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141 Bangtan Boys V 1 Comment
142 Alter Bridge

Some of the greatest - most loyal fans! Can thank the guys of AB for that! Their loyalty and dedication to their passion, an to their FANS - keeps their fans loyal to them!

V 1 Comment
143 AKB48

Most member of all girl groups in the world whenever it isn't.

V 1 Comment
144 Le Ciel (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
145 SPAstronauts (Simple Plan) V 1 Comment
146 Shinhwa Changjo
147 Panheads (Skillet)
148 Lambs (Mariah Carey)

Mariah Carey's lambs has been there for her for over 2 decades.

The queen of all queens when it comes to music

After 27 years into career she still got us

Has 18 no. 1

149 Deadheads (Grateful Dead)

Why are they so low? I added them, too, because they are a legitimately loyal fanbase! Best of all, they aren't annoying! - Pony

Deadheads are a jolly people. I've seen the Dead once, and will be seeing them more. A good deal of these Deadheads resemble Tommy Chong, mall santas, and what one would typically call a "hippy". They are super friendly, very loyal (many travel around the world to see them, and have been doing so since the 60s/70s). They can't be at 170. I've never even heard of these JPop boy bands ahead of them - ryanrimmel

They are the nicest people you will ever meet.

V 1 Comment
150 Playgirlz (After School)
151 BBC (Block B)

I Love Block B Cause their style
It's amazing!
I love it!
But I hate that a lot of people hate this band cause they think that they took their style from BIGBANG's.

152 Team Breezy (Chris Brown)

It Should Be Called Team Knockout. - Stevenuniversefangirl

V 2 Comments
153 Diadems / Citrines (T-ara)
154 Hypens (KAT-TUN)
155 Cloud (Bi Rain)

He is The best Korean Dancer... He is famous not only in Korea but also over the worlds...
so many fans around the world... He is a good actors and singers also...
We love Rain

156 CimFam (Cimorelli)

Cimorelli are the Best! They're rocking'.

Are you kidding me?!
Hah! The come an is almost as bad as the beliebers!

157 Death Cab for Cutie
158 Loser Kids (blink-182)

The good thing about this fandom is that they barely get into rivalries with other fandoms. Plus, they are okay with you if you listen to any other kind of music other than Blink-182's music. But there are some fans out there that hate on Tom DeLonge way too much and Matt Skiba, that kind of needs to stop. But there are no bad fandoms, that is just some fans. - AnimeDrawer

I think the best thing about blink-182 fans is that they don't judge you.

159 Chiters (Anti Cherrybelle)

This is the origin of Indonesian girlband who plagiarize songs from SNSD

160 KISS Army (KISS)

KISS has been around over 4 decades. Their fans have conventions yearly and everyone has its favorite band member. I haven't even heard of 75-80 percent of the groups above.

KISS army has been around since 1972 and has never been stronger. No one can beat us, we rule the music universe.

Come on - this fan base created the concept of a fan base.

Kiss is a band with one of the biggest fanclub. Kiss rocks.

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