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1 Ms. Jackson

You are supposed to be voting for their best song you dumbass, not their second best song. I don't even know why you would do that?


Taylor swift doesn't give a damn if her ex's mom is upset. Andre does. That's the main reason I have 0 respect for Taylor Swift and 100% I do to Andre. He apologizes, Taylor Swift doesn't

Best song ever made in my opinion

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2 Hey Ya!

I love this song it is so epic, especially the video clip. I grew up with this song - roblist

The way they sing "hey ya" is so melodic. ya the video is good as the song. it's too good.

Lend Me Some Suga I Am Yo Neighbor

*Finds a Polaroid camera*
Me: God damn YES

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3 B.O.B

The best song of the decade!
By the way, Heya isn't an Outkast song. Its an Adre 3000 song.
It also predicted the future which is pretty unique too.

This is The Best song of All Time what is it doing here

An Eminem fan here. Have to admit this is one of the best genre blending song I've ever heard

I love it

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4 Da Art of Storytellin' (Pt. 1)

Come on now the verses flow so well I can see where k dot got some of his influence.

How is this not number one. This website gets everything wrong

The story behind the lyrics is insane.

The best or close tie with part two :) my opinion!

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5 Roses

Best song, last true great song with Dre' and Big Boi actually together. BB spits fire in his verse and 3000 is of course amazing

Funniest and still a great song


Listen to it every time I'm feeling down or if I have this kinda situation. A b*tch thinkin she's too good. Caroline!

6 Rosa Parks

This is a pretty good song with a mad beat from their most lyrical album. All their albums are good. The chorus for this song is catchy and it is pretty good, from outkast, a great group of rappers

The best chorus and the best beats, very catchy and is one of there best songs. You can still here the old school but is still very modern, of course this is the most underrated song of Outkast

I'm sorry... This not being in the top 5 is an outrage... Let alone the top 10!

My favorite song from my favorite album of theirs.

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7 ATLiens

Best song off of the 1996 classic. The chorus is just so simple but yet so genuis at the same time. Big Boi spits hot fire about saying how he's cooler than a polar bears toe nails and giving a shout out to his uncle in prison. 3 stacks does his Andre thing.

That beat was so out of this world.

Best Outkast song, sheer class

Best outlast song ever.

8 Elevators

Andre's last verse is considered by some to be the best of ALL TIME

"Me and You Yo mama and Yo Cuzin too... Rollin down the strip"

Chilled out, smooth, perfect demonstrates 3k smooth tone. Really shows off his impressive flow

9 Aquemini

That André verse, just saying..

"Is every n**** with dreads for the cause? Is every n**** with gold for the fall? Naw. So don't get caught up in appearances. It's Outkast Aquemini, another black experience. "

Andrés verse

10 So Fresh, So Clean

The best song over all is So Fresh, So Clean. Big Boi takes over and Andre chimes in

Why isn't this number 1

Dayum! This track was so fresh AND so clean back in the day. Not their best, but its definitely up there.

A song so fresh, but not clean (it's explicit)... hahaa :-)

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11 The Whole World

This song has a poignant message and dope rapping from Andre3000, Big Boi, and Killer Mike

I love this song this my old skool jam ok so I enjoy this group of handsome men

12 Gasoline Dreams

Are you serious? It's not number one! That an absolute outrage! I'm so upset

I totally agree with the other two comments this song is epic

This tune is dope. Much better than elevators. What muppets are voting for that nonsense?!?!


13 Return of the "G" V 2 Comments
14 The Way You Move

Love this song! The chorus is one of the best!

15 Skew It On the Bar-B

Definitely my favourite off of Aquemini. Raekwon and Andre is a crazy combo.

I think skew it on the Bar-B should be in the top 3. There's some fast rappin and it's not dumb stuff like up in the club, my hoes etc. BOB is a great song to dance to and the lyrics are meaningful.

16 Last Call
17 Prototype
18 Jazzy Belle

A track with real heart and meaning. One of their most underrated songs.

19 Two Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac)

How is this not number 1 on the list? I'm so upset.

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20 Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
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