She Will Be Loved


This song was beautiful and heartwarming. I loved it from the first chord! My friend told me she will be loved because I was very emotionally hurt for a reason at the time and I just stopped crying then she sang me the song. She is my best friend ever. Love her to pieces. I want to help her now because shes facing issues, so ill tell you this you will be loved. There's someone out there, and you will be loved

By far the best maroon 5 ever. Back in the day of their debut album, songs for Jane, when they had heartfelt lyrics and one of the best sounds in the world. In my opinion they have evolved sadly into less of an emotional band with songs like "pay phone", but this song is an absolute classic.

"She Will Be Loved" deserves the number 1 spot. However, those hating on "Payphone" need to hear Maroon 5 perform it live without Wiz Khalifa. It's so beautiful. I still wouldn't have "Payphone at number 2 but it's not a terrible song by any means. Where the heck is "Wipe Your Eyes" though?

This is my haha favorite song (from maroon 5) the lyrics the rhythm Adam's voice it's all so cool and oh! Adam has the coolest and high toned singing voice... I love hearing this song whenever I feel down it makes me feel that there's always someone who will love me..

For me and I think many of you will agree when I say "She will be loved" is Maroon 5's best song ever. The song has a lot of soul and adam's voice really gave it that unique quality to the song. The lyrics portray a very deep meaning. Congrats guys!

What a amazing balad song I'd ever heard. It touches my heart. So means love & joy. Better song than this love, Makes me wonder, Misery, Won't go home without you, & all there other songs. This song WILL FTW!

This song is so beautiful and the lyrics are wonderful storytelling by Maroon Five. I can always listen to this song whether I am happy or sad, I love the entire arrangement of this song, it is one of them simply un-hatable songs!

She will be loved and this love are the songs before I was born and they prove how quality band they were a long way before. Now they produce crap songs. Last time I heard their good stuff was back in 2012 (PAYPHONE and ONE MORE NIGHT).

The best song produced and sung by Maroon 5. I fell in love after listening to it the first time. Especially the lyrics "I don't mind spending everyday, Out on your corner in the pouring rain.."

This song has a lot of hidden messages that reveal themselves to the melancholy tone of the song, but there is also a 'silver lining' of such in the lilts of his voice and the slightly optimistic lyrics. Love it :3

I fell in love with my best friend but she already had a boyfriend who cheated on her thrice, I didn't tell her for 15 months that I have feelings for her but I dedicated this song to her when I told her last week.

I heard this song when I found out my boyfriend did not like me as much as I liked him, so I dedicated this song to him. To show him that even though he did not love me as I him, but every time I hear it gives me hope

This is an incredible song.

I don't how they went from this to songs like "moves like jagger."

No offense but I facepalm every time I listen to that song and compare it to this one.

This is simply a masterpiece. The lyrics, the rhythm, the voice... It's not just Adam singing with the highest pitch he can make, romantic non-deep songs.

This song is really great, it makes me cry and it was only released 12 years ago but still, especially when he says she will be loved its like a message to all broken-hearted girls out there+

The lyrics are so meaningful. You really feel every emotion it's trying to convey. It tells you that even if you're broken now, there's always someone who loves you enough to try to fix it.

This music was playing, when I met with love of my life (in 2007) So, this song is so special for me. Maybe this song will be our wedding song! :D

Although "this love" is their signature, this song is their best and most successful. It is amongst the most beautiful and fragile love songs of the last decade.

I really love this song the lyrics, the music it's awesome I first heard it in Miley Cyrus' movie ( the last song ) and I liked it so I searched for it and listened to more hits of MAROON5

She will be loved! A single that shows you how someone will love you just the way you are in my opinion! A beautiful single from my favorite pop-rock band!

Best song of Maroon 5 I've heard so far. Unarguably, all of their songs are nice and have a good beat and great lyrics, but this song is kinda emotional too. It's just awesome. M5 Rock!

I dedicated this to my current girlfriend. The best song love song with the best lyrics. A truly defining song was this. A song that had never got old. Greatest song ever

Maroon 5's all time best. Although I do like This Love, Beautiful Goodbye, Payphone and Won't Go Home Without You, this song has always made me feel how much love should be.

Look for the girl with the broken smile.

It's not like I'm a M5 fans or anything, but I agree this song's to wonderful to hear. This is a sweet slow song with a sweet melody. It's also one of my favorite songs from M5