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A trumpet is a blown musical instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group contains the instruments with the highest register in the brass family.


Best instrument every! Very patriotic and makes a great sound. Its vial in bands and orchestra. Many scholarships are offered for it. The trumpet can play just about any song. Handles ALL genres (Classic, jazz, etc.)! Its not easy but its fun. Go Trumpet!

The trumpet is a very versatile instrument. The tone can be manipulated to be either soft and almost flute-like or a blasty, striking brass sound. The instrument usually leads the jazz band or orchestra with it's striking tonal qualities.

It is the most powerful and best sounding instrument when played correctly. It also handles all genres nicely and has a beautiful range. On top of that, there are almost no other high brass instruments, making it unique and quite popular.

The trumpet is basically in every song for a reason. It is also has a lot of different notes that could be played, even though it has 3 valves. Additionally the trumpet usually have solos for a reason. Trumpet is love, Trumpet is life.

The trumpet is very versatile. It is able to play many parts of the song. The trumpet is the best brass instrument. It sounds great and is the star of many genres of music. It is better than other brass such as the trombone.

The trumpet can play almost any style of music. Blue? Check. Latin? Check. Pop? Check. Rock? Maybe. Classical? Check x10. The trumpet is the star of any band, no matter what style. You can hear it all the time. Trumpet is the bomb.

THIS IS RIDICULOUS! How can such an inferior instrument as the clarinet rank above the trumpet!? Everyone with half a brain knows that the trumpet is by far the best.

The trumpet is the best instrument because I've been playing it and it makes awesome sounds and also like always has the main parts of a song and really fun to play!

Trumpet can cover so many, almost any areas of music, if its jazz, classical, pop, or latin, it sounds good wherever you put it, and its fun and beautiful to play

My instrument teacher is a great player he can do pretty much any song even new ones and like you are t a castle like what they play when the king comes out

The trumpet is amazing! It has so many sides. It can be solo or in an ensemble, jazz, pop or classical, for young and old. It is really empowering to play

Badass instrument, can be used for any style/genre with its incredible range and can sound great in solo, harmony, melody, and background. The dominant instrument.

I've played the trumpet for 1.5 years. Honestly it's the best thing I've ever picked up in my hands. It makes me feel free to play it

The trumpet has a pretty big range of notes and it is good with concert, jazz, and marching music it sounds beautiful

Easily the greatest instrument. I own a trumpet, a piano and a guitar and I put ALL of my time and effort into improving. I have played trumpet for 2 years now and it makes no longer makes my Thursdays at school dismally boring.

Plus, you can use it to play Uptown Funk.

Trumpets are the BOMB the rock. They are loud and have major parts in school band, they even lead it sometimes.

Trumpets can produce a variety of cool tones in multiple genres of music. They are used for bugle calls, and they can play very loud

I have been playing the trumpet for about two going on three years and I can say it's really easy and fun!

The Trumpet can play a variety of music and it all sounds good. Go Trumpet!

Trumpet is the best cause it has a wide range of notes and sounds awesome

I love playing my trumpet. It is good for many styles of music such as orchestra, jazz and others.

Trumpet is the best no lie but seriously if your choosing a instrument do not choose the flute

A trumpet can easily be said to be one of the best instruments in the brass family I love it

I play the trumpet I think it should be at least second place and at the most first place

Trumpet is better than bass clarinet