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1 Fade to Black - Metallica Fade to Black - Metallica Cover Art

This song has so much meaning to it. The lyrics are deep, and the guitars & drums go so well with it. My favorite Metallica song, and my favorite song ever. One of Metallica's best songs, one of the best Metal Songs ever written, and one of the best songs overall.

The defintion of the type of song that touches my soul, from when I first heard it like in 1998 I constantly searched for songs structured like this, it just have the perfect structure to maximize nostalgia and anger and then release of feelings, too bad it's lyrics are about suicide. And too bad that some teens got to the point of taking their own lives, allegedly this song was their starting motvation, but enough with the trivia. This song totally rocks, period.

Similar to my comment on "Best Metal Songs", but the other way around: while "Cemetery Gates" is a better song overall, "Fade to Black" is by far a better ballad.

Despite it has a simple bass and rhythm guitar riffs, this song rocks. It has a really good melody, better than the Nothing Else Matters's one. I love the song One, but if you choose a ballad, Fade to Black is the top.

2 Beyond the Realms of Death - Judas Priest Beyond the Realms of Death - Judas Priest Cover Art

Not only does it have everything a good metal ballad needs (emotion, power, soul etc) it also stands as being perhaps the most influential ballad on this list. Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden, among many others cite This song as a primary influence and essential template when composing their own ballad-esque songs. Some overt examples of said influence can be found in Fade to Black by Metallica and Remember Tomorrow by Maiden (Which, along with Children of the Damned, is strangely absent from this list)

Not only the best, but also, hands down the most influential. The likes of fade to black and remember tomorrow among countless others may have never existed without this masterpiece.

No contest... Beyond the Realms of Death is THE metal ballad. It's hard to get any more epic than it. The lyrics are beautiful and that first solo is one hell of a solo.

I think it has the best attacking power & defense. I won all my battles with it and it was my first bey so I like it the most. Please vote for it

3 Cemetery Gates - Pantera Cemetery Gates - Pantera Cover Art

According to me, this song is in par (even higher) with Metallica's fade to black/sanitarium/one. And this should be way higher in the list, at least above Slipknot or Avenged Sevenfold (which isn't exactly metal)

Amazing solo, that guitar-vocal duet is really amazing. Love the way it picks up then falls repeatedly

One of the soft songs of pantera yet their songs never go without some kick ass guitar solos

That voice, and the final guitar note are one of the best thing I heard in metal

4 Nothing Else Matters - Metallica Nothing Else Matters - Metallica Cover Art

Although I like The Unforgiven and Fade to Black better, I would say Nothing Else Matters is the best metal ballad.

I think it's the best cause there is this sort of harmony all along with perfect accelerations!

Just a perfect song and my all time favourite ballad.

1)Metallica/2)Skid row and some wasp best ballads ever

5 A Tout Le Monde - Megadeth A Tout Le Monde - Megadeth Cover Art

This needs to be #1, a simple melody that strikes through to the soul of everyone who hears it! The pain and the love expressed at the same time, a masterpiece!

This song is just amazing. I love it more than words can describe.

I love this so much it will be played at my own funeral. DETH4LIFE

Lyrics are enough

And its probably the most "metal" ballad

6 Snuff - Slipknot Snuff - Slipknot Cover Art

This song sets the standard for modern metal ballads. At first it sounds kinda generic, but there are several things that set it apart. The most obvious thing is Corey's voice. Then is the lyrics. Then the intricate guitars. And what really ties it all together is the keyboard riff. It's such a delicate song because without all these elements exactly as they are it wouldn't be such a great song. props to Slipknot. they really stepped up on this one.

Enough with the "Slipknot is a machine and has no soul" remarks! Listen to this song and it will prove that you were wrong all along!

"Love is just a camoflauge for what resembles rage again" and "You ran away your all the same! " Are to me the most tear shedding to me

When I hear this song ask who's that band? unbelievable that Slipknot make so fine and epic song, this song rise them as artist!

7 One - Metallica One - Metallica Cover Art

So in the top ten best songs ever list it's ranked about 9th or something, which is higher than most other ballads that are on this list and on this list it's ranked 21st. This is a power ballad that shows you to the life of a sufferer from war, it's a masterpiece and easily one of the best ballads ever.

The progression and built up emotion in this song combine to tell a truly sad tale..
Like every great ballad it tells a story with words, But the added progressive style allows the instruments to tell the story as well. Beautiful song deserves to be in the top 5

What? This is the best ballad of all time? Who can disagree with that? Man this song is now a fundamental need for me, like water, oxygen or food.

This was just a prog metal song, not really a ballad, but a great song

8 Scene Eight: the Spirit Carries On - Dream Theater Scene Eight: the Spirit Carries On - Dream Theater Cover Art

This song is so moving... any haters that think Dream Theater is incapable of emotion have to listen to this song

I think this is the best... Very touching

One of my favourite songs.

It is a work of art

9 The Unforgiven - Metallica The Unforgiven - Metallica Cover Art

My girlfriend cheated on me I killed her with this song on my stereo

Even better then nothing else matters should be much higher

The Unforgiven > Fade to Black when it comes to atmosphere

The best description of internal conflicts

10 Silent Lucidity - Queensryche Silent Lucidity - Queensryche Cover Art

This is a no brainer. Queensryche have an incredibly unique writing style and the musicians are all virtuosos at their respective instruments. This song is simply divine, and without a doubt deserves to be #1.

This song is revolutionary and should be placed higher than 6. QR is a great band and plays some of the best prog metal out there!

1. A Tout Le Monde
2. Silent Lucidty
3. Fade to Black

The 1st time I hear this song I think that Pink Floyd had gone metal but no... A master piece of Metal-Progressive scene

I enjoy the heck out of. I've been caught playing it over and over.

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11 Return to Serenity - Testament Return to Serenity - Testament Cover Art

Testament: the most diverse band ever... Chuck billy is by far one of the best singers there is, and Testament has Produced some of the greatest ballads, and instrumentals there is... Not to mention the greatest drummers and guitarists...

I love Testament and I love all of their ballads, I dare the say they are one of the few bands with the best metal ballads in the whole world. Really there aren't many that touch my sould like this one. And I know an awful lot of them

Best Metal ballad by far. Actually best ballad period. It's nice to throw this in with some of their older songs to shake it up.

My second favorite ballad just after Panteras Cemetery Gates. Testament is so underrated anyway...

12 Collapse - Vektor Collapse - Vektor Cover Art

A masterpiece of modern thrash, one of the only unique bands today

13 The Bard's Song (In the Forest) - Blind Guardian

Beautiful from studio, but one of the best musical experiences of my life live. I've never heard so many people sing so well.

Absolutely one of the best metal songs ever. Once everything else is gone, "the bard's song will remain."

This is so great from every viewpoint - originality, vocals, melody, lyrics.

Definitely the best - no matter what else comes the way!

14 Child In Time - Deep Purple Child In Time - Deep Purple Cover Art

Not sure it strictly comes under the banner of metal, but nevertheless a wonderful song. Incredible vocals from the master, and not just the screams and a beautifully intricate cleverly constructed solo from the greatest rock/metal guitarist ever. Probably my favorite song ever let alone ballad!

One of the best!

@visitor who wasn't sure if "it strictly comes under the banner of metal".
Be sure it does.


15 Rainbow Eyes - Rainbow Rainbow Eyes - Rainbow Cover Art

Rainbow is an underrated heavy metal band that everyone should check out especially if you like Dio and Deep Purple. I don't think this is the best metal ballad but I voted for it because Rainbow is a great band. Check out the first three albums they absolutely KICK ASS.

Ahh, this one is top 5!
Magical - it's like a music message from the center of the Universe. This melody is so beautiful and unique that is almost transcendental. And Dio earned the nickname Mr. Golden Voice for a reason.

Its DIO and Blackmore..need I say more?

16 Hollow - Pantera Hollow - Pantera Cover Art

This is my favorite song of pantera even than cementery gates, it has amazing guitar harmony and very deep from the soul lyrics, it has a gloomy & hollow mood mood then it turns to anger & regret abd gets heavier.
It is one of those few songs that gets even better every time I play it. It needs to be higher than it is now.

Should be much higher this song has excellent guitar playing

Underrated on this list

17 The Sound of Silence - Disturbed The Sound of Silence - Disturbed Cover Art

I love this song so much! The first time I heard this I was in tears, because I didn't know that Disturbed could make such beautiful music. Simply a masterpiece!

Even better than the original, Draiman's voice combined with the instruments is simply beautiful.

This is the absolute best cover. It's so emotional and is better than the original in my opinion

The first song to give me goosebumps. Probably the best cover ever made.

18 Floods - Pantera

One of the best ballad, Floods is at the same time powerful, strong, dark and contains this famous final riff.

This song left me out of words after the song ended. It's perhaps my favorite Pantera song.

My favorite ballad ever, by my favorite band ever!

This song has one of the best guitar solos ever

19 Changes - Black Sabbath

I think this song need to be higher, even it doesn't sound as metal sound

20 The Heart Collector - Nevermore The Heart Collector - Nevermore Cover Art
21 Seize the Day - Avenged Sevenfold Seize the Day - Avenged Sevenfold Cover Art

Where is:
Dear God? It's an incredibly good song, although I hate it.
A Little Piece of Heaven? Enough said
So Far Away? Jimmy's tribute song
Warmness on the soul? Great lyrics

Good song. But I personally think that So Far Away/ Warmness on the Soul is better.
"Seize the day, or die regretting the time you lost"!

Where is dear god, warmness on the sol and so far away?

"Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost..."

22 No More Tears - Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears - Ozzy Osbourne Cover Art
23 Fiddler On the Green - Demons and Wizards

A song of incredibly moving beauty and power. The story that it illustrates is pefectly heartbeaking and adds a feeling of otherworldliness to the song. The build and release that it creates when the climax is reached is exquisite, I have seen this song leave those uninitiated in the metal genre baffled after their preconceptions are turned on their heads. It's execelent.

OK, here's the story: Hansi (singer & lyricist) witnessed two car accidents in one week and two kids were killed - a boy and a girl.
Interpretation of the story in the song: Death took the life of the boy by mistake and to make up for it, the reaper also took the life of the girl, who his soulmate would have been in life.

Even more beautiful when you know the poignant story behind the lyrics.

Sad, epic and beautiful! Hansi K├╝rsch is amazing as always.

24 In My Darkest Hour - Megadeth In My Darkest Hour - Megadeth Cover Art

It's a great song, but not sure it classifies as ballad. On this album Mary-Jane is the most ballad(ish) song, however is still not a ballad. No real ballads on the So far, so good... so what! album.

This song should easily have made the top twenty...

How was this not Here

25 Wind Of Change - Scorpions Wind Of Change - Scorpions Cover Art
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