Best NRL Players of 2010


The Top Ten

1 Billy Slater (Fullback) Billy Slater (Fullback)

Honestly, I think Billy Slater is the best player by far and no one will ever be better than him ever. He plays for Melbourne Storm, Queensland Maroons and Australia Kangaroos.

He's the best fullback out there, no doubt! with him in the melbourne storm they are going to win the finals again next year! (2011)

Slater is n#1 for sure. Hayne is over rated.

Slater is the best end off story

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2 Greg Inglis (Center)

inglis shuld be the best player bcuz when eva he getz the ball he alwaez dose sumfinq effective!

3 Israel Falou (Center/Wing)
4 Jonathan Turston (Halfback)

He is great and should be higher - micahisthebest

Jonathan Thurston is the best player because he dons, t cheat like the shark's

5 Benji Marshall (Five Eight)
6 Jarryd Hayne (Fullback)

I think and know that he is easily the best fullback out there so vote for Jarrad Hayne no.1 GO GO GO.

Jarryd Hayne is the best speeder ever he should be number 1

Jarryd haynes is the best player I have ever seen, every time he has the ball something entertaining happens.

he's so so so sexy mi babe yay

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7 Akuila Uate (Wing)
8 Todd Carney (Halfback, Five-eighth, Fullback)

hello! Dally M medal winner! He played an amazing season, and led the Roosters to the NRL Grand Final!

Todd Carney is awesome! He won the 2010 Dally m Medal!

Rooster's Rock!

How can you not vote for todd carney? He's the most talented person in the nrl and he won the dally m medal. GO THE ROOSTERS! - decorulez97

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9 Ben Te'o (Second-row)
10 Darren Lockyer (Five Eight) Darren Lockyer (Five Eight)

amazing he is a tribute to the game he he does the little things brilliantly he is the australian talisman and for me no one can touch him in rugby league.

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The Contenders

11 Corey Parker (Second-row, Lock)
12 Jamie Soward (Five Eight)

He led them to the Final, what he has done for this team has been amazing. From their desperate ways in 2007 to their unbelievable performance in 2010. He totally deserves a top 2 spot!

Jamie Soward Is Pro! Maybe The Best Player In the NRL No one is better AMAZING!

Jamie Soward should be up there bro he worked his ass off this year

13 Brett Morris (Fullback, Wing)
14 Cameron Smith (Hooker)

Cameron was definitely the best player, he still is! GO STORM! - Warrior

15 Nathan Hindmarsh (Second Row)
16 Michael Gordon (wing)
17 Paul Gallen (Lock)

Outstanding player! It must be frustrating for us Sharkies to lose heaps

18 Issac Luke (Hooker)
19 Scott Bolton (Second-row)
20 Anthony Laffranchi (Second-row)
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