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21 Planetary (Go) Planetary (Go)

Much better than all of the songs.. In my opinion.. But yeah the best song yet released.. Wanna get hooked to this song? Listen to this every second, minute, hour, day, week and soon you will get what I mean..

This is my favorite song from the album danger days. I had this in my Ipod and I play it non-stop!

First time listed this song in the beginning GT5 and love this song after that. ;)

When I wake up and feel sleepy, this song is one of the few that makes me get energetic.

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22 Demolition Lovers Demolition Lovers

The top 10 is just a list of their singles, These are real songs. I think this deserves to be on the top 10. The guitar in this is beautiful. No one likes to listen to their old music.

I had discovered these guys on Spotify, and they quickly became one of my favorite bands. At first, I thought that Three Cheers was their first album, but I heard around about Bullets, which wasn't on Spotify (it needs to be! ). So I found a copy of it and listened to it all the way through. I loved it! Almost all of the songs blew me away. But unfortunately all good things must end, and what a great way to end it with a song like this? This is by far my favorite song of theirs'. I absolutely love the different stages of it and of course, the intro!

My all times My chemical romance favorite. You can feel the determination. I also love when it kinda stops, then goes slowly with sad lyrics and then goes back to where it was, the message of love

This song runs such a deep meaning to me. Beautiful, sorrowful, wistful, everything it should be. It gets you into that mood that you're not sure is real or anyone else can feel

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23 Cemetery Drive Cemetery Drive

This song screams My Chemical Romance... I heard this song back in 2004 and 8 years later I still listen to it without getting bored. Drums are technical, guitars are scratchy, loud and all over the place (like they should be) and Gerard's voice is full of emotion. It sums up the whole feel of the three cheers album

Definitely one of the best, but many people don't take the time to listen to songs like Cemetery Drive, most just stick to knowing the singles, it is better if you try to learn more from a band. Gerard's voice here is AMAZING! All the music here is really amazing, is and will always be my favorite from them

By far my favourite, good build up, good lyric, one of those songs I play over and over

Why do I love this song so much?
Answer: It is awesome - AnonymousChick

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24 This is How I Disappear This is How I Disappear

Amazing song, I just do not know why it is not in top 10 of all the songs. It has very good and catchy music and also nice lyrics. Give to it +++

This Is one nice song I can compare to avenged sevenfold and other rock band who have a unique voice that works with the song and the meaning of it just nice not like song today it's just a rock love song a classic one

My favorite song from my favorite band. I love all of the lyrics & I love the tune. A touching song with a message that has nothing to do with sex or drugs.

Either this or Headfirst For Halos are my favorite song. Great song, really. When Gerard yells you feel like you're on a sugar high.

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25 I Never Told You What I Do for a Living I Never Told You What I Do for a Living

Why is this so far down? This song is awesome. It has a Sweeney Todd-type progression, where its loud and angry sounding at the beginning and ends with a hopeless tragic sound. It has a story and concept which, again, is tragic. It has a really good sound to it and its an amazing way to end this amazing perfect album. I really think this song should be up there above other amateur songs (mainly the ones on Danger Days (its not that I'm being a hipster who's like "they shouldn't have changed their sound" because I think change is encouraged, but that album was just awful)).

This song is the song I can never get tired of. I love it and I don't understand this is so far down

THis song is the bomb! really brings back memories, so as other songs from the album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge... must hear! - redbluedeath

This shouldn't be as far down as it is. This song brings it back to the first album. And if you listen to it a few times it caan pull you in as the most intense sounding song they've made

This song is everything the band ever was.

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26 Vampires Will Never Hurt You Vampires Will Never Hurt You

This is also one of their first songs which should probably rank higher... But The raw emotion in it is just epic and I also really like the ending with the ghostly whispers. It totally gives me the chills.

At one of my birthday party's I didn't let anyone sing the happy birthday song so I could play this song

In my opinion, an awesome song! This should definitely be on the top ten! It is so creepy, yet amazing! Come on EVERYBODY VAMPIRES WILL NEVER HURT YOU!

Should be at least in the top 10

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27 Summertime Summertime

Even though it's so hard to choose my favorite My Chemical Romance song, I'm pretty sure Summertime would me in my Top 3. It stands out for it's simplicity, yet it is so catchy, almost takes me back to some California highway in the 70's, I'm not sure why. The vocals, the melody, the lyrics, everything comes together to create a wonderful song.

The song itself is beautiful, the fact it's written for the lead singer, Gerard Way's wife, LynZ Ballato (bassist for Mindless Self Indulgence), makes the song even more lovely. The lyrics are so gentle and raw, Gerard's love for LynZ is so clear but private and expressed fully in this song. My favorite lyrics ever are in the chorus. "If you stay, I would even wait all night, or until my heart explodes. How long? 'Til we find our way in the dark and out of harm, you can run away with me anytime you want." The intro with the guitar sounds great as well, I love how it sounds with the drums, really quiet and soft, without much flare to it but more of a calm vibe. It sounds smooth put together, like a sweet, gentle glaze coating the sound of the song, making it sound perfect and glide peacefully. It's perfect in every way and I adore it.

I think this should be on the top 10. It has a really positive outlook when you listen to it. It relaxes me and floods me so many memories. I get lost in this song whenever I listen to it. Even though it's like a love song, this totally kicks other song's ass! M/

I think this song should be much higher on the list. It reminds me of The Smashing Pumpkins in a lot of ways. It has a dreamy vibe to it, and it almost makes me cry with every listen.

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28 Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough for the Two of Us Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough for the Two of Us

It's a shame to not see old stuff up top :(

I actually can never really /choose/ a favorite song from this band because all of their songs are simply stunning. I always find myself being in love with different songs of theirs at different times (e.g yesterday I listened to the sharpest lives on repeat and today I find myself listening to planetary on repeat, etc). But this time, I guess my vote should go to this one song. It's really sad to see this amazing song on number 23. Amazing riffs, tune, lyrics... "And you can cry all you want to, I don't care how much you'll invest yourself in me. We're not working out" will always be my favorite lyrics by My Chemical Romance. Come on guys, listen to this song if you haven't! - rsndazzahra

It's impossible for me to pick a favourite but this song is definitely up there! It's amazing guitar and mix of singing and screaming is perfect. I also think the lyrics tell a good story and has a good message, very angry and fast. Amazing just like My Chemical Romance

Actually my favourite. Immense Riffs, really a fantastic song.

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29 S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W

wonder why this song is at least not in the list. It a good song.. Give a listen to it. - bharathkumaromc

I can describe this song in no other way - BEAUTIFUL... A melancholic tune... Classic 'My Chemical Romance' lyrics... Great vocals and an even better guitar... Unbelievably good... I became a 'My Chemical Romance' fan the day I heard this song!

Beautiful song. My favorite by My Chemical Romance. Very heavily influenced by the Beatles. Came from a great album, with a great concept. I think it's very underrated. By far the best song by them from the Danger Days album.

31! Shame on you all. Like come on this is in the top ten

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30 Early Sunsets Over Monroeville Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

I wonder why this song is this far down, I love My Chemical Romance with all my heart and this is my favourite song of all time. Gerard sings this song with so much emotion it makes me shiver and sometimes even cry. I've never heard a song sung with so much passion. You really can't put a fault on this song, please vote it higher up because this is a truly heart wrenching and amazing song that I love with a passion. Thank you My Chemical Romance for making such an amazing song.
Proud Member Of the MCRmy Xxx
"Your eyes vacant and stained"

The pure, raw emotion of this song and the way that the instruments dot sound perfect just adds to how epic this song is. Gerard's voice is so pure here it sends chills down my spine every time. It should really be higher up on this lost.

The bests on this list are total bs, everyone knows mcr was best during the first two albums. This song is so full of emotion, it's amazing.

This song actually saved my life

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31 It's Not a Fashion Statement It's a Deathwish It's Not a Fashion Statement It's a Deathwish

Its amazing how people don't listen to the old songs of My Chemical Romance. How come nobody voted for this? This song just is awesome!

Always been my favorite song of theirs. It's amazing and really gives a sense of intense emotion. Very underrated song.

My favourite My Chemical Romance song of all time, it's quite annoying to see amazing older songs dropped for newer songs that are not as memorable. Deathwish is certainly much better than Teenagers.

This song represents the true meaning of being yourself...1. It's Not a Fashion Statement 2. Thank You For the Venom 3. Famous Last Words 4. I'm Not Okay (I Promise) 5. Welcome to the Black Parade 6. Na Na Na 7. Mama 8. Helena 9. Sing 10. The End/Dead!

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32 Vampire Money Vampire Money

This song is very good, and I really like it. I don't know why it's not in top 10 :(

The big finale off of Danger Days. The guitar solo is epic, the singing is so raspy and exciting, the drumming is so loud and booming, I love this song so much! It's the best song off of this album in my opinion. And it definitely deserves to be in the top ten. - MontyPython

This song really shows what the band is about, not submitting to society and how Gerard will never change to be a lifeless "vampire" of this day and age's record business.

Just awesome...

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33 Sleep Sleep

I am 16 years old. I regret that I don't know My Chemical Romance from the first time or when the band's still united. And recently I love the Black Parade album. But I was surprised that Sleep gets underrated in here. I tell you, this song is awesome as the other songs in the Black Parade. Listen to it and you will tell the tale about it.

I had a Girlfriend who's living in a city about 310 km away from here. We didn't meet often because her parents didn't want our relationship. One day I visited her and it was the most wonderful day in my life. It was 11 pm when I listened the first time to this song. I sat in the train and was really depressed because I kinda knew I wouldn't see her again. I sat there almost alone and started crying. Two Months later I broke up because I couldn't stand the pain. This song keeps the memories of this beautiful day... I miss you

Listen to this people and vote. It shouldn't be so far down on the list! It's really hypnotic and beautiful.

This song is my second favorite overall, only behind Mama. This song is so unique! It is beautiful, hardcore, and a little bit eerie at the same time. The lyrics are amazing, and Gerard's high C note towards the end gives me chills.

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34 Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back

Right now, I hope you're ready for a firefight
'Cause the devil's got your number tonight, they say
We're never leaving this place alive
But if you sing these words we'll never die

Get off the ledge and drop the knife
Not a victim of the victim's life
Because this ain't a room full of suicides
We're believers, I believe tonight!

We can leave this world, leave it all behind
We can steal this car if your folks don't mind
We can live forever if you've got the time!

This song is just perfect, the lyrics are epic! My favorite song from the Killjoys album, it's sort of like part II of 'Na Na Na'. Come on guys, vote! This song needs to be higher on the list!

This was the first My Chemical Romance song I ever heard and the one that got me started listening to them, so it has the top spot in my favourite songs by them.

The song title is hilarious. Oh, and the song itself ain't bad either... vote!

This song doesn't get enough love

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35 The End. The End.

An awesome opening track to an amazing album that not only epitomizes the general themes of what My Chemical Romance is all about, but goes on to solidify the fact that emo music (along with MCR) ISN'T just a whiney, rich hipster teenager circle-jerk, but rather an expression of the themes of social isolation, depression, and emotional trauma-- which most people have to bear, and dealing with the problems that coincide with the culmination of said problems (substance abuse, self-injury, suicide, etc. ).
That, and it's a very catchy track that serves as a lead-in to "Dead! ". - s_s_s_s271

This Isn't Emo My Chemical Romance Aren't Emo.
Even Though Danger Days Is And Always Will Be My Faviroute Album, This Has To Be One OF My Favorite Songs Losing Only To The Amazing Scarecrow, Which I Believe Along With This, Should Be At The Top Of The Top 10.

I feel like this song was just broken potential. I love it, but the pace of the music never changes and it's kinda repetitive, and WAY to short. You just don't get the same feeling with this one. You'd be better off listening to Disenchanted of The Sharpest Lives.

This has to be one of my faovrites - AnonymousChick

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36 The World is Ugly The World is Ugly

Conventional weapons' best song so far..

I think this song should be much more higher in charts, it talks about such true thing about this world but yet so full of love towards someone that came from this world.

I love this song because it is so true

Love this song. It has such a meaning to it.

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37 Boy Division Boy Division

I love this song! I can't get enough of it. I listen to it CONSTANTLY! The music is awesome, the lyrics are cool, overall I love it! This is the song that got me hooked on My Chemical Romance!

This should be in the top 10! I love the lyrics "way out nowhere, take me out there"

This song is amazing! How is this not in the top 10? The top 20 at least?

My favorite My Chemical Romance song

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38 Give 'Em Hell, Kid Give 'Em Hell, Kid

This song sounds amazing, and I really love the melody of it! It may not be their best song, but it sure as hell shouldn't be number 32! It's just ridiculous! Anyways I love My Chemical Romance!

This is a really cool My Chemical Romance song, definitely doesn't deserve 41 My Chemical Romance is always amazing if you truly like My Chemical Romance, there isn't a song you can't like, they're all amazing. Vote

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39 Headfirst for Halos Headfirst for Halos

The bigger of a fan I became of the band, the more I started to like their older material. It's 2015 and currently 01:23 am but this song is so amazing and Gerard's voice is so raw and really passionate when singing the lyrics. It has an upbeat start with some killer drums and the guitar is so powerful and loud and gnarly. Favorite Bullets song, favorite song ever. Next would be Hang 'Em High but it can't match Gee when he sings this song, you can hear how young he is and can see his change and growth as a singer and the other members (Frank, Ray, and Mikey) also changing and improving. But this song will always remain the best.

Even later in the years, and after Danger Days came along, this is still one of my favorite songs by them. It's so happy when it starts and just so laughsobcrylaugh in the lyrics. It's so simple and yet. I didn't really know what to say about it afterwards. The top ten are the singles that everyone knows. But these, these are the ones I hope people give a chance.

This needs to be at least top twenty- I mean come on. The problem with this song is that it's not on Itunes.

I've been listening to this song non-stop for the past week and a half. It's amazing. Go look it up on YouTube.

I need a "think happy thoughts" shirt.

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40 Fake Your Death Fake Your Death

It's impossible to pick just one My Chemical Romance song. Because every one of them gives you something different. Na na na na na put's out a stead beat that you can't help but sing along or dance to, Black Parade is a masterpiece anthem of the bands journey, and the light behind your eyes throws the emotion and inspiration straight at your face.

All of My Chemical Romance's songs are incredible. And with Fake Your Death, they did something rarely, if ever, seen. They gave the fans a final farewell message. They left us with one last song telling us not to be sad. Telling us that are things will pass eventually. Telling us to keep the memories and experiences we've taken from the band's music in our hearts and remembering them.

My Chemical Romance release an album titled "The Black Parade is Dead." This song reminds us all, that while the band may be gone, the messages they imparted on all the people that heard their music will never fade away.

Why is nobody voting for this songs it's so catchy and awesome the lyrics are so insane. It isn't like any of their other songs but it still just as good as any of their others. It's their final song and it's like their saying their final goodbye to their fans. It brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to this.

My Chemical Romance's final song! Beautiful song and beautiful lyrics! Totally love it!

Great goodbye. My Chemical Romance forever.

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