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The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands.


The piano is DEFINITELY one of the best instruments ever created (if not the best).

For one, the piano is very easy to learn - arguably one of the easiest if not the easiest. Pretty much anyone can pick this melodious instrument up at any age regardless of proper instruction from a piano teacher. Not much complex technique is required to begin playing; just sit down and press the keys to put it in layman's terms.

Intonation is not an issue for pianists. While the string players have to worry about placing their fingers on the strings at the right spot to achieve the right note and the brass players must configure their mouths correctly to achieve the desired pitch and sound, all pianists must do is press down the correct key and the (in tune) piano plays that note in perfect pitch (never mind the inaccuracy of Equal Tempered tuning). I have been a pianist myself for 9 years now, and never ONCE have I had an issue with my intonation being poor ;).

The piano has ...more

Versatile, flexible, the biggest repertoire out of any instrument, the most useful composer's weapon of war (the other being his/her head), able to be a stand alone instrument rather needing an orchestra or group to accompany you. literally the ONLY downside to this instrument is that a piano is not easily movable but with modern instruments such as the Keyboard and Keytar, and etc, the piano REALLY is the best instrument in the world. There are a lot of people who play this instrument (vs other instruments ex. Bassoon) which makes the industry very competitive.

I am aspiring to be a composer and I will never forget the days that I played the piano in my youth that gave me the tools which drew me into music and composition. Sadly, my music teacher in school convinced me to play the horn and from there on my composition output has decreased in the past 3.5 years of high school. Now I don't know if it is just that I want what I "don't have", or I really love piano and ...more

Of course there are tons of variety of instruments in the world and each instruments has it's own beauty. But piano, It is not only sound such so beautiful but very unique.. In every songs I heard, every time when piano kicks in, the song began to breath life. The sound of piano has invisible hand that just drag my mind and soul flying like an eagle in the mist of my thoughts. in my opinion, It should be call the father of music instrument along with it's younger brother Guitar as the Prince. Now's day, if you have good keyboard and good piano talent and skills, in my opinion you can get away with buying any other instruments just to hear the good sound. If you can play piano, you basically can play other instruments with piano keyboard. So, yes, Piano deserve number 1 top for me. Thanks!

Piano, the actual best music instrument and a lot of volume inclusive dense richness as there is more combinations and distinct behavior than the rest of the music instruments. The hammers attaching from the buttons to the insides add another dimension, more to wonder and imagine is it a percussion or string instrument - or perhaps both. There is tempo also, and use of feet is possible for even more good sound. It is a perfect complete bundle of a musical gift. There comprising 5 or more eras of history on the piano to go with it even too. It has Ancient and Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, then final with Modern...all to present times and beyond. A well respectable choice. - iliescu

Now I'm 13 and I started since 3.5, and I'm still using the same piano that my ancestors use. From my experience piano is not just an instrument, its an instrument that you could play in all styles and it really goes well with it. With the piano you could do a lot of improvisation which is the main point of the piano. So ill tell you a fact, piano used to be called Pianoforte, an instrument that could generate both loud and soft sounds but its too long so they called it the piano. The best way to buy a piano if your interested, find and second handed piano shop and buy it, its cheap snd the sound is way better than Yamaha's. You probably don't know the brand but the hammer inside is made out of special spruce wood which makes the sound beautiful. don't buy yamaha's, I repeat do not buy yamaha's. The hammer is made out of plastic and the sound is weird and its really overpriced.

The piano is incredibly versatile, generally accessible, and so fulfilling to play (not to mention aesthetically pleasing! ). For me personally, this ranking always comes down to piano and guitar. Perhaps it's the endless pool of piano music and scores to choose from that decided the argument, but both instruments are amazing in their own right. (Correction: all instruments are amazing- here's looking at you, triangle! )

I would give my vote to the pianoforte. The instrument's obviously timeless, and can play a wide expanse of a variety of genres. Obviously, it's not as easy as most string instruments (exemption for Mr. Violin), but it's very rewarding once you learn how to play difficult pieces.

Also, I don't suppose your electrical guitars can sound just as ethereal as a single pianoforte (calling Mr. Violin).

It can be made to sound like an orchestra, it has a linear learning curve, it can play a wide range of notes and control volume perfectly, and it sounds actually good. Distorted, mechanic sounds like that from an electric guitar are just for teenagers who want to scream "Look at me! I'm doing what I shouldn't! Look at me some more! ".

For all those idiots who think that piano is easy, I have on thing to say to you, it's not easy! Mastering this instrument is terribly difficult and it takes years and years of practice. You can't master it in a few years. Try playing one of Rachmaninoff's piano pieces and see for yourselves. I am a music diploma student so I know about these things. The piano is one of the best and toughest instruments to play. - ToukaKirishima

Piano is awesome. I've been playing since I was 4, and now I'm 10. At first piano is easy, but as you get to a more advanced stage, and you get to play more complex songs. You can also do piano tests. I'm doing Trinity piano tests, and just recently did the grade 6 piano examination. If you're looking for an instrument to play, I seriously recommend piano.

- Angie, aged 10

Piano should definitely number one screw guitars, drums and bagpipes (metaphorically) the piano is number and like the guitar can master all types except heavy metal but still. No hard feelings to anyone with a drum-kit, bagpipe or guitar.

The piano can provide more sound than virtually any instrument! Not only does it sound beautiful, but it can be played hard, soft, fast, slow, loud, quiet, or any mix of these! And, with an electric piano, you can play any instrument. I went and asked around, and three band teachers, one of with just won best band teacher of the year, said that piano was the best instrument.

You can play 88 notes at once on this instrument (10 if you want to be picky... but with sustain pedal, you really can play 88 notes). How many can you play on a guitar? 6. I rest my case. You can see every note in front of you on a piano. On a guitar, you need to guess and calculate A LOT more just in order to play a simple melody!

The piano is an instrument that requires real skill, and when mastered, can be manipulated to play any style, genre or type of song. After playing Piano for over 8 years, I have come to realise that there is still many things to learn and the rewards of being able to play such a vital and classic instrument is tremendous.

The piano is a magnificent instrument that sounds absolutely gorgeous and majestic. It allows to me to express myself in ways I never thought could be possible! And it transports me to different worlds that sends this soothing vibe shooting down your spine. I truly can not predict and imagine where my life would be without the piano.

In my opinion, the piano is one of the most amazing instruments ever! It can be played to make a relaxing and peaceful mood or a loud and fun mood. You are also able to make smooth and beautiful music as well as fast and exciting music.

I don't like to brag but I've been playing piano for only one year and I can already play songs like Someone like you, When I was your man, All of me etc. So I guess it's a very easy (but very hard instrument to play but it just takes a little bit of practice to play something beautiful

Well it depends on if you take music lessons. I normally watch music videos; but same with me, I've played seriously for one year and I can play very well (I play classical music, it sounds great on piano)

The piano should be 1st, it really should, the piano provides a challenge, while still helping play beautiful pieces, you can play classical, rock & roll, movie soundtracks, pop songs, country, ragtime, and like everything! The piano also helps you play other instruments too, like the violin, the piano helps develop flexible fingers, and for the violin you NEED flexible fingers, also learning notes, if your a singer you will need to know notes, or any other instrumentalist!

One of the best instruments to be played is the piano, it's easy and simple yet beautiful and mesmerising. I definitely recommend it as your first instrument, it makes it much easier to play music in general. Piano was my first instrument now I play the violin, flute, saxophone and piano.

The piano is basically the best instrument to learn. Why? When you learn music on the piano, you have to learn music in both the clefs because of the range. Also, instead of playing just one note at a time, you have to different hands to use to create a whole collection of beautiful music.

No instrument nor instrumental style tops classical piano. Every pianist knows this. It's the most complex, the most rewarding and the most beautiful. There's no debate. Case closed!

Although it is obviously very hard to take with you (even taking it around your HOUSE) the piano sounds absolutely amazing and it is probably one of the most known instruments besides, yes, the drums of course. Maybe, those aren't guaranteed to be true facts, but still... Who doesn't like Mozart, am I right!?

The electric (or acoustic) piano has the most flexibility and potential of any instrument, with the ability to play ten notes at a time, across a massive range, and all European and Western music theory is based off the piano key structures.

The piano has a range larger than all instruments, it can be played very soft to extremely loud, can play more than one part at a time, and someone can play multiple notes on it at one time.

Piano! Acoustic, Electric, Digital, or stage piano! It's the most versatile
You can back others up, play solo, compose on it, learn theory, study harmony because it's all "laid out" in front of you. You can play bass/rhythm, harmony, and melody all at the same time. It covers the full range of notes in the orchestra, and you can play in any key easily, in any genre of music.