan - courier28

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