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1 Cut

This song is really brilliant... Its lyrics are superb... A true masterpiece

Forget "Concrete Angel" by Martina McBride, this song is totally a tearjerker.

So. Much. Beauty. Yet, so. Much. Tragedy.

This was the first song I heard by Plumb...and I love it! It's really great

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2 Need You Now (How Many Times)

Truly a wonderful song

Great song by her - paasadani

3 Bittersweet

For me it's the best Plumb song. So emotional

4 In My Arms

Best plumb song ever, this is my first favorite song plumb

This was the first song I heard that made me fall in love with Plumb

5 One Drop
6 Don't Deserve You

Seriously 18? This is the beat song by them.. better than cut.. vote for it guys..

7 Lord I'm Ready Now
8 Hang On
9 Real Life Fairytale

It's the truly love song.
"We have a love people dream about"
Such a beautiful lyrics

10 Beautiful History

This song has so beautiful melody

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11 Better
12 Me
13 Good Behaviour
14 I Have Nothing
15 God-Shaped Hole
16 Drifting
17 Cage
18 Children of the Heavenly Father
19 Blush (Only You)
20 I Can't Do This
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1. Need You Now (How Many Times)
2. Cut
3. In My Arms



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