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1 Welcome to the Black Parade Welcome to the Black Parade Cover Art

This song got me hooked on the band.

This song is the symbol of my chemical romance, no matter how much they changed lately. This song is always the song that represent the band's image. Dark, strong, Epic, this is surely the best of the best.

love this song! I feel that it is the most powerful song out there it is just amazing! the message and words just make me fell great when I hear it. it is moving, epic, dark, brilliant, best lyrics!

This song is a masterpiece! One of the best modern punk rock songs ever created.

2 Famous Last Words Famous Last Words Cover Art

This song will always have a space in my heart... Lyrics are just awesome, it wakes a spirit in me!
"I'm not afraid of keep on living
I'm not afraid to walk this world alone" MCR forever

I used to be really depressed and I hated life because I was too afraid to live. This song rid me of my fears and said my past was my past but now it's time to live my life. Thanks My Chemical Romance I would literally be dead without you.

This song changed my life and has a powerful story meaning. It's also just a great song!

This is my favourite song in existence. It never fails to give me goosebumps, make tears fall from my eyes and last but not least: It makes me feel strong. It makes me feel like there's nothing out there that can stop me from living, and the lyrics are just so motivating! Words can not describe how brilliant this song is.

3 Helena Helena Cover Art

I remember when I was at school and skipped classes with my friends. We used to going at the school basement and laughed, talked, and did late homework. And we always used to listen to this song... It was amazing. My best school memorys.

This song may not be the best with Lyrics or Music, but it means the world to the people that matter most, The Band. Gerard Way loved his grandmother very much. That means something, something more real than a beat.

This song is very close to my heart as although it may be written about and for the Way brothers grandma, I feel it could've been written about my grandma. Its beautiful, tragic and dark and full of grief. I understand that, its probable that most people who've lost someone can relate, it gives me goosebumps every time.

It is very easy to identify with most of the self loathing in this song. I've heard so many people say something along the lines of "I know this was written for grandma Way, but it speaks about ___ to me", which I think shows how versatile of a song it is and how much everyone is able to commiserate with it in their own way, which I believe to be the mark of a good song and a good artist.

4 Teenagers Teenagers Cover Art

Oh this is an anthem for all that is wrong about adults view on teenagers! Gotta be one of their best!

masterpiece of a song... STELLAR! proof of why my chemical romance is one of the best bands ever. My personal theme song

This song is definitely one of my favorites by the band. It sounds like a fun, humorous song but also has a dark theme behind it. It's hard to choose a favorite song from a band, but this song is one of their best.

Awesome song! Nice videos and hot girls kinda remind me of my high school

5 I'm Not Okay (I Promise) I'm Not Okay (I Promise) Cover Art

It's the best song by the band... Sad that its not in top 5 but it deserves to be out there. People who don't like this are really not okay.. Thumbs up if you agree!

All of their songs are fantastic, but this is the one that grabbed me and pulled me in to the My Chemical Romance fandom - I've been here ever since, seven years and counting...

this song is so great but depressing at times and I love it


I love this song because it's just the perfect interpretation of a common teenagers school life and it's like Gerard Way is saying you'll get through it, look at how successful I am now, ignore the bullies. I love you! :')

6 Na Na Na Na Na Na Cover Art

I think that na na na should be the no. 1 because when I first listen to this I was like hypnotized... Because first I like rap but na na na is stuck in my head can't get it out! Anyway we love you! MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE

Has that awesome "Rock Out Loud" feeling. Extremely easy to learn chorus (NA NA nA) and delivering all that makes MCR awesome.

Hopefully will be in the top ten soon, c', mon, vote it!

MCR giving it all, no matter if it's drugs or love or a reason to live, the song is just amazing and gonna make you dance every time you hear it.

I honestly love this song just too much. It makes me just wanna rebel and kick someone's butt. It got stuck in my head for almost a month and I couldn't get it out. I remember when I introduced my friend to this song. She was so into it that she just started singing "NA NA NA" in the middle of class. The teacher told her to shut it but then she started singing "AND RAISE YOUR VOICE EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY TRY AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH" and she got detention...

7 Sing Sing Cover Art

Seriously needs to be upper on the list. This song is absolutely awesome.. You have to love the last part of the song.. Reflects true power...

The best song with such real meaning makes me almost "sing"... for me its number one.

The music video is sad, but it is very different and cool.

Out of all songs by My Chemical Romance, this song has really stood out to me and touched me. There's something so special about it. This may not be a super fast song or anything, but the lyrics have and extremely powerful meaning behind them. Even though we all have our struggles and worries, we should all try to focus on others and make other people happy because some people are in a worse position than you, and you could really change someone's life, or make them happier

8 Dead! Dead! Cover Art

Awesome guitar parts with flat line and everything.

This ought to be number 1! I liked all the guitar riffs and the vocals are amazing. Way better than the songs listed above

Awesome song, its very catchy and awesome. " Wouldn't it be great to take a pistol in the hand and wouldn't it be great if we were dead?! " My Chemical Romance is the best emo band and this is the best emo song!

Dead! Was the first my chem song that I listened to where I went "hey these guys aren't bad..." and decided to look up more of their stuff. This song started my obsession with them. I love this song because in all honesty, how often do you hear a song that flat out says "wouldn't it be great if we were dead? " and sometimes that's the only sort of thing you want to sing along to. Sometimes a song with such honesty is the only thing that can make you happy. Dead! Displays such amazing vocals from Gerard (as usual) and amazing guitar playing from Ray and Frank (as usual).

9 The Ghost of You The Ghost of You Cover Art

This song should be at least in the top 5. It is a mournful song. This song made me cry. Then when I watched the Music Video, I started to bawl my eyes out. Gerard Way in the video reminds me of my Grandpa. He fought in WWII and he lost army buddies. My friend told me that Slipknot was great. I agreed. He also said that System of a Down, Korn, Linkin Park, and Skillet were awesome. I agreed. My friend told me that My Chemical Romance sucked. I punched him in the nose.

I love how the music video for this song is set back in WWII. The song is different, sad, hypnotic, and epic. It makes me want to sing it!

After I watched the video, I felt guilty, ´╗┐sorrow, and ashamed mixed in my heart, and then left is anger... for the rest.

This song is just so moving, makes me feel like crying every time I hear it - the mv is also incredibly emotional.

10 I Don't Love You I Don't Love You Cover Art

"I Don't Love you like I did yesterday" one of these songs that you can't wait for to end, simply because you keep wanting to replay it over and over again

The song is just amazing my favorite from My Chemical Romance the video makes anyone cry. I don't like the new album as much as Black Parade just because it has not song like this I don't love you

It's legitamitley the only song close to bad this band has ever made. In most cases it would be good, but because MCR is normally so good, it sucks. The worst one they have ever made

The ting that most surprise me is that they exprime exactly what I feel in their songs... Simply wonderful!

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11 Cancer Cancer Cover Art

oh my god! the first two words that came out of his mouth made me speechless! tears came to my eyes! B-E-A-UTIFUL!

It's always so touching my heart when anytime I listen to this song. "Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you" is the best part of this song.

I cried the first time I heard this (in 2019), and I don't even know anyone with Cancer. Wish it was longer.

This song is so sad and emotional but that's what makes it beautiful. Every time I listen to this song, I cry every time.

12 Mama Mama Cover Art

This song is amazing! It is really unique and catchy. It really shows how My Chemical Romance is more then what people call "emo, " which they themselves say they are not. They are a great, unique, alternative rock band. Long live My Chemical Romance!

I love mama it's so creepy but awesome love my chemical romance forever

If you've heard it... Then you will scroll this song and VOTE! Amazing... Such emotion in voice... Such lyrics... My favorite My Chemical Romance song

Where to begin with this creative masterpiece... It's about a guy who kills someone in a war, and goes mad with guilt as he tries to write his mother a letter. This song is so intricate and complex, its always changing and doesn't let your attention go for a second. The strings in the background add a quirky, macabre touch. The harmonies are fantastic. And holy crap, THAT ENDING. After building and building, the song ends with an EXPLOSIVE final verse in 3/4 time, and ends with Gerard quietly weeping over a violin solo. WHOA. Not for the faint of heart, but this is a stone cold BRILLIANT song.

13 Disenchanted Disenchanted Cover Art

A sad song filled with so much sadness and and anger at the same time. This is one of their most emotional songs.

This song is amazing! It is really
Unique and catchy. It really
Shows how My Chemical
Romance is more then what
People call "emo, " which they
Themselves say they are not. They
Are a great, unique, alternative
Rock band. Long live My Chemical Romance! Ance is more then what
People call "emo, " which they
Themselves say they are not. They
Are a great, unique, alternative
Rock band. Long live My Chemical Romance!

This is My Chemical Romance's greatest ballad song. It is filled with so much emotion and sadness that it almost made me cry. This is My Chemical Romance's greatest ballad song. It is filled with so much emotion and sadness that it almost made me cry.

I want an honest show of hands; how many of you have cried your eyes out to this before you had to do a terrifying performance or presentation?

14 Bulletproof Heart Bulletproof Heart Cover Art

This is the song that got me into My Chemical Romance and since then it's always been my favorite. I heard it once on MTV and had NO idea who the band was and I didn't catch its title or the bands name, and the song was just stuck in my head the whole day that I had to stay up until 4 am on a school day until they played it again just to know the name of the song.. That's how I fell in love with My Chemical Romance

It's not the best, but I had to bring it up. Should be in the top 10. Very catchy and an awesome song! It's really good You should download it! It's a really good song. Okay now I am just typing so that the minimum quality will be reached ;) hahah GREAT SONG THOUGH!

This song is the anthem for my life. I have listened to it nearly everyday that I have had this song. This song should be bought by everyone. It is extremely underrated. You must listen to this song! IT is EPIC!

My Favorite song of ALL TIME. I've Listened to it over 2000 times on Itunes, It never gets old. I'm so glad they put it on guitar hero too (shop song) because it's amazing and so fun to play. Everyone should love this song and its WAY to underrated, people should pay more attention to bands lesser known music, because that is truly what is best.

15 The Sharpest Lives The Sharpest Lives Cover Art

What! How is this the last one?
It's one of my top favorites.
You people have got to listen to this one!
The tune is so petrifying and awesome. VOTE!

"Give me a shot to remember
And you can take all the pain away from me
A kiss and I will surrender
The sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead

A light to burn all the empires
So bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be
In love with all of these vampires
So you can leave like the sane abandoned me"

This song should definitely be in the top 10. The lyrics speak to me so much and the instrumentals are amazing. It's different from much of their other stuff and has such a strong vibe. I'm totally addicted to this song and listen to it even I'm not on an My Chemical Romance kick. I recommend to anyone looking for a great song to listen to, whether My Chemical Romance is on their list of favorites or not

When I first heard this song, I was addicted to it. I listened to it everyday, I still do. The lyrics are really great; just like the other My Chemical Romance songs, it makes you think. I looked at the lyrics, and I loved this even more. This song has to have a better place than this! Come on people, VOTE!

The lyrics and music of this song are completely AWESOME! Can't believe that this song's on 22. It's my favorite song off My Chemical Romance!

16 The Light Behind Your Eyes The Light Behind Your Eyes Cover Art

I almost cry every time I hear it. If I'm depressed and listen to it I'm instantly inspired.

This song is probably the band's best. It feels... Really good. If you think about this song's lyrics, some parts of it sounds like a grown-up My Chemical Romance saying goodbye, starting anew, but keeping the faith. Keep the faith, even if they're gone. That's how it feels. Plus, the song is really clean, which makes it one of their easiest songs to learn on any instrument.

This song brings me to tears time and time again. I love it. I love them. I only wish I was born in my older brother's place so I could enjoy My Chemical Romance live more than I do now. SO MANY SHOWS I COULD HAVE SEEN! I... Need I say more?

Even being a hard-core My Chemical Romance fan, loving all their old music, you cannot pass this one by. Why? Because the lyrics are beautiful and actually has meaning behind them too. You're mad if you don't like this song of theirs. No true My Chemical Romance fan would hate on any of their music. They are all majestic people.

17 I Never Told You What I Do for a Living I Never Told You What I Do for a Living Cover Art

Why is this so far down? This song is awesome. It has a Sweeney Todd-type progression, where its loud and angry sounding at the beginning and ends with a hopeless tragic sound. It has a story and concept which, again, is tragic. It has a really good sound to it and its an amazing way to end this amazing perfect album. I really think this song should be up there above other amateur songs (mainly the ones on Danger Days (its not that I'm being a hipster who's like "they shouldn't have changed their sound" because I think change is encouraged, but that album was just awful)).

This song is the song I can never get tired of. I love it and I don't understand this is so far down

THis song is the bomb! really brings back memories, so as other songs from the album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge... must hear!

This shouldn't be as far down as it is. This song brings it back to the first album. And if you listen to it a few times it caan pull you in as the most intense sounding song they've made

This song shouldn't be this far down on the list. It was a powerful song and it was the perfect way to end a perfect album.

18 You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison Cover Art

This is by far my favourite. You get the amazing lyrics (I mean come on, songs about going to prison for murdering a ton of people? AWESOME! ), then you have Gerard's vocals screaming with Bert McCracken's (from The Used) over the top and it's just wow. It gets me raving every time. How is it NOT number 1?

Its just sad how this good song didn't got in the top 10! Try listening this.. this is just great! Guys vote for this!

"Life is but a dream for the dead." This is song is full of, in my opinion, some of the deepest things Gerard has ever written. I will always LOVE this song for its catchy beat and captivating lyrics. Well done, My Chemical Romance!

This song never gets old for me its such an interesting story. Id totally watch it as a movie. Lyrically genius, and I guarantee you will feel at least 4 contrasting emotions while listening to it lmao

19 This is How I Disappear This is How I Disappear Cover Art

Amazing song, I just do not know why it is not in top 10 of all the songs. It has very good and catchy music and also nice lyrics. Give to it +++

This Is one nice song I can compare to avenged sevenfold and other rock band who have a unique voice that works with the song and the meaning of it just nice not like song today it's just a rock love song a classic one

My favorite song from my favorite band. I love all of the lyrics & I love the tune. A touching song with a message that has nothing to do with sex or drugs.

Either this or Headfirst For Halos are my favorite song. Great song, really. When Gerard yells you feel like you're on a sugar high.

20 Planetary (Go) Planetary (Go) Cover Art

By far, my fave My Chemical Romance song. Even though, I'm not emo, it still gets me pumped for the new album coming this year.

Much better than all of the songs.. In my opinion.. But yeah the best song yet released.. Wanna get hooked to this song? Listen to this every second, minute, hour, day, week and soon you will get what I mean..

This is my favorite song from the album danger days. I had this in my Ipod and I play it non-stop!

First time listed this song in the beginning GT5 and love this song after that. ;)

21 Thank You for the Venom Thank You for the Venom Cover Art

Why don't people like this song? It's awesome!
Just listen to it live and see what your verdict is.

The very, very, best song. this is, where the real rock begins! the best guitar riffs by ray toro!

Who believes My Chemical Romance is just amazing? :D All their songs are all amazing but Thank You For The Venom was especially phenomenal.

The vocals and the riff are awesome, one of the best endings to the song This song should be much higher up in the rankings.

22 The Only Hope for Me is You The Only Hope for Me is You Cover Art

Amazing song which was even included in Transformers 3 soundtrack! Great guitar! Deserves top 3 at least.

I love this song. It always makes me cry because it reminds me of how the band broke up and this songs holds a lot of personal meaning to me.

One of my favourites. Even withstood Michael bay trying to ruin it by putting it in transformers 3.

Should be the first!

23 Early Sunsets Over Monroeville Early Sunsets Over Monroeville Cover Art

I wonder why this song is this far down, I love My Chemical Romance with all my heart and this is my favourite song of all time. Gerard sings this song with so much emotion it makes me shiver and sometimes even cry. I've never heard a song sung with so much passion. You really can't put a fault on this song, please vote it higher up because this is a truly heart wrenching and amazing song that I love with a passion. Thank you My Chemical Romance for making such an amazing song.
Proud Member Of the MCRmy Xxx
"Your eyes vacant and stained"

The pure, raw emotion of this song and the way that the instruments dot sound perfect just adds to how epic this song is. Gerard's voice is so pure here it sends chills down my spine every time. It should really be higher up on this lost.

The bests on this list are total bs, everyone knows mcr was best during the first two albums. This song is so full of emotion, it's amazing.

This is no doubt my favourite My Chemical Romance song. Gerard's vocals are just so emotional and beautiful

24 Summertime Summertime Cover Art

Even though it's so hard to choose my favorite My Chemical Romance song, I'm pretty sure Summertime would me in my Top 3. It stands out for it's simplicity, yet it is so catchy, almost takes me back to some California highway in the 70's, I'm not sure why. The vocals, the melody, the lyrics, everything comes together to create a wonderful song.

The song itself is beautiful, the fact it's written for the lead singer, Gerard Way's wife, LynZ Ballato (bassist for Mindless Self Indulgence), makes the song even more lovely. The lyrics are so gentle and raw, Gerard's love for LynZ is so clear but private and expressed fully in this song. My favorite lyrics ever are in the chorus. "If you stay, I would even wait all night, or until my heart explodes. How long? 'Til we find our way in the dark and out of harm, you can run away with me anytime you want." The intro with the guitar sounds great as well, I love how it sounds with the drums, really quiet and soft, without much flare to it but more of a calm vibe. It sounds smooth put together, like a sweet, gentle glaze coating the sound of the song, making it sound perfect and glide peacefully. It's perfect in every way and I adore it.

I think this should be on the top 10. It has a really positive outlook when you listen to it. It relaxes me and floods me so many memories. I get lost in this song whenever I listen to it. Even though it's like a love song, this totally kicks other song's ass! M/

This song reminds me of my first love. It reminds me when I almost lost my life. It takes every thing bad inside of me and somehow, turns it good. THAT'S what this song means to me. It just, makes me want to scream out how I REALLY feel but I'm too afraid... This song is legendary

25 Demolition Lovers Demolition Lovers Cover Art

The top 10 is just a list of their singles, These are real songs. I think this deserves to be on the top 10. The guitar in this is beautiful. No one likes to listen to their old music.

I had discovered these guys on Spotify, and they quickly became one of my favorite bands. At first, I thought that Three Cheers was their first album, but I heard around about Bullets, which wasn't on Spotify (it needs to be! ). So I found a copy of it and listened to it all the way through. I loved it! Almost all of the songs blew me away. But unfortunately all good things must end, and what a great way to end it with a song like this? This is by far my favorite song of theirs'. I absolutely love the different stages of it and of course, the intro!

My all times My chemical romance favorite. You can feel the determination. I also love when it kinda stops, then goes slowly with sad lyrics and then goes back to where it was, the message of love

This whole album is so underrated. This song is full of emotion, you can hear it in Gerard's voice. Beautiful and emotional. A masterpiece.

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