Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Testament)

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David "Dave" Lombardo is a Cuban American drummer, best known as a co-founding member of the American thrash metal band Slayer.


He's the Father of double bass FOR a reason... His Drumming in REign in blood set the bar for future drummers... Listen to his work in testament's 'The Gathering'... Lots of sympathy votes for 'the rev... He sucks... Lars sucks... Joey is good but not that great... The list should be 1. DAve...2. Igor cavalera..3. Ray herrera..4. GEne Hoglan...5. Paul bostaph

The Fact that dave lombardo isn't top is an insult to his ability. I understand that there maybe other factors contributing to it such as leaving it to internet vote but to the majority of people here who I'm assuming are voting for their favourite drummer, next time vote for the most talented.

Slayer are in fact mainstream, because Metallica made it so, so Dave Lombardo - despite being in 2nd place - has always been the greatest metal drummer in history. The sheer brutality on Reign in Blood, Silent Scream, and the unparalleled technicality shown on South of Heaven is face-melting. I couldn't care less about popularity. Dave Lombardo always has been metal's greatest drummer.

Definitely the best followed by Clive Burr, Nicko McBrain (both Maiden) and Danny Carey. Never heard Avenged Sevenfold or Slipknot (because I'm not 10). I love Metallica and Megadeth better as bands but Lars isn't close to these guys and Megadeth have never had a great drummer.

You say you love Megadeth and say that they never had a great drummer? What? Nick Menza... - rportah

Dave is just the best drummer ever, he's called the godfather of double bass drumming. He's a very talented drummer, he's even better than Lars Ulrich (even though Metallica is my favourite band ever), The Rev (I loved him anyways), and Joey Jordison (He'd be in my Top 5) - Nintendonix

Dave basically invented modern metal drumming. There is no doubt he one of the greatest if not the greatest drummers ever. Jordison and the rev just cannot be compared to Dave. Also, its kinda messed up that David Kollias, Neil Peart are so low. They can drum circles around Rev and jordison. Unfortunately, too many Ax7 and slipknot fanboys have voted.

What the hell is wrong with you people...! Lars does not deserve that place.. Lombardo is the BEST and will be.. If you hear to raining blood you understand what Lombardo can do he becomes a beast once he starts drumming

The evil lyrics were hard for a kid raised up in church his whole life to digest. But that beat is so f'ng sick you just can't stop listening. 42 years old now and I still ROCK those beats via 250-300 watts in my car every day coming home from work. Pantera is cool and all that. But NOTHING comes close to that drum beat pissing off everyone around me in traffic daily. Spill the pure virgin blood. Rock on.

The godfather of the double bass! Lombardo is a fantastic drummer and has many legendary moments in his career. Who can forget the drum solo in "At dawn they sleep? " Also I swear "The Rev" is just getting pity votes from his fan base. His career was short lived sadly.

This is by far the worst list I've ever seen. The only one on this list that's even close to Lombardo is Portnoy. Lars Ulrich is an embarrassment to metal and it blows my mind how anyone could be dumb enough to vote him over Lombardo.

THIS GUY IS THE BEST THERE IS! IT don't GET BETTER THAN HIM MAN! Slayer is what it is today because of this guy! I'm sure nobody else can do justice to the slayer songs! THIS GUY HITS IT OUT OF THE PARK... EVERY DAM TIME!

Honestly who but Lombardo can make any band he plays with sound better? I just saw Slayer with Bostaph, it had no balls or soul. How about when he played with Metallica? First time ever they sounded like they had a drummer. The list goes on!

His playing has a swing and groove at high speeds, which none of these other guys have. Must be his Cuban roots.

His foot work is the best on this list, and when he hits the high pitched cymbals he is instantly recognizable.

No contest. Everyone in this list is great, but Dave is just in his own league. I'm not the biggest Slayer fan, but Dave absolutely rules! I just love everything he does.

Dave should be on top of the list. Rev should be on the back end of the list who do you think inspired Rev, Joey. Dave Mike Lars Nicko they paved the way for the younger crowd on the List. Danny is in his own class.

SERIOUSLY. what the hell is Lars Ulrich doing above Lombardo. the only reason lars is above him is because of all the Metallica fans are voting for him even though dave lombardo is farrr better - wolphert

Lars is piss poor compared to Lombardo just cause Lars is apart of an overrated sell out of a band doesn't mean he's amazing Lombardo is the man and can actually say he belongs to a thrash metal band - Steve_ashley3219

Better than any drummer in the world. The damn father of double bass. Joey jordison and the rev suck big time. The drums in angel of death and raining blood are epic. BEST IN THE WORLD!

Listen to Angel of death, plays better than Lars Ulrich although I think that Metallica is the better band. He should be number 1 on the list. Also place Portnoy in number 2.

Laugh out loud what Joey Jordison do here he's an overrated drummer like Lars Rev too is overrated by emo fan of Avenged Sevenfold Lombardo kick them the two easily

The list maker please fix this bug on the page and put dave lombardo on top. He's known as the god father of double bass. Search on wikipedia if you didn't know it before.

A beast. In my opinion the best drummer of Thrash. He must be number 1

This isn't the most popular drummer, guys. It's the BEST. And Dave is the BEST. Listen to Silent Scream, Necrophobic, or Raining Blood for actual proof of it.

Godfather of double bass
Inventive, plays different on every song
Uses his talent to carry out songs better
Plays in ways to make your mouth drop in amazement!

I can't believe poser bands like Slipknot and A7X are being credited as the best drummers. Lombardo isn't the best, but he's the best on this list. Where's Gene Hoglan?