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161 Rayman Legends

An amazing game that will never leave you bored. Rayman legends is a short, addicting game that you will enjoy from start to end. Not to mention how fun it is to play kung foot with your friends. The challenges are fun, the graphics are good, what's not to love about this game. It should at least be in the top 15. 9.5/10

I love how it is easy and addicting, I will highly recommend this. It should be #1 - KriCket33554

Rayman legends is so fun from start to end! I recommend you to play this game! Right now I am at the chapter " teensies in trouble! " Because I got the game yesterday! - Lisagranting123

162 War Thunder

Worlds best game there's tanks, planes, ships and its free!

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163 Warframe
164 UFC

I love this game! It should be in the top ten!

A big right hand!

165 Murdered: Soul Suspect
166 Deep Down
167 Daylight
168 TowerFall Ascension
169 Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition
170 Basement Crawl
171 Putty Squad
172 Contrast
173 Super Motherload
174 Doki-Doki Universe

WHY DON'T PEOPLE like this game it has a quiz party in the game who wouldn't want that?!?!?!? :D

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175 DC Universe Online
176 SteamWorld Dig
177 Skylanders: Trap Team
178 Entwined

2nd worst game ever

179 Bloodborne

Wow Bloodborne is so underrated it should be in the top

It's a good game I mean good mysterious story and lore cool weapons hard but fun whats not to like

The sense of satisfaction after defeating a boss is awesome

I don't really got the opinions here, like what, Bloodborne is the best exclusivity for PS4 right now.

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180 Let It Die
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