Joey Jordison (Slipknot)

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Joey Jordison, is an American musician, songwriter, and record producer best known for his work as the former drummer and co-songwriter for the heavy metal band Slipknot as well as guitarist in the Horror-punk band Murderdolls.


I don't get it... Number two?
Joey jordison is a drumming virtuoso
The rev is a good drummer but is only on top of this list because he is dead!

I don't get why everyone thinks Joey is all that. I mean don't get me wrong I think the guys ridiculously good and all but the only reason I can't play some of Joey stuff is because it's really fast. If you listen it's not really complicated, and speed is not what makes you a good drummer.

Joey Jordison is the best drummer around, I think he should be on top, he's by very the most concentrated on the pure sound of his art, he plays like a machine gun with pin point accuracy, so far he's been drumming for 39 years! He not a full on show man, he focuses on his technical work, once during a concert he notice one of his drums was the tiniest bit out of tune and DURING THE SONG he tuned the drum whilst playing! If that's not 1st Place worthy then I don't know what is...

I'm kinda like: "what the hell? Joey is the second? ". Well, I mean... HE'S JOEY JORDISON! Now is his time, he is the best. His playing is not only fast and precise, but he knows what is best for a song. He can make it sound better. Dave should be the second, he was the king before Joey showed up. As for the third place, I think it definitely belongs to Lars. He isn't as amazing as he used to be, but his role and the influence he's had in the entire music and drummers around the wolrd is very important. He was one of the first.

Joey Jordison is my best drummer of all time. No flaw in playing drums. All the songs he played are always difficult. His double kicking reveals his best and the fastest. He can even play the drums by turning around. Just listen to the duality, psychosocial, sulfur, I am hated... He must be the best drummer ever. Let vote him to be the world best drummer.

Nobody even comes close to Jordinson. If you vote for the Avenged Sevenfold drummer over this "ex" slipknot drummer. I suggest try to notice how perfect the drum beats go with each song. Plus it's basically Slipknot vs. Avenged Sevenfold. If someone would ask me who has the better drummer I might laugh. I mean AVENGE SEVENFOLD, are you kidding me?! They are just the New Metal and REAL metal is ending with Slipknot, Spineshank, older Trivium, Ill Nino, Pantera (best ever).. Tool is my favorite band and I think there drummer is a badass. The most unique drummer I have ever heard.. Tool can't be put in the same category as slipknot and Metal.

Really the rev is number one, there's no way he's number one Joey jordison should be number one in my opinion he's fast when he plays but he's on video or whatever. But he's mind blowing in concert. I think he should get more credit than people are giving him because he's awesome

All praise to the guy who can drum powerfully and melodically. His drum solos are all you need if you wanna listen to music. Hands down best of the century and I admire his talent and the band on the whole. He can play really fast and he's very energetic. - RagingBlast

I realized that my comment below may have made me look rather ignorant, so let me finish. I play an instrement, and it is not hard to be musicly aware. I don't think that having feel or playing at the right time should have bragging rights. I can tell you, it his harder to play a fast, difficult lick on the sax (My instrument, plus piano and recorder) then playing a long note on the right beat in the measure. anyone can be musically trained, a select few can play truly difficult things. - maggot-104

Joey jordison is the best drummer in universe as he started to play since he was at child... He is down to earth person and skillful... He plays fast beat songs and he is able to coordinate his hand and foot movement... He's cool and very talented drummer and he deserved to be at top...

Just Listen To Slipknot's "Vendetta" then you'll realize that joey is the best and won't be repeated! And all these will happen in only the first 45 seconds on this song! Honestly, He'll charm you


Personally I think Joey should be at the top of the list. His technicality and skill is a lot higher then The Rev. I love both drummers but Joey is what got me into playing I aspire to be as much like him as I possibly can and Slipknot is what got me into metal. I also think The Rev is getting sympathy votes. MAGGOT FOR LIFE!

Not rock, or anything like that, people like neil peart shouldn't be on here, that is rock.
Also dragonforce drummer should be way higher up.. most of his songs are around 7 min and XTREAMLY fast

To the retard who says that joey plays the most difficult things on drums, have you actually heard any of danny careys stuff from tool. Now just compare the drums at the start of eyeless and compare that to the drum solo in 46 & 2 by tool. Hmm what joey plays doesn't seem so difficult anymore. And obviously dave lombardo is faster than joey, so really, he isn't all that great of a drummer

1. Joey Jordison
2. Dave Lombardo
3. The Rev/Mike Portnoy
I have found that often times dead people are overrated. Even Cliff Burton (Geddy Lee, Les Claypool, John Entwistle and Victor Wooten are better). I love the Rev. I love Avenged Sevenfold-- they're one of my favorite bands. I don't even like Slipknot and Slayer that much but Joey Jordison and Dave Lombardo are superior drummers. Metallica is one of my favorite bands, and I hate to say this but, Lars really isn't anything special.

Joey should be at number 1 best metal drummer in the world.. Cause he is the fastest, no one can play original drumming of all songs of slipknot... But joey can play drum any kind of metal band... So for me is joey jordison is the number 1...

It's only because slipknot is so popular and mainstream that his up this high, there are so many black metal drummers way faster then jordison, if u have the balls to listen to them that is, even though speed isn't everything.

Come on people its obvious. Need I say more. Joey is one of the top drummers of all time. A lot of people think that all he has is speed but if you actually watch him drum he is by far the most technically gifted out of this list.

Too bad Joey was fired from Slipknot. I really miss his drumming. It is awesome it's the best with Chris and Shawn. But I would give the new drummer a chance and if you wanna listen to Joey drum more? Check out Scar the Martyr

Anyone who can play drums vertically while spinning deserves to be at the top. And he maintains the ability to do his blazing double bass as well. Jordison, in my opinion is probably the best metal drummer there is.

Are you kidding me, people voting for Rev have you even heard Joey play. His immense creativity, energy and passion make him the best metal drummer ever. Most of his solos beat Rev's Beast and the harlot solo hands down.

The rev is good and best but he only multi skill.. But joey is GOD in Drum... And the rev is dead somebody must replace him and joey is the good one... That is my opinion... So joey one and only best drummer in the world!

M/ Slipknot!

Just Listen to Disasterpiece, That Song Will Change the Way You Think About Joey Jordison, another Good to Listen to is All Hope is Gone.

Joey helped slipknot write the music, what he played in slipknot couldn't and shouldn't be changed bringing technicality would mess up everything his playing is meant for slipknot

Impressive and wicked fast double bass skills and great coordination. Not to mention when suspended in the air and being spun around for live shows the guy stills nails every note.