Best Naomi Watts Movies of the '00s


The Top Ten

1 Mulholland Dr.
2 The International
3 The Painted Veil
4 King Kong
5 I Heart Huckabees

Naomi Watts should do more comedies. This proves how good as an actress she is.

6 The Shaft
7 21 Grams
8 Ned Kelly
9 The Ring
10 Le Divorce

Movie that did get bad reviews ( the script is a little bit chaotic ) but this film is actually not bad at all. Naomi Watts performance ( as usual ) is outstanding. A movie that was shoot in Paris, France. The story is a bit unusual. An atempt to suicide, a break up, Kate Hudson ( the sister who comes to visit ) having an affair, an argument about a painting with a certain value, a murder because of a jealous husband... Too many subjects to be believable as a serious movie. If you don't care about all that then this movie is worth to watch.

The Contenders

11 Divergent

Sorry, this is the book. My mistake!

12 The Assassination of Richard Nixon
13 Eastern Promises

Great acting of her in this one. Also she looks hot in this movie on her motorbike in her tight jeans.

14 The Divergent Series: Insurgent

Should be in best of the '10s. Another mistake of me. But nevertheless her part as the mother and leader of a rebelious group is like every Naomi Watts performance outstanding.

15 The Divergent Series: Allegiant
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