High Hopes


David Gilmour's best lyrics and most face-ripping solo. Beautifully melancholic, chilled out and flowing, yet still has intensity and a subtle drive to it. Only reason they quit after this song is cause they new they couldn't come up with anything better, and its the perfect end to the pink floyd story with the lyrics documenting their journey, as well as other peoples through life

Are you kidding me? The second guitar solo moves me to tears every single time. It is so mystically sublime it makes me float. The raw emotion poured into this song incredible. No, this song isn't top five material, because even second place would not do justice to it. Hands down, the best Pink Floyd song I have heard and quite possibly the best song I have ever heard.

Truly speaking, as all my other friends here have already said, to vote for a single Floyd song ahead of others is not possible. But still, I am voting for this song because of the breathtaking solo, beautiful lyrics, great voice of Gilmour as usual and most importantly this song certainly deserves to be in the top 2 or 3. One of the best psychedelic songs ever made in history..

This should be the 1st best song of Pink Floyd although last song, in the album The Division Bell. It's lyrics are written in a biographical angle of Gilmour. It evokes hugh sentiments of the childhood memories. I was dumbstruck when I first heard it

The solo is something you can't describe with words. It's not just beyond realistic possibilities, it's beyond every imagination. I honestly doubt that these guys are from Earth; there's no other explanation for such massive talent. Dave poured the last drop of his soul into those notes.

Damn beautiful. The final song off Pink Floyd's final album, what a show stopper and a great sendoff! Such meaningful lyrics; this really deserves to be higher up the list, it nearly brings me to tears every time :')

Second or third, behind Numb, which is maybe GOAT (stairway to heaven and bohemian rhapsody), get chills whenever I hear any of this. Floyd as a band: deep meanings, existentialism, individualism, conformity and more all thrown in with the best lyrics and best music of any band.

It is a great song and has the ability to make a place within the top 5. The acoustic solo and the lap-steel outro by David Gilmour is just breathtaking. It also signifies the evolution of this great band and its death. It's also the last song by Pink Floyd.

This overall is one of the greatest songs by Pink Floyd even though it was after Roger Waters left. He was immensely talented but David Gilmore proved he had the ability to create great music when he made the Division Bell and had this song wrap it all up. Simply beautiful.

This I think is the best pink floyd song
When I listen to it with my eyes closed
It takes me back to my supposed childhood
Watching the sea from the top of the hill
I feel the wind blowing and the innocent happiness
That has been taken place by my sad thoughts of present

What an amazing song, amazing lyrics, so atmospheric, can take you to a whole other world by listening to it, amazing guitar solo in the end, all I can say that I should be on the top 5 with coming back to life, comfortably numb, and Marooned should be there as well

See Emily Play is a great song, but it is crap compared to Wish You Were Here, which is crap compared to Comfortably Numb, which is crap compared to Shine on you Crazy Diamond, which is crap compared to High Hopes. That is how good it is.

One of my favorite songs of all time right next to Comfortably Numb. The solo is beautiful and sends chills all the way down my spine. One of the best guitar solos I have ever heard. The Division Bell is also one of my favorite Floyd albums.

The 1st time I heard the solo I went into a deep trance like mode. Goosebumps on one entire side, tears in my eyes, a beautiful feel in my head at 2 in the morning! I can never get enough of the song or the solo.

The line "forever and ever" and then it kicks in to the soaring solo... If that doesn't get you, then you aren't human.

How can this song not be in top 3? It is madness. Remember the bell toll...the nostalgic lyrics, the video, ONE OF THE BEST LEAD ever and...the end with bell toll. The grass was greener, the light was brighter...(bell)

Few bands have ever had a fitting, brilliant first and final song, respectively. Arnold Layne was a brilliant first. High Hopes, is a fantastic finale.

The song is simply sublime! Pink Floyd at their absolute best! It sends you to a different level altogether. Can listen to this all throughout the day.

EPIC, just EPIC. Makes me look at life much more appreciated. When Rogers said that Pink Floyd had been creatively spent by 85, he was dead wrong. This song is beautiful.

First heard it as cover by nightwish, the voice of Marco Hietala can transmit great emotions to the song, but nothing compares to the original... It just gives me chills every time I hear it

This is overlooked because it wasn't in the Roger Waters era, but it proves that David Gilmour is as good as Roger Waters. Very chilled out song with an amazing slide guitar solo at the end

I love this tune so much, ever since I first heard it when I was 14, when it came out in 1994! Love all their songs, but this is a top favorite! Love 'On the run' and 'Us and them' too! :-)

The song that made me fall in love with this band, which, by the way, is the bast of all times. That solo in the middle, and the ending lyrics are breathtaking.

In my opinion, the solo at the end of this song is one of the best moment in all-time music. Not even better than the Comfortably Numb one, but one of the most epic ever.

This song should be in the top 3... As the song is truly a masterpiece... The song contains a mind-blowing and high philosophical lyrics, with an awesome combinations of instruments used... The song ends with the best slide guitar solo, which is truly amazing... Miss u Pink Floyd and miss this type of songs nowadays...