Best song ever by anyone. Not up for debate.

Since Comfortably Numb is already in first by a decent amount I'm gonna go with the song that started the fantastic chain of great albums and music for Pink Floyd during the 70s. The transitions between all the parts of the song are spot-on and of course the production is perfect since it is a Pink Floyd song. Don't let its length frighten you because every moment of it keeps you interested. This is one of the most well developed songs I've ever heard, and also the powerful lyrics. Everything blends together well in this song. One of the best on Pink Floyd's massive catalog. - Xedron

This is quite possibly the greatest piece of to ever have been recorded. Extremely well thought out, amazing guitar solos, catchy riffs, thought provoking lyrics, tremendous tone and countless other positive adjectives are to be said about this masterpiece. Plus it syncs up perfectly with the ending of 2001 a Space Odyssey, one of the most innovative films to date, directed by the magnificent Stanley Kubrick. There is really no way of putting in to words how much I love this song, it is often overlooked by casual music listeners due to its length but which is really too bad. Plus it goes great with Psychedelics.

Pink Floyd is the best band in the world, no doubt! It is extremely difficult though to call the very best song by Floyd. I myself am somewhere in between Echoes and Comfortably Numb. Both songs are incredibly powerful and absolutely breath taking! Comfortably Numb is probably the obvious choice for a lot of people, because Echoes can be hard to accept as it is not all harmony, but that is excactly what makes it so fantastic. It is a song that consists of all of the most powerful aspects of music and that makes it a complete masterpiece!

I believe that the best version is from Live at Pompeii. If you have only heard it on Meddle (which is also amazing! ) you are in for at treat!

What they just said. Pink Floyd was my first true love, not the Beatles, Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, the Kinks (yeah, I said the Kinks. If you haven't heard their early stuff your missing out on a very underrated band). Echoes wasn't always my favorite Pink Floyd song but as I'm re-listening to them now more than 30 years later, I have to agree this is their best song. I would put Comfortably Numb no. 2 and Time no. 3. I think those are amongst the best of Gilmore's solos. His guitar work on Echoes is beautiful too.

It is the greatest Floyd's song... First: It was composed in 1971, so, this song was original, and too important for the prog. Rock n' roll... Second: It is one of the greatest bass performances ever, has one of the greatest solos ever, and has on of the greatest introduction ever, simulating drops of water falling... Lastly, this song has one of the greatest lyrics ever! (sorry, my English is horrible - I am Brazilian, but I think it's understandable)

It has every element of a great Pink Floyd song: Gilmour's understated vocals and guitar, Waters's philosophical and timeless lyrics, a funky and psychedelic instrumental break, trippy sound effects, and a final verse before a fade-out ending. This song was the defining moment when they really came into their own and created their first true masterpiece. Nothing like it exists and nothing ever will

If nothing else, the imagery that this song creates is enough to put it among the top. Add in Rick's somber piano and David's incredibly underrated bone-chilling solo at around the 5-minute mark which I believe rivals that of "Time", and this becomes a masterpiece. To top it all off, in addition to Meddle's version, Pompeii's and Gdansk's are both incredible as well. Highly recommend giving each of them a listen.

Echoes may well be the best song ever made. It is the perfect prog rock song, easily on of the deepest and most meaningful songs by Pink Floyd ever and one of the most well made songs ever - every instrument is playing it's own separate part. It takes a number of listens to really take in just how much depth this song has. A genuine, genuine masterpiece.

How is this even a question? Should be number 1 with Shine On and Wish You Were Here as close 2nd and 3rd resp. Comfortably Numb is great and all but it represents part of "commercial-floyd" not "classic floyd". Pink Floyd were all about breaking the rules of what most record companies wanted. They weren't about the singles, they were all about the sheer expression of their music.

My top 10: Echoes, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wish You Were Here, Us and Them, Comfortably Numb, Wot's.. Uh The Deal, High Hopes, One of These Days, Run Like Hell, The Great Gig in the Sky.

Echoes completed the transition from Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd to Roger Water's Pink Floyd. The use of instruments in unconventional ways, the beautifully haunting chord progressions, the philosophical lyrics; you can hear Dark Side, Wish You Were Here and everything after in this song.

This song gets overlooked way too often considering most fans of Pink Floyd won't look back any further than Dark Side to listen to their music. Echoes, and the whole Meddle album for that matter, was the best release they put out before their extreme rise in popularity, and will always be one of my favorite songs.

While Shine on you Crazy Diamond is a great song, I prefer Echoes because it is more interesting of a song, and is probably one of the most relaxing songs you can listen to. It may seem boring at first, but if you are willing to spend 23 1/2 minutes listening very closely to this song, you will then realize how great this song really is.

23 minutes of pure awesome sound that is impossible to dislike. I hate the fact that I was born the year that they broke up; I would have seen them in concert just for this song in particular. An awesome group that should never have broken up, and an awesome song that should never have come off the charts.

This might be the greatest song of all time. It's incredible to put together so much good material into one song, and there really is no bad part. I can't get through any day without listening to this song at least once.

The most atmospheric song ever in my opinion. It just makes you feel like you're in another dimension. The main riff is so damn awesome, the lyrics are great and the middle section is just absolutely crazy. Untouchable song!

The pinnacle of Pink Floyd in my opinion, the verses are so peaceful and hopeful while the center is a mess of experimental terror, after this mid section it returns back to the verse and finishes in the best way possible.

Wins my vote just over Wish You Were Here, simply because this is real Prog Rock Floyd, Alien Noise is incredible, I am 16 so missed out on growing up through the best years, GOD I WAS I WAS 55 RIGHT NOW! Still saw Aussie Pink Floyd which was incredible. - DeadAsian

I really don't need to say much. This is THE Pink Floyd song. It defines everything they did at the time. Truly a rock epic. as said before without this, where would Pink Floyd be in their career. This is what started it all.

In my opinion, Echoes is the best Pink Floyd song ever. Some people think that Echoes is boring, because it has 23 minutes, but in my opinion is very good to listen it. It has awesome effects, hypnotic effects and psychedelic. The Best song ever!

I used to despise Echoes, because it was at the end of the album and by that point I was to tired to deal with a 23 minute long song. However; after hearing it again without the rest of the album, I love it. Truly the most epic and hypnotic songs ever composed.

Definitely the greatest Floyd Song. I love how it's so experimental. Despite the song being 20 minutes, I never get tired of it. Especially at three minutes in when the chorus just bursts right in. - Beatlesboy9

I bet if you listen and catch the song's soul, you can't stop listening this song. This Epic, Legend, Exceptional song makes same effect with LSD. In 23 minutes you will go another worlds and universes. Highly Recommended!

Meddle and Animals are my two fav PF albums. Echoes and Dogs are my two fave PF songs. But I like Echoes and Meddle just a little bit better.

Best 23 minutes in my life. This song carries a lot of emotions and we see the psychedelic soul. Wright and Gilmour's voice is perfect and while you listening you going another world.