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61 Interlude

" Thank You for the venom is just twenty thousand times better with this song.

This song really helped the back half of the album stay concept-geared.

Great stuff. I always thought they should've made it a full 4 minute song or something, because the riff is unique, kinda Radiohead-ish.

62 Gun

Its so crazy song and powerful from lead guitar
I can't blve it's not their best song... It sud b on the top 10! For me it is the best My Chemical Romance song.. Gerard 's voice is what too awesome. The way he expressed his longing makes me cry... If s1 sings me this song... Wel... You know... It's my favorite. Song. Mariah's version was very poor.. But My Chemical Romance's version is the best remake ever! Long live guys!

Congratulate for my chemical romance. I love this song

I forgot to put it spotify lol. But the intro is like LOVE AND LIFE

63 Black Dragon Fighting Society

"yeah I drink juice when I'm killing because is delicious! " gerard kills this song its such a great jam

Okay, so the lyrics aren't exactly touching or meaningful in the usual way, but this song brings out Gerards unique voice, the way he repeats the words "Medical emergency" is addictive, almost intoxicating, he is one of a kind and so is this song!

64 Astro Zombies

Not as good as the misfits original but this song is perfect for gerards voice and it's a really great cover. this cover got me into the misfits and now they're one of my favourite bands

65 Make Room!!!!

This song is not too catchy. But the lyrical content is pretty much what I need to say about music.

It's a shame they didn't compile the following songs in one album (in order, because Na Na Na, Planetary (GO! ), and Party Poison and others are just filler to me):
Boy Division
Tomorrow's Money
Kiss The Ring
Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back
Bulletproof Heart
Make Room!
The World Is Ugly
The Kids From Yesterday
The Light Behind Your Eyes
Surrender The Night
Burn Bright
We Don't Need Another Song About California

With highlights being Surrender The Night, Tomorrow's Money, Burn Bright, Boy Division, The Light Behind Your Eyes, And Especially! Make Room!

DUDE every song in Conventional Weapons make up my life

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66 Stay Awake
67 Common People

The My Chemical Romance cover of Common People is awesome

68 Look Alive, Sunshine

Just... Why is this on the list is just talking

69 Yesterday
70 Jack the Ripper

Don't forget this song. It's good ya know..

71 Goodnite, Dr. Death

HAHAAHAH. I do not know if you consider it a song. Hear it and decide.

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72 Zero Percent

Such a different direction for My Chemical Romance but they did it so well

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73 Tomorrow's Money

This song never fails to pump me up

74 Cubicles

Honestly, this is my favorite off of Bullets, one of my favorites EVER. NO IDEA why this basically the "worst" song by them but hey people have opinions. IF YOU'RE READING THIS LISTEN TO THIS SONG I LOVE IT!

Why the Ef is this last? And where the H is Bury me in black?

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75 Kiss the Ring

I love the guitar in this song, it's so perfectly put together that it just makes me melt inside when I listen to it!

This song is so sassy and energetic why is it so low? It gets me pumped and really brings in the sass

This is an awesome sassy pump up song that's pretty underrated

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Oh my god I've never heard this song

Such a badass song I used to strut around campus to this song and I thought I was the coolest kid there lmao

77 Surrender the Night

I think this along with Burn Right, and the light behind your eyes was the best song off of conventional weapons.

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78 Party Poison

I really love this song! I can't believe it's not in the top 10! It makes me want to "Get on the Dancefloor! " ;D

Danger days and black parade are my favorite albums but this has to be one of the best on danger days it should be in the top 20 at least

Party poison is a symbol of the killjoys


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79 Destroya

One of my all time fave My Chemical Romance songs

Definitely an entertaining song. Love it too bits and Gerard is just the sass queen all through it.. Should be closer to the top!

It pains me deeply that this song is number 50 on the list.

HOW IS THIS 51?! This is one of my favorite My Chemical Romance songs

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