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21 Clockworks
22 Behind the Sun
23 Soul Burn

To me, this song has every good element in it that Meshuggah both old and new have to offer. Soul Burn has all the polyrythmic weirdness that the band are known for, but it's still metal as hell. What I'm saying is that this heavy bastard of a song is complex yet Pantera all at the same moment. This would be a great first Meshuggah song to listen to.

This should be in the top 10. The first song I heard from Meshuggah and I was hooked. The slow crushing riff, the drums that come in at a different time signsture...classic.

24 Inside What's Within Behind
25 Stengah
26 The Demon's Name Is Surveillance

Pure, raw and backed by some solid helicopteresk drumming. Perfect for cranking up your energy level.

27 The Mouth Licking What You've Bled
28 In Death - Is Death

This should be like a top 5. It showed me that this band creates species and when you listen to this masterpiece, you're gonna visualize that time NEEDS Meshuggah! Groovy, mad Bendy, Insane, futuristic, relaxing in some parts, and this is like the best song I've heard of my life. We need these Swedish artistic geniuses for life so they can make something like this again!

The riff near the beginning hit me like a bus every time. I'm talking about the one right before the repeating guitar bend transition all the way to the end of that part. Brilliant

It's a pretty long song but who cares!

The whole album is perfect! - Spineapple

29 Catch 33
30 Perpetual Black Second
31 Sublevels
32 Shed

The brilliant meshuggah-typical sound, but without the constant shouting

33 Marrow

It's like getting your intestants pulled out of your body by a monstrous machine and being thrown into space with the speed of light at the same time.. And then there's that OUTRO GROOVE.. Holy SHIIT, it's so ridiculously groovey even Elvis Presley would dance to it if he was still alive

34 Pineal Gland Optics

This song is sick, very heavy and the outro is awesome.

35 The Hurt That Finds You First

This is the musical representation of insanity.

Speedy and completely overpowering. Like all the tracks on Koloss, this one does its name justice.

36 War

Brutal, fast, aggressive.

Possibly the most underrated Meshuggah song.

Love it though.

37 Gods of Rapture
38 Pravus

This song really sums up the more evil side of oBzen. It's also got this really menacing element to it that Meshuggah often do but never really achieve to such a stage as Pravus does. Really lives up to its name as it is such a demonic-sounding song. One of their best easily.

brutal song. Can listen to this song back to back for hours on end. Hard, thumps and grooves.

39 Ritual

You will forget that metallica exists.

40 Sum

Epic epic epic epic

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