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81 Take It Like a Man
82 Something to Believe In
83 Totalimmortal
84 Elders

The first album is so underrated.

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85 Killboy Powerhead
86 Disclaimer
87 Da Hui

Don't mess with the hui!

88 Nothingtown
89 Mission from God

Not well known and thus very underrated

This song is very catchy, Ignition Era song that is not known to a lot of fans. Song prooves why the Offspring is one of the, if not the most underrated Punk Rock band out there.

90 No Control

This is a cover that The Offspring did of an already excellent song by the band Bad Religion. I like this version better than when Bad Religion did it. Very fast paced, deep lyrics. Guitar is fast and heavy. Dexter's voice is higher than that of the Bad Religion lead singer, which results in a much different sound from the original.

91 Kick Him When He's Down

Classic! Too many youngsters swinging this pole

Their best song, when they were a punk rock band.

My favorite song for sure

92 Come Out Swinging

Maybe it's got something to do w/ nostalgia b/c I got the Conspiracy of One album when I was like 12, but this is my all time favorite Offspring song, and Offspring is definitely. In my top 5 favorite bands. I mean it's got to be top 5 at least, no way it's 15th.

I have absolutely no idea how this ISN'T in the top 10! Much better than most of the songs in the top 10. Listen to this song, then come back here and vote for it. Do it, do it immediately.

I absolutely love this song, such energy, makes you want to jump all around. So much underrated, give it a chance.

Should be higher. Not really top 10, but 46? really?

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93 L.A.P.D.

The best offspring song afther the self esteem must be in top 5.

94 Have You Ever

I've always loved this song. I don't know why.

Is the best song.. 2nd part especially!

My favorite on Americana. It's funny the song structure is similar in Hammerhead. It feels like there is two songs in one song and I like that. Hammerhead is my favorite on RFRG.


95 Cruising California (Bumpin' In My Trunk)

Hilarious lyrics, although the beat and vocals are bad, The Offspring have created a comical second single similar to Hit That. It would be in my top 40. - hongtam

Haha I liked this song, and I am new to this band.. So if I like this song, then every other song myst be like hella amazing

Just voting for this because its so bad

Voting for this because, while it's a terrible song, it still deserves to be higher in the list than "feelings".

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96 OC Guns V 3 Comments
97 The Future Is Now

The guitar riff is amazing. And the chorus is just awesome. All around awesome song, easily one of their best works.

This song is really good, why is it this low?

... What. How is this song not higher?!?!? it's so incredible, should be top ten AT LEAST.

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98 Intermission

I love that guitar solo.

It's too damn catchy

99 Crossroads V 1 Comment
100 A Thousand Days
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