Top Ten Best Online Time Tracking Software

Where does the time go? Whether you need to know for billing purposes or just want a better idea of how your work day is split up, you can always answer that question with a good time-tracking application.

The Top Ten

1 FreshBooks FreshBooks FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software service designed for owners of the types of small client-service businesses that send invoices to clients and get paid for their time and expertise.

Stop dreading timesheets and start keeping track of your and your team's time as you go.

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2 Invoicera

Since there are hundreds of online invoicing and time tracking tools available now a days and it is quite hard to decide what application would best suite your business requirements. I personally reviewed several applications and finally selected Invoicera for my business needs. I am highly satisfied with the quality of product and would recommed you all to give it a try.

Loving Invoicera for its time tracking and invoicing capabilities... am an basecamp user and using Invoicera for time tracking and invoicing of my projects. I am happy to say now that my all projects are on right track and I am more than satisfied now using Invoicera. Cheers!

The application is the best in its category of invoicing and time tracking, there is no doubt about it. have been utilizing this app for last 6 months and glad to share that my invoicng and time tracking time has been gone down to minutes than hours earlier. Easy to use and quite affordable

Simply the best time tracking/online invoicing software out there. I have reviewed many online and most of them are either too immature/young to be even considered or solve the world - Invoicera does a few things and does them really well!

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3 ClickTime

Great product with fantastic service. The founder was recently interviewed on Mixergy and grave some great advice on starting your own company.

We're just a small company and I've tried a lot of options and this is the only one that has all the right features for us... actually more features than we can use right now, but it's nice to know we can grow into it.

So easy to set up, and very intuitive, which means new hires can figure out how to use the system. Customer support is fantastic, and they've be around for a long time too.

We've used ClickTIme for almost three years. It's got really robust features, it's easy to use, and their customer support is responsive and knowledgeable. We think they're a really good value.

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4 Toggl

Track time with a single click, switch easily between different tasks and create reports.

5 Paymo

I run a small business that is hourly contract based, so I needed something to allow me to track multiple employees (users), and the time being spent on contracts. Paymo fit that bill very well. The invoicing features are awesome as well. It does have a pretty robust project management setup that is more than adequate. You can track clients, projects and tasks with fairly decent organization. Some detailed reporting and a few light dashboard graphs top off a nice package.

Really great app for time tracking, time management, billing and invoicing. Good for large companies and freelancers as well

awesome app, I use it daily to track time on all my projects. It helps me with project management, time tracking and billing.

We use Paymo as an online time tracking & billing software. It's a great, affordable tool used by thousands of freelancers.

6 Yanomo

Compared to other time tracking tools: yanomo works... it triggers people to actually use the tool. And that's the fundament of every time tracking tool and the hardest to achieve. Apparently, Yanomo has found a key solution to this.

I 'no' mo' 'cause of yanomo

Great time tracking and project management tool, very user-friendly, very easy registration on the fly, provides the basic info that you need and you can expand the infofields according to you need

Great tool, does exactly what I need a time tracking tool to do. Very easy to use even for more complex approaches.

7 TimeCamp

Easy and fully automatic time tracking to improve your team's profitability.

Feature rich yet simple to use, it's great!

TimeCamp rocks my world so it should be higher

Best time tracking app ever. I compare many others and this is the best - simple, useful. - ngobs

8 GetHarvest

Time tracking is simple and lightning fast with Harvest. Set up takes seconds, and there's nothing to install. We've simplified the time tracking and approval process so you can stay focused on work.

9 Timeneye

Timeneye makes time tracking easy and fast.
You can track time directly from Basecamp
Using comments or an embedded form.

When they updated the software I was a bit afraid but I had to change my mind has now it's more intuitive and simple: I simply love its usability.

Great product! They have just released a new app and I love their new integration with Google Calendar.

It's free, it's simple and it has loads of integrations. Best time tracking software in the market!

10 clockodo Time Tracking

Clockodo is an online time tracker for freelancers and small companies. With clockodo you can instantly track working times categorized by customers, projects, and occupations.
The times are recorded online on the web, by using the desktop software, or if you are out and about, a smartphone.

Best time tracking software we've tested

The Contenders

11 Nutcache

Finally, and easy to use time tracking application, plus it's totally free! Good job Nutcache!

Easy to use, good looking, and free! I really recommend you try it!

Very nice, user friendly, easy to use and features rich application. I advise to make a try of it.

I love the multiple timer feature. Thumbs up Nutcache!

12 Replicon

Replicon did help us do a quick turn around and helping us get over all errors we faced using paper based and spreadsheet. Implement pay rules, handling varied shifts, multiple level supervisory approvals and specially getting us in compliance of all necessary labor laws.

Compatibly works with iOS and android as well. This tool is one of the leading brand in terms of time tracking in the cloud based platform and help manage the time and keep track of it with a seamless effect to manage the work.

The hassle free experience with the tool makes me live a stress free life and the work done up preferably in a streamlined manner. - soniagoopta

Wonderful time tracking tool

13 Keepek

Perfect for online time tracking, invoicing and expense management. User-friendly and easy to use. Designed for small business owners and freelancers.

14 14Dayz

It is fast to set up an account and see your business at a glance. Perfect for teams.

14Dayz is about to launch an entirely renewed version of 14Dayz Simple Time Tracking this spring. They also added on the instigation of users a numerous greater and little changes in the software.

14Dayz is hassle free online time tracking. It is easy to get into because there is nothing to install. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection.

Verry good online time registration Good

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15 Time Doctor

The simple little nudges that it gives when you're not doing anything makes me feel aware that productivity is always a must when you are working from home. I really love this software! Kudos to Time Doctor!

The most accurate. So many others are browser based, but Time Doctor is desktop software which gives it access to critical OS resources to verify time tracked.

Great productivity tool and perfect for managing small teams. Time Doctor is the only option that can track time accurately

I am using this app. It's really a great tool for productivity! I would highly recommend this for freelancers/work-at-home employees.

16 Timely
17 Boomr Mobile Time Tracking

Boomr is a modern time tracking solution that keeps employees connected to each other in real time. Designed for business, our intelligent mobile apps and visual management dashboard offer a unique, cloud based solution to keep your workforce running at optimal efficiency.


Everything from invoicing, time tracking and project management in 1 place. Great tool - ziele

19 Futuramo Time Tracker
20 EfficientTime

EfficientTime is a simple cloud-based timesheet solution that lets users easily enter timesheet and leave application data and lets managers export such data into Excel spreadsheets. It uses a freemium model which means basic features such as entering and exporting timesheet data are free!

21 TMetric

This is a time tracking solution one of it's kind. Easy, straightforward, intuitive and affordable. You won't get lost in features and feel that you need a training to master it, everything is on its' place where it should be. - DenisY

User-friendly and feature-rich time tracking app - JordanS

22 Syncd

Syncd is trusted by thousands of businesses around the world to track and analyze their time and expenses. Freelancers and large corporations alike use Syncd to improve accountability, productivity and profitability.

23 cronsync

Web based time tracking and invoicing

Flexible time tracking settings, easily adjustable to your company's and clients' needs. Supports time tracking and invoicing on a time and material or on a flatrate basis.

Invoices are automatically generated based on time tracking and project data. You choose what level of invoice detail you want to grant your client, you have flexible VAT settings, your logo and company data can be embedded into the invoice design. - cronsync

24 Time Clock Wizard
25 Hubstaff
26 Harvest
27 Everhour
28 primaERP

Nice design, really easy to use, free for 3 users and offers the option of creating reports and exporting them to excel. Can also see how efficient your projects, tasks, activities are. Can only recommend it!

Combines time tracking (in detail or not, you chose), reporting, billing and attendance features. Highly recommend it.

All the features one could want in a time tracking software. Easy to use and full of useful features.

A life saver! Simple yet rich in features and possibilities.

29 SpringAhead

An inexpensive Time and Expense Tracking software that integrates with Quickbooks, Peachtree, and Microsoft Great Plains. Very easy to use interface while still allowing a good number of options.

We've used for over 2 years with good results, very little problems and quite happy with their product. We use Quickbooks and can export timecards directly from Springahead. It's also very flexible for Administrators to control.


30 AccountSight

It is most affordable and user friendly online time and expense tracker. It is a cloud based application for small businesses for maintaining weekly time sheets and billing online. It helps to reduce your work and make it easy.

AccounSight is an excellent time tracking software for freelancers, contractors and small businesses mainly because of its user friendly interface, unique features and affordable price.

AccountSight is so easy to use!

31 NkTimeTracker

I use this program too - very useful. Forced breaks

Free great very easy time tracker!

Very easy and free!

I use this prog about one year - very useful.
The automatically projects selection helps me every day...

32 Timedock

Very intuitive. Licking it so far! transforms your existin smartphones into barcode-scanning and rfid-swipe-card punch clocks. Scan staff onto site and see GPS of their in/out location, view job costing and export to payroll software.

Connect any number of smartphones through your cloud based web portal, or purchase wall-mounted TimeTablets to add to the mix.

33 Today Timesheet

Easy to use time tracking application. Only downside is the app is available in English only, I hope they introduce French in the next update.

Comprehensive Application. Great for download use.

34 Project Sputnik

Collaboration tool where user can manage tasks and track time. Supports billable and non-billable tasks. Reports display project effectiveness, employee effectiveness, and other parameters. Worthy to try. I surprised that it's free.

35 Time Cockpit

We use time cockpit as our primary time tracking tool since 2012 - and we're really happy with it. As an option the software helps you to remember what you've done (by tracking used programs, files, networks, etc. ) - a very useful feature for us. Time cockpit is also completely customizable, we've extended it in some parts so that it perfectly fulfills our needs. We don't wanna miss time cockpit anymore in our company.

36 Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool introduced the first Kanban board with seamless time tracking. Why seamless? You start your timer by dragging a task to your working column and the timer starts itself automatically. Probably the simplest and most efficient way to track time.

Kanban Tool is a online Kanban board for project management and real-time collaboration with build-in time tracking module and time reports. Perfect for any business. - patritia_bure

Simple and intuitive web based solution for organizing personal tasks as well as for managing multiple projects and online collaboration.

37 Zip Time Tracker

Easily track billable hours and send invoices online.
Run reports on how projects and employees are performing.

Currently provide the best service for time tracking compared to all others I have tried

By far my favourite. Easy to use and understand. It just keeps getting better.

Simple to use and does exactly what it's supposed to.

38 Worksnaps

Time Tracking Software with Screenshots for Remote Teams

39 Karya Technologies Mobile Time and Expense Management
41 Chime

Chime is a time tracking software that enables its users to specify the exact amount of time they spend working. It’s an easy- to- use and helpful tool for everyone who deals with computer work on a daily basis. Freelancers or web developers working as the hourly employees may find it very useful always when the time report is needed but small businesses or even big companies hiring full time workers can also benefit from it. Replacing the traditional paper timesheets with software tool is a simple way to increase the productivity of company workers. Being aware of the time spent working and also the possibility of controlling it can help ever employee perform better and stay satisfied.

42 Fanurio

Fanurio is a time tracking and billing software application, highly appreciated by freelancers for its intuitive interface, flexible timer and ability to produce detailed invoices.

Whether you need to round time, use multiple currencies or create invoices with your own layout, Fanurio has the right tools to help you get paid.

43 Tick

Time tracking software that keeps projects on track so you make more money.

Love this product, so simple and easy to use.

Simple time tracking that helps with budgeting your project.

44 OfficeMA Timesheet

OfficeMA Timesheet is a cloud based time tracking service. It offers a free plan in addition to iOS & Android timer apps and a Chrome extension. OfficeMA Timesheet goes beyond time tracking by generating powerful charts and reports from recorded hours, such as profit margins and user utilization. It also has a flexible billing structure.

45 Moon Invoice
46 GroupCamp Project Timelog App
47 LlamaLab Timesheet

If you got an Android device, Timesheet from LlamaLab is the one to use. No other time tracking app can match the feature set it got. Hourly rates, mileage, report customization to name a few.

Meaningful features nothing is missing, does everything right.

48 Schedusoft
49 VeriClock

Awesome program, easy to use.

50 Deskmeister

Great application for every business which is project focused. Time Tracking, Project Management and Invoicing. Simple and fast interface.

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