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41 Pendulous Skin
42 Quintessence

Absolutely relaxing, as all this album, but very reflexive. Is just a bit more amazing that the other incredible songs of this band.

I'm officially convinced that no one who has voted on this list is a mastodon fan. Only their most publicized songs are in the top ten. Do yourself a favor and listen to some Mastodon, starting with this song. If you don't eargasm, you're beyond my help.

The best Mastodon song. Period. It's so relaxing. It has their best chorus.

How is this song so low, at least should be in the top 10 in my opinion

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43 Hunters of the Sky

Great song how come no one knows it

44 Steambreather Steambreather
45 Spectrelight
46 Bladecatcher
47 All the Heavy Lifting
48 Circle of Cysquatch
49 Ember City

Damn can't believe this song is getting no love...that chorus is just so awesome

Beautiful song.

In my opinion it's between this The Czar, Spectrelight, Bedazzled Fingernails, Where Strides the Behemoth, Sleeping Giant, Seabeast and The Wolf is Loose for best song.

50 Bedazzled Fingernails V 1 Comment
51 Asleep In the Deep

This song got me into the band! The video is a cat getting stoned... come on guys

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52 I Am Ahab

The environment this song creates for me is incredible. I can almost feel the sea salt in my lungs.

My second favorite on Leviathan, it pounds so hard and never lets down

53 Trilobite V 1 Comment
54 Sultan's Curse
55 Once More Round the Sun

Very Queens of the Stone Age, but that isn't a bad thing, is it?

56 ├Źsland
57 The Ruiner
58 Aunt Lisa
59 Roots Remain Roots Remain
60 Word to the Wise Word to the Wise
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