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81 Special Delivery Special Delivery
82 Vultures Vultures
83 Take It Like a Man Take It Like a Man
84 Something to Believe In Something to Believe In
85 Coming for You Coming for You

I know it's new, but I have to give The Offspring credit. They are still making quality music today like this song. I love the lyrics and the rhythms used to get the idea across. Great song.

I was surprised that this wasn't in the top 5. Then I scrolling down and saw it wasn't even in the top 20... Number 130? This should be #5 at the absolute lowest!

This is one of their best songs, in my opinion. It should be in the top ten, if not the top of the list.

This should easily be top 5

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86 Totalimmortal Totalimmortal
87 It'll Be a Long Time It'll Be a Long Time
88 Elders Elders

The first album is so underrated.

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89 Killboy Powerhead Killboy Powerhead
90 Disclaimer Disclaimer
91 Da Hui Da Hui

Don't mess with the hui!

92 No Control No Control

This is a cover that The Offspring did of an already excellent song by the band Bad Religion. I like this version better than when Bad Religion did it. Very fast paced, deep lyrics. Guitar is fast and heavy. Dexter's voice is higher than that of the Bad Religion lead singer, which results in a much different sound from the original.

93 Intermission Intermission

I love that guitar solo.

It's too damn catchy

94 Crossroads Crossroads V 1 Comment
95 A Thousand Days A Thousand Days
96 I'll Be Waiting I'll Be Waiting

And I'll be waiting, for that day to arrive, when I feel alive, yeah I'll be waiting for that day

97 Hypodermic Hypodermic
98 Burn It Up Burn It Up

Sex oh yes in the super Mario hello squid boi ahh what

99 Time to Relax Time to Relax
100 So Alone So Alone
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