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161 Alex Holzwarth (Rhapsody of Fire)

Alex's drumming is a perfect mix of speed, intensity and technique. On top of that, his double bass kicks are just out of this world

162 Gustavo Choairy (Ocranna)
163 Tommy Clufetos

He toured with Black Sabbath on their reunion tour in 2013, and is just ridiculous. Look him up you won't be dissapointed

164 Luke Holland (The Word Alive)

I love him. Incredibly talented drummer. He's not a kid who just playing around with the drumstick, throw it spin it, he got an unbelievable techniques. He's so flawless. And yes he's so cute when he's smiling.

He's relatively new, but holy crap, this guy is the real deal. I don't know why I have to add him.

165 Jay Weinberg (The Reveling) Jay Weinberg (The Reveling) Jay Weinberg is an American drummer and the son of drummer Max Weinberg. He has played with the punk band the Reveling and toured in 2009 as a drummer with Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, substituting for his father.

I like this drummer better than Joey Jordison and Jay looks like he actually like playing the drums in Slipknot unlike Joey Jordison from 2004 through 2013.

New Slipknot Drummer, He should do good!

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166 Namtar (Carach Angren)

I've been scrolling through this list waiting to see Namtar, but apparently this has become a popularity contest. I mean Lars Ulrich? Seriously? Also fast drumming doesn't necessarily mean good drumming. Get it together

167 Brian Tichy (Whitesnake)

Great drummer this days!

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168 Krimh (Decapitated)

the best

169 Phil Anselmo Phil Anselmo Philip Hansen "Phil" Anselmo is an American musician who is best known as the former lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Pantera. He currently is the vocalist of heavy metal bands Down and Superjoint Ritual.

This guy is incredible! He can hit and smash anything!

170 Danny Herrera (Napalm Death) Danny Herrera (Napalm Death) Danny Herrera is an American/Angeleno Mexican descent drummer of the bands Napalm Death and Venomous Concept.

One of the innovators in the blast beat drumming technique

171 Fenriz (Darkthrone) Fenriz (Darkthrone) Gylve Fenris Nagell, better known as Fenriz, is a Norwegian musician who is best known as being one half of the metal duo Darkthrone.
172 Yoshiki Hayashi (X-japan) Yoshiki Hayashi (X-japan) Yoshiki Hayashi is a Japanese musician, songwriter, composer and record producer. Better known by his stage name Yoshiki, he is best known as the leader and a co-founder of the heavy metal band X Japan, for which he is the drummer, pianist and main songwriter. The band achieved breakthrough success more.

Puts so much PASSION and enthusiasm into everything he does, especially drumming. He works so hard especially when he's on stage switching back and forth between drums and piano. Was a PLEASURE to see him at Lollapalooza. I only went to see them

No drummer in the face of Rock plays like Yoshiki! He's brilliant! On Drums & Piano! He's a god on Drums & piano! No one can play like Yoshiki!

A lot of drummers are great but Yoshiki, who can play the piano and the drums, knows music with passion, he's got music in his blood. Listen how he plays the drums, he keeps the heart alive.

Listen to X Japan's song "Art of Life" and you'll know why he's the best.

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173 Robert Ortiz (Escape the Fate)

Very passionate and skillful drummer. Uses pearl drums and other custom cymbals.

174 Richard Christy (Death, Iced Earth, Control Denied)

This guy is a top 5 drummer easily. Listen to Death's "The Sound of Perseverance"... Any song will do... How about 'Scavenger of Human Sorrow? '. 'The Rev' and Ulrich and all the like... None of them could play that song. And in that creativity is tremendous feel, as well. The ONLY thing that drags him down is that in other projects he went for a more straightforward approach.

Extremely underrated drummer. He has a perfect blend of technique and creativity. He can play anything, and he is very creative about his use of more technical playing. Truly an amazing drummer, he'd very well end up at #1 on my list.

Helped define the death metal genre with "The Sound of Perseverance". Can't say I agree with this list, as some of these bands wouldn't exist with out his work with Death.

Definitely top 5

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175 Matt Greiner (August Burns Red)

Matt Greiner is the best drummer in the world, hands down. Look at the list above and try and tell me he isn't better than anyone up there. His speed, precision, and creativity beats everyone. Not that everyone on the list isn't great, it's just that Matt is better. Watch some of his live videos, it's beyond words

I am going to have to say Matt Greiner is Top 3 if not number one, he is an awesome devoted drummer, he has so much precision and passion. His beats are amazing and will make you go crazy. The guy who said to listen, to those three songs, don't do that, listen to all of their songs! Then you will have a new favorite band.

He should definitely be in the top 20 AT LEAST. Have you heard his how technical all the drumming to their songs are? And all his techniques live and in the studio. I think he is a lot better than plenty of the drummers on here. I think his skill definitely should get him up past judas priest for sure.

I don't know if I can say Greiner is the best Metal drummer of all time but he is certainly top of the class right now. It's just a matter of time and exposure. A talent like Matt can only go so unappreciated for so long.

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176 Bob Bryar (My Chemical Romance) Bob Bryar (My Chemical Romance) V 1 Comment
177 Christian Coma (Black Veil Brides)

He's very powerful drummer... More powerful than the other... I think he should number 3... He's group BLACK VEIL BRIDES is very lucky.. He's also funny guy.. Try watch video Black Veil Brides - Coffin... Amazing drumming

One of the best drummers out there has a history of classical drumming definitely shows that and much more.

He is the most amazing drummer and showman he brings a lot to the Black Veil Brides

Ccs a funny guy and a very good drummer!

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178 Jeremy Spencer (Five Finger Death Punch)

I can't believe that I am the first one to think of adding 5FDP's drummer! I have only been listening to them for a little while, but Jeremy Spencer is by far the best drummer ever. I'll admit that Jimmy The Rev Sullivan does deserve to be in the top ten, but he can't match Jeremy Spencer's ability. Jeremy Spencer's best song is Under and Over it.

Jeremy spencer is top 3 for sure. His hits are so clean and his feel and timing are absolutely incredible, and the way he utilizes his bass drum is epic, he also won drummer of the year over some huge names. Only drummer on this list that's better in my opinion is jordinson. Jeremy will get the respect he deserves someday.

This guy must be at least in top five. Just listen to to the drum solo in their new album. And kicks of the way of the fist.

The best drummer ever. Sweet chops, great solo. He rocks in War is the Answer. He deserves to be in the top 3, definitely.

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179 Tommy Lee Tommy Lee Thomas Lee Bass, best known as Tommy Lee, is a Greek-American musician and founding member of heavy metal band Mötley Crüe.

An awesome drummer can't belive he isn't on this list the pride of motley crue

Are you guys outside your ever lovin mind? As for metal drummers, he should at least make the top 10.

Who else can keep such a rhythm while on a rotating drum set...

Because of Crue's image.Tommy gets ignored.Being the rock drummer is he has always put something extra into his rock grooves,Don't let the hairspray and makeup fool you...LISTEN!

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180 Mario Duplantier Mario Duplantier Mario Duplantier is a French musician and artist best known as the drummer of technical death metal band Gojira.

Mario is #16 who in hell is voting here...? I know its a matter of opinion, but chris adler is no awesome drummer!
Mario plays clean and precise a drumming god and should well be within the top 5.

Mario Duplantier should be top 10. I'm assuming the masses haven't heard of him or Gojira. #57 is an insult.

Just started to listen to Gojira guys in 2015. He is now in my top 5 of metal drummers. Not surprised that he's this low considering that his band isn't one of the popular metal bands.


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