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1 Piano The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands.

It sounds beautiful! It's wonderful!

I play piano, and it's very fun, simple, and, once you've been playing it for a few years, people think you're awesome.

This is the one that sounds beautiful and awesome! The songs sound so nice! The piano is the instrument that gives everyone the happiness and joy EVERYDAY!

The piano is DEFINITELY one of the best instruments ever created (if not the best).

For one, the piano is very easy to learn - arguably one of the easiest if not the easiest. Pretty much anyone can pick this melodious instrument up at any age regardless of proper instruction from a piano teacher. Not much complex technique is required to begin playing; just sit down and press the keys to put it in layman's terms.

Intonation is not an issue for pianists. While the string players have to worry about placing their fingers on the strings at the right spot to achieve the right note and the brass players must configure their mouths correctly to achieve the desired pitch and sound, all pianists must do is press down the correct key and the (in tune) piano plays that note in perfect pitch (never mind the inaccuracy of Equal Tempered tuning). I have been a pianist myself for 9 years now, and never ONCE have I had an issue with my intonation being poor ;).

The piano has ...more

2 Electric Guitar The electric guitar is a type of guitar that unlike an acoustic guitar, is solid body instead of hollow. They use pickups and amps to produce sound that's audible from more than a few feet. They are mainly used in rock and metal music and in those genres are commonly the main instruments. A few notable more.

Defiantly guitars, I mean let's try to make this realistic, who really plays the bagpipes?

Wow I just laughed really hard, you are hilarious.. I know this comment has no point but just had to put that out there!

The most flexible instrument in the world. Whilst other instruments such as bagpipes and violin are beautiful in their own right, electric guitar can master sounds like rock, jazz, blues, classical sounds etc... Although I do like bagpipes... I respectfully crank my guitar and max distort in your face

The electric guitar can do so much. From Jazz to Heavy metal, clean sound to super distorted. You can create your own sound and style. You
Can play really simple, fun riffs or technical solos. It's mind-boggling how many different ways there are to play. You can bend, tap, use the whammy bar (if you have one), scratch etc. And don't even get get me started on different effect pedals and tunings. Basically, the electric guitar is the best instrument ever.

One of the 3 Best instruments.
It is vital in playing Metal, the best genre

3 Drums

Drums gives a rhythm to every piece of music. The beat is very powerful, and the it makes every song sounds even better.

Drums give rhythm and sound to every song

People will say that drums are the backbone of every song, and talk about their main reason for being is to control the time and tempo. But don't underestimate the variety and flexibility of percussion instruments, they can be as quiet, as loud, fast or slow, technical or simple as need be.

Very important, very intense, very fun instrument.

In the 3 Best instruments

The most important for playing Metal, the best genre

4 Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is probably the most underrated and underrespected instruments out there. And it's also one of the best sounding! Electric guitarists get all the fame because they make it look easy but the fact is it IS easy (compared to bass or acoustic). Bass players on the other hand, deserve far more respect than they get. If you disagree that bassists get disrespected just go to The Uncyclopedia and look up bass guitar.

Poor John Deacon is so underrated and really, all of them are, but he is my favorite. If I had to play an instrument, this would be it. But I already play drums. (I am not that good. ) But anyway, I REALLY love the sound, it sounds so cool... Listen to "Invisible Man" by Queen, and it sounds AWESOME. Also, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". BASS FOREVER

The most versatile of instruments, can play any genre. A wonderful blend of rhythm and harmony that is unmatched

Far more important than electric guitar. A band can survive with just bass and drums, guitars, keyboards or even saxophones are merely the decoration on the musical cake that is the rhythm section.

5 Saxophone The saxophone is a family of woodwind instruments. Saxophones are usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet.

The saxophone is different. Sure, you meet many people who can get beautiful tones on the clarinet or flute, play the drums or bagpipes, but the saxophone speaks for itself. The electric guitar might be able to do a lot, and classical instruments like the violin, viola or cello, but the sax (alto, in particular) is so satisfying, relaxing and lovely. It's not about difficulty at all, for example, do you ever feel hesitant about getting out your instrument and playing it? The sax isn't like that. Never. It's obviously not hard to see how it can capture so many people's hearts. I used to play classical, and felt that as much as I liked it, I wanted to try jazz. And I did. And it made me realise that whilst I had been complaining about the task of practising, I had been missing out on so much that is so useful, and brings joy to people. So to all you saxophone players out there like me - keep on playing and don't give up. The saxophone has a world of its own, of jazz, waiting to be ...more

The saxophone is jazzy, can be loud, soft, and can sound like a brass or woodwind instrument. It is the instrument that balances out brass and woodwind. This is why I like it so much.

It sounds so groovy, plays fun parts in many songs, and it's very popular at my school.

Who wouldn't choose the saxophone? It can go from a wide range of jazz and rock, to romantic and slow. Flutes and clarinets are mostly used for classical arrangements and the bagpipes are for... oh. But seriously, the saxophone, when played right, has a beautiful sound that comes out of the horn and deserves its place in the rankings.

6 Violin The violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use.

Good luck and I play violin and it is so so fun I love it but I reckon violin could of made it to the top 3 but I don't get why the bag pipes are number 1 no body I know really has a bagpipe or even play the bagpipes! But I see their point

I play violin, for private lessons, not Orchestra. It is very beautiful and has a nice range. I would recommend this instrument to any new person playing, yet it has come a little to popular for my own likings to consider and want it as first.

One of the most beautiful sounding instruments. One day, I wish I can find someone who plays the violin so I can do a piano-violin duet with them

Violin is good accompaniment in heavy music, melodic metal, even hiphop. Dracula's favorite instrument.

It's so power, it express many gentil/ violent pieces. It plays the meaning of the song.

7 Acoustic Guitar An acoustic guitar is a guitar that produces sound acoustically - by transmitting the vibration of the strings to the air - as opposed to relying on electronic amplification.

Absolutely. It's harder than bass and electric, so it produces a clearer sound. I play instruments from all the categories and guitar is easily the best.

I like the acoustic too, but the sound on some songs with the electric guitar (second solo in Comfortably Numb in mind) just sound so awesome, it is hard to describe the feeling hearing solos like that.

It's like no other sound. It refreshes that need for sound quality. I love playing acoustic guitar.

This is a very modern guitar! Very cool!

The sound of acoustic guitar is the sweetest sound that I have ever heard in my entire life. When one plays it from string 6 to string 1 consecutively, then it produces such a powerful effect that it can even make a mourning person smile.

8 Trumpet A trumpet is a blown musical instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group contains the instruments with the highest register in the brass family.

The trumpet is the best and there is no other instrument that can top it. Just saying.

Trumpet is the bomb in any latin band. It's also important in any big/show/stage band. It can also can also rock a seedy jazz bar. Honestly it's like singing just better. =D

I have played the trumpet for 4 years and it is an amazing instrument to play. You can reach a range of all different notes with it and it can handle all genres.

Trumpet is probably the best instrument because it sounds, just beautiful. I love the sound of the trumpet. The trumpet is DEFINITELY the best instrument!

9 Flute The flute is a family of musical instruments in the woodwind group. Unlike woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute is an aerophone or reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening.

This is my favourite instrument.., I love the sound produced by flute.., whenever I play this.., I feel I'm in heaven..

Flute definitely deserves to be on this list because it is the hardest of the woodwind instruments to master. 60% of a flute players air doesn't even make it into the instrument. If you have ever made a noise by blowing across a beer bottle... It is way harder. I play this instrument in a symphony setting and get paid more than most of the other instrumentalists.

I play the flute, it’s has such a clean and pure sound.
At first it takes time to get your embouchure, but then you get it and viola! You become the classical musician you wanted to be.

I would put the flute over any woodwind instruments. It is definitely the hardest woodwind instrument to play. It doesn't have a reed which makes it harder to play because it requires more air, not to mention the fingerings. But once you've mastered the flute, it is an amazing instrument to play.

10 Guitar

Calming,gentil and Violent sounds, all from the same instrument

I love all guitars so I couldn't jut chose electric or acoustic, they are fun to play and are used is so many genres. I love the guitar

I respect all instruments and musicians because it takes skill to play any instrument but with guitars you can play so many different types of music and they have had a huge influence in modern music.

(Yes I know ELP is my favorite band, and they didn't have guitar. )

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11 Keyboards

You can make so many sounds with it and annoy your sibling(s) if you want.

Keyboards are practically the same as pianos and they are more fun because you can try out different sounds, if you can play the key board you can play anything!

It's a retro version of the piano with a lot of different settings!

They make most of the other best interments in one. I love it more than even a guitar. I recommend you try a keyboard because I love it hope you will to

12 Clarinet

The clarinet is the best instrument ever. It is right in the middle of the flute and saxophone yet is small and lightweight. It has the largest range of notes music styles and dynamics of any woodwind instrument. It is also the most important instrument to any concert band's sound. The clarinet has the largest range of different members of its family. The clarinet can be used in marching bands, symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, jazz bands, big bands, latin jazz, rock n roll, pop, commercial music, country, samba, or salsa music. The clarinet Iis one of the most expressivec and flexible instruments ever created, having a tone and range closest to the human voice. It can sound expressive as a solo instrument or as a section. CLARINETS ARE AMAZING.

The clarinet is the pathway to learning basically any woodwind instrument. When you learn the clarinet, that makes it easy to learn any saxophone, flute, any other kind of clarinet, etc. With the clarinet there is no limit as to how high your range goes - you can define your range by how far you are willing to go, which is a unique and great quality. The clarinet sounds beautiful and has a full, dark, and rich tone. You can also play a variety of different styles of music on the clarinet. Although the clarinet embrouchure is perhaps the hardest to develop correctly, the instrument is otherwise not terrible to learn. I fell in love with the clarinet, have you?

I've been playing clarinet for four and a half years after switching from brass (trumpet and baritone), and from my experience in my school band (for my school it starts at grade 7 and ends at grade 12), the clarinet does not sound good at all when the grade 7 and 8 students play because they are still learning technique and the squeaking is awful. However, usually around grade 9, the clarinets sounds amazing, and out of all the instruments I've played, the clarinet has always been my favourite, and I'll forever be addicted to Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, and Sid Phillips for as long as I live because of my love for the clarinet!

The clarinet is so much fun to play and it's easy when you get to know it!

13 Voice

I can make ELECTRONIC SONG with my voice! (not to brag) (I'v practiced 4 years!)

The human voice is the most emotional, diverse and natural instrument in the world. The possibilities can be infinite since you never know what you're going to get. Also, it can be altered like other instruments with machinery. An instrument anyone can play!

I am a big singer and have been singing for about ten years. It can be loud, soft, and can copy any sound. It is one of the hardest of all instruments because you can tune a violin or a cello but it is hard to tune a voice. Once you get the hang of it, you can add your own special touches to any song.

There's no better instrument than the voice, singing is like a talent that same people are good at and some people are not but not like other instruments the voice is natural and gives more chances. It is peace to harmony.

14 Cello The cello or violoncello is a bowed or plucked string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.

The cello is an amazing instrument, that has the perfect tone. It has a sound that no band instrument can compete with. A cello can accompany virtually any instrument, while it can also play beautiful solos. This instrument, is the best instrument ever invented.

The cello allows me to express myself in ways that I could have never imagined. It has taken me places I could have never dreamed of going, and it has given me the chance to see things that I had never noticed, both musical and non-musical.

There is no musical instrument on planet Earth that can be as expressive as a cello.

Incredible tone, and extremely versatile. More dynamic, expressive, and entrancing than most of the instruments ranked higher in this list. The only reason this isn't ranked higher, is the lack of idiot rails (frets), and therefore it needs a proper musician to operate it.

15 Synthesizer

A lot of the comments on the synthesizer are super misinformed, especially the people bashing it.

For starters, you need to keep in mind synthesizers come in many shapes and sizes. It could have a keyboard, it may not have a keyboard (such as a modular synthesizer). It takes a lot of knowledge to understand how to fully utilize one. Claiming that it's "laughable" to compare it to the instrument it's trying to emulate isn't exactly a great argument either, as often they aren't used to mimic certain instruments.

To say it "killed" music is completely wrong and makes you look like you have a very limited knowledge and taste in music, and it's also a stubborn take. To say that is completely discrediting all electronic music (and I'm not just talking about EDM, electronic covers way more than just EDM). Consider all kinds of electronic music. How about ambient music? Think of all the amazing things that the synthesizer has allowed. Think of all that would be gone without the ...more

Not a big fan of synthesizers, especially when they're used as the lead instrument. They were originally used to harmonize with the lead instruments to produce nice harmonies and add something extra to make the music sound more complete. Then around the 80s, bands decided "Hey, let's take this background instrument and make it a lead instrument while taking the old lead instruments and either pushing them to the back or getting rid of them altogether." Synthesizers killed music by replacing musical instruments with machines made to emulate music.

You're completely discrediting the entirety of electronic music and beyond with this statement. Synthesizers did not "kill" music, they helped music thrive and evolve. - replyingmusical

Synthesizer should be #1 on this list because they can make literally ANY SOUND. Guitar? You got it. Piano? Yep. Violin? Absolutely. You name the instrument, a synth can emulate it.

Yep, it can emulate it and turn it into a complete joke. Not that it can't be used right, but more often than not it isn't and even when used right trying to actually compare it to the instrument it's being used to mimic is laughable. - dubsinthetubs

The synthesizer is the ONLY instrument where YOU get to create the sound it produces. Guitars, Drums, Pianos, and every other single instrument all sound relatively similar in some regards. For synthesizers, that's a different story.

16 Ukulele The ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments; it generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings.

The ukulele is awesome instrument to learn and is really fun to play along to songs and sing with as well. It makes an amazing sound and easily cheers up anyone on a very bad day! It is easy too learn too, and is very good if you want to learn the guitar and definitely easier to learn if you already know how to play the guitar. UKULELE = TOTAL OWNAGE

The ukulele is such a versatile instrument. Hands down the best instrument to play on chill and relaxing days. It relieves one's stress with just a couple chords. While you can't get the raw power of an electric guitar, you get more of melodic, comforting sound. Definitely belongs in the top three, not rank 15 (how did the bag pipes get a better score haha)

Ukuleles can play all genres and are hugely under appreciated. They are suitable substitutes to most overused instruments and deserve to be at the top of this list.

The Uke is an amazing instrument for a beginner. You can start with a very low investment and work your way up as you improve. The size is right for travel, you can take it anywhere. In fact I bought a travel Ukulele that fits in a back pack. It stands well on it's own but it is the best gateway instrument out there!

17 Organ

I love the pipe organ, and not just simply because it is the instrument my theme is played on. No, because it is the one instrument that can accurately play for anyone. It can be dark, beautiful, sad, emotional and the like. The sole instrument that focuses on every emotion.

Very cool organ, also used in churches, wihc makes it even more significant

By far the organ. You can get every sound you can think of out of a pipe organ, and it has the power to make you laugh, jump for joy, cry, warm your heart, and make you want to dance. In a band you need multiple instruments, same with an orchestra, but an organ can be alone to play the most majestic music a person can hear. The pipe organ by far.

Most of the people would say the best 3 musical instruments is the Piano, Violin & Guitar. But for me I disagree for this. Because I feel this is unfairly. Due to our world had many types genre of music such as classical, jazz, rock & pop. In here I would using Classical & Jazz(include popular music) to describe which is the best 3 musical instruments in classical & jazz. Due to some of musical instruments are good in Jazz some are good in classical way. In classical music the top 3 musical instruments is the pipe organ, violin & classical guitar. And the Jazz music would be the Piano, Soprano Saxophone & Archtop Guitar(Jazz Guitar).

By far the Pipe Organ is really the best musical instrument in the classical music. I have listen both musical instruments(Organ & Piano) performs in classical music I found out the Organ richer & glorify sound that the Piano is can't be conquer. So I think the Piano is more suitable for modern music not for classical.

18 Harp The harp is a stringed musical instrument that has a number of individual strings running at an angle to its soundboard; the strings are plucked with the fingers.

Where on earth is the harp on this list? To me the most beautiful sounding instrument. Wont do for every situation but for the right song nothing does the job more beautifully.

I was at a wedding once and at the reception an attractive thirtysomething woman was playing the harp. I was very drunk and stood about five yards away from her, mesmerized, The next thing I remember, I was wrestling my second cousin on the lawn. He had heard I slandered him and was giving me what for. The woman harp player got up and broke up the fight. I love the harp.

Ahh the most beautiful instrument to look at and listen to! My heart aches now

I have always wanted to try the harp before I got my flute! The sound is just so romantic and beautiful that I fell head over heels when I first heard it! :D but the problem is that they could be really hard to play and they are SUPER EXPENSIVE! I would not recommend them to any family with a tight budget because they can be anywhere up to 1,000,000 Dollers or sometimes even more! With their beautiful sounds but expensive prices I would prefer just 'borrowing' one from someone and try it out. Try your local music shop and see what they recommend.

19 Bagpipes Bagpipes are a wind instrument using enclosed reeds fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a bag.

I've played several instruments but the bagpipes, by far, take #1 (and deserves a much better picture on this site). No other musical instrument has the history going back thousands of years because, evokes more emotion from its listeners, takes such a dedication to practice and tuning to play well with its complicated anatomy which is sensitive to so many environmental factors, has such a unique, intense and beautiful sound, is mentioned several times in the Bible, was played solo on the front lines at war time and the Spartans used several in band form in battle, still widely played today with competitions throughout the world for both young and old and players are increasing, etc.. I played jazz trumpet through college, greatly admire the influence and diversity of guitar and piano, and highly respect all instruments. However, no other has these many unique qualities, history and overall impact on society while still being played by young and old. Bagpipes #1.

I quit playing guitar because it's boring and every pimple faced high school freshman plays "in a band" I took on bagpipe and it is the most wonderful instrument ever! It takes heart, dedication, practice, patience, persistence, maturity, and more. To the fellow who commented "who really plays bagpipes? " Thousands of talented people play world wide, there is even competitions and different grades of players. Bagpipes are an ancient instrument that have seen its share of war and peace time, competition and just playing for self fulfillment and enjoyment. I find it a bit disheartening to see the celestial bagpipe ranked below the cereal box instrument know as the ukulele.

For fans of bags and pipes alike!

Bagpipes have more relevance as a recreational instrument than many other more "traditional" instruments. Time was when communities, factories, and other organizations sponsored marching bands, brass bands, and concert bands, but as unions and other sponsors of those bands have reprioritized funding the ensembles have gradually disappeared. Pipe bands have taken on a similar and growing role in society, but the pipes have the added advantage of being a strong solo instrument, which means their appeal extends to both the individuals who prefer to pursue music on their own and those who enjoy an ensemble community.

20 Trombone

The Coolest Instrument by far. It can play high low, jazz and lyrics, loud and soft.

I play it. Not many people choose it though. Too many people choose the other instruments in band. I agree that guitars and pianos are better due to the majority of songs they can play but, trombone will always be the best in my heart.

Nobody ever gives the trombone any credit but it is without a doubt the best instrument. It has a sound like no other as it is the closest sound to the human voice except at least I think better than any vocalist out there. The trombone is just as versatile as any instrument on this list and also makes sound no other brass instrument can recreate because of the slide. I can make my trombone sound like a trumpet, I can make it sound like a tuba, I can make it sound like a French horn, but god damn nothing can sound like a trombone.

I am the only trombone player in fifth grade band. The world was a better place when the trombone was invented. The trombone has 7 slides which is why I picked trombone in the first place! I have one question I want you to answer in the comments below. What is your favorite instrument? That is what we should be asking yourself every-single day. Mine is of course as you can tell the trombone. Now ask your selves that question every-single day till you die not even. Stay strong and stick with the trombone. WE NEED MORE TROMBONE PLAYERS IN THIS WORLD!. If not a trombone player become one NOW!

21 Xylophone

You know why no one takes the xylophone seriously? It's because the only types that are ever seen are baby toys. It is so much more than how it often appears to us. Also, it's great to make and makes a fun project!

I love xylophones! They sound like skeletons!

I have a xylophone

Those sound pretty and are easy to play.

22 Viola

Such a beautiful instrument that always gets made fun of. please don't make jokes it undermines the players

BEST INSTRUMENT EVER! It has mellow tones, not squeaky like violins, and not too low like a cello or bass. It's perfect because it's right in the middle. Plus, violas have the prettiest harmonies EVER! This instrument really does NOT get enough credit at all.

Very nice deep sound and the instrument does not get enough credit for being in music. The viola is used in almost every pop song that features any stringed orchestral instruments.

The beautiful sounds of a cello with the ease of a violin. This makes the viola clearly the best and most versatile of all the musical instruments. It definitely does not get the credit it deserves!

23 Accordion Accordions are a family of box-shaped musical instruments of the bellows-driven free-reed aerophone type, colloquially referred to as a squeezebox.

Not the best but very cool,
It is compact, you can walk with it and play
It has nice sounds, too

The world music instrument, par excellence, central to dance traditions everywhere. The accordion can be played very, very simply or with incredible sophistication. The United States, with a few local exceptions, may be the only country in the world that doesn't take the accordion seriously. That is changing but, in the meantime, the accordion is still exotic enough in most settings to be cool!

Probably the most misunderstood instrument out there, when really it has more potential than many think. It isn't just for Serbian folk music. So please people, understand that the accordion is just like any other instrument and stop hating it.

You can have a Melody, then a bass line accompaniment. Then you can accompany your self at the same time! What's not to like?!

24 French Horn

The French horn is THE BEST instrument ever! It has a rich, mellow sound, and a golden tone that brightens the sound of the band. It is not rich and dark like other bass instruments; rather, it has a rich, bright sound that blends with bands and, if played well, does nice solos. Sure, other instruments can switch notes quicker, and the woodwinds sound really exotic, but the Horn has an unreal, inverted tone that sounds magical. No wonder it plays the theme of Harry Potter! Its tone is rich, yet very clear, especially in the higher register. It has a unique, rich sound, with a delicate feel, making it good for harmonies. It blends well with woodwinds and brass alike, making it quite compatible. Baritone and Sax can mimic its sound a bit, but will never match the Horn's pure, friendly tone. The French Horn is by far the best instrument.

The french horn is so amazing it should be #1, how is it all the way at #24, what the heck?

The French horn has a very mellow tone, my favorite. It's nice to have one instrument that is less sharp than the trumpet and higher than the baritone

The French horn is the best because of many reasons... It is the connector between woodwind and brass, it looks cool, it's the longest, it has the best tone, etc. Also, for all you woodwind players that think that nobody uses the horn, look up John Williams. If you don't know who that is, get a life

25 Tuba

The Tuba is just as capable as any other brass instrument, even if it is large, heavy, or cumbersome. This being said, I believe it has a beautiful unique sound that resonates with everyone's hearts; literally, as it can mean the world's difference in a concert hall, as to whether or not the bass line is ever heard above much louder instruments. Tubas are not easy to play, for it takes skill, as all instruments do, to be able to produce several octaves' worth of notes with three or more buttons and the human soul.

The tuba affords the big fat male nerd an opportunity to be part of something special in high school. Without the tuba, many big fat male nerds would be at a loss for extracurricular activities.

I am a tuba fanatic, I love everything about the tuba, I really hope this instrument will go higher on this list because it really doesn't deserve to be down this low.

The tuba is actually an extremely verisitile instrument and is not super easy to play. For example it is usually playing a bass part but it is a great solo and duet instrument. To see some examples of this look up Canadian brass (the song "the saints hallelujah" is a great piece to show case the tuba)

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