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61 18

While I am listening to this music I can really remember the LARRY Bromance. Love this

Such a great song and I really can't believe what is this doing down here. It should be in top 5

This song is beautiful and I get emotional listening to it. I think it's about zerrie since they got together when they were both 18,

Great song

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62 Fireproof

I hear everyday one directions songs. I can't spend a single day without them. Love you boys.

I LOVE THIS SONG! PLEASE LISTEN TO IT. zayn sings really well. I heard it like a 1000 times

Very catchy sons and released just today

I love this song, it's so beautiful and calming!

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63 Back for Me

Whoever is voting for every song from up all night and not the really amazing songs either isn't a one direction fan at all or isn't right in the head. WAit - who am I kidding? If you aren't a one direction fan you aren't right in the head!

Um... Its back for you not back for me...

"Lately I've been going crazy so I'm comin back for ME back for ME back for ME doo do do do"

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64 Loved You First

What the hell is this? Why this song is on the bottom? Come on guys vote to this song it's amazing and so touchable, and meaningful! This song should be their top 1 song! It's so gorgeous :)) especially when they say "But now when I see you with him it tears my world apart"And Niall's solo is incredible his voice is just magical

This song is one of my favorites! Has a catchy song. I love the first part of this song which is sung by Liam. :))) Baby, I loved you first!

I love the lyrics of this song.

How is this can be? This song must be in at least top twenty. such amazing song it is. What's going on guys, why aren't you voting for this song

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65 No Control

Why is No Control at 57? I think most of the songs on the top pages were voted for because they're the singles so they're more well known and they were from the earlier albums.

No Control is such a fun song! It was one of their first songs to star Louis' voice and everything about it is amazing, one of my favorite jam songs. The verses are low and SEXY and then the beat really kicks in, the chorus is super catchy! And the beat drop near the end... Definitely better than the bubblegum pop beats from their fetus albums in my opinion

This is One Direction's best song. It's my all time favorite song and it should NOT be this low at all

Though I love many others this is their best so far. Great song. I haven't found a video for it yet but I'm going to look for it.

Stained coffee cup

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66 Just Can't Let Her Go

There is only like one verse of this song and the chorus and I already love it!

I like it so much. 65th position impossible!

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67 Once In a Lifetime

How is this so for down? It's lovely and amazing!

That's my fave 1D song! It's so touchable and special

I can't see why it's so underrated.. This is the most beautiful 1D song in my opinion! ❤

68 Clouds

This song is amazing! Shouldn't even be stuck near the bottom.

Dude, this is a masterpiece. It should be in top 10!

This song is amazing, this should be in the top 10!

Why isn't this going any higher!

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69 End of the Day
70 Chasing Cars

The song by one direction it is the best they got

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71 Right Now

Favourie song on the new album. Their voices are on a whole new level and I just love the song in general.

Such a catchy song! I love it!

This song is the best song from one direction


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72 Does He Know?

This is my favorite dance song EVER

This is a good song why is it on like 80

This song is so good it should be 10

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73 Ready to Run

...this is liam's favorite song to perform and it's 98, and I'm gonna cry because it's legit the best one direction song ever invented (i know every song by heart so you can trust me on that one)

This song is great but in the starting it like we're playing "the story of my life". but whatever this is an amazing song.. !

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74 Viva la Vida

Hey! This song rocks and it was also the first song they sung together. In this song their voices sound better then Coldplay's.

You have no taste in music. Coldplay will always be better then One Direction. - Catacorn

75 Math Song

I showed my maths teacher and asked her to solve it out and she was like :/ uhh play it again laugh out loud

I love the way they sang with that's what makes you Beautiful in the background and its funny as


Its just awesome song! Every math teacher should listen it!

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76 Act My Age

Why would such an amazing song be on top 84?

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77 I Should Have Kissed You

I really love that song it is outstanding. I extremely loved Harry, Zayn, Louie, Nailand Liam's singing, I loved it. Fantastic job guys well done great work.

This song has a catchy tune, a strong message, and can appeal to most directioners(like myself) out there! The message for this piece is that you regret something once you let it go. I love the quality of this piece and the style it is sung in. It feels like the boys are finishing eachothers sentences. BRILLIANT!

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78 Can't Stop Love

It's a very touchy song. Very less people know about this song. It should be in top 20 at least.

79 Wolves

I had never heard this song until I brought the album but now it my favorite song!

This is my favorite

Best song ever

i love it!

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80 A.M

This is the one of most beautiful songs to listen. One Direction really made it by releasing Made In The A.M. Thanks One Direction by giving us such extraordinary songs.

This song is beautiful! Have you ever had one of those slow, beautiful songs that make your eyes water? Yeah, this is that type of song. It's amazing and It definitely deserves a spot in the Top 5 on this list.

One of the best songs of the album. Different and very refreshing

Its great I love it

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