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1 Dragon

Dragon types are so darn powerful in fact the only type that resists it is steel but if you have a move that takes care of them you're practically unstoppable also they have some kick ass moves like Outrage, Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Dragon Tail, and even Roar Of Time! Also the designs are awesome. Salamence, Dragonite, Flygon, Garchomp, Kingdra, Hydreigon, Rayquaza, Dialga, Giratina, Haxorus, Palkia, Zekrom, Kyurem, THEY'RE SO COOL!

Steel fairy and ice, not sure about steel but I'm sure fairy and ice are - SoaPuffball

Dragon type Pokémon are extremely versatile and even good defensively. It resists the most common attack types, such as Water, Fire, Grass, and Electric, and is only weak to the rarer types, such as Dragon (not many Pokémon can learn Dragon type attacks), Fairy (not many Pokémon can wield Fairy type attacks either), and Ice (many Pokémon that have difficulty beating Dragon types such as Grass, Electric, and Fire, usually can't use any Ice type moves and Hidden Power is too weak to do real damage anyways). Although countered by the Fairy type both offensively and defensively, Dragon types have the luxury of learning many different moves of many different types, such as Poison and Steel to eliminate these Fairy type Pokémon. Also, that doesn't mean Dragons are not the best simply because a Fairy type counters it. There are counters for everything, like Fire versus Water and Ground versus Electric, and neither aforementioned types are considered "weak" because of those weaknesses. ...more

Dragons are simply one of the coolest designs, and draconic-looking Pokemon are typically popular based off of their appearance. Dragons get great resistances, great move pools, far better than average stats, and fantastic match-ups. Fairy and Ice aren't exactly the most popular or powerful types with generally weak defenses and speed, and any good dragon can easily be prepared to deal with them along with Steel types. It's hard not to say dragons are the best, as they are just generally popular Pokemon. They also have a unusually large pool of legendaries as evidence of their ties with legends around the world. Anyone can look at a line up of all types of strong Pokemon and I guarantee they will pick the dragon 1 out 6 times just because dragons resonate with all types of cultures around the world as a symbol of power. Heck, I wish they would do a trio of elemental dragons as starters just so you can always have one throughout the game.


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2 Water

Water is the best because some of them are fast, power and versatile and some are also good walls. They can just use ice attacks to kill dragons and grass. Some can also learn earthquake to sweep electric pokemon. One more thing, it really has few weakness which can be easily countered. So this type is the best. Some of my favorites are Starmie, Milotic, Gyarados, Kingdra, Kyogre,... I really love all of them.

Water type Pokemon are some of the best both in and out of battle. Defensively, they are weak to only Grass and Electric type Pokemon, of which Grass can be easily countered by the Ice type moves almost all water Pokemon can learn, leaving the only real threat to be Electric type. Offensively, Water type moves aren't spectacular, but, as mentioned above, Water type Pokemon can pretty much all learn ice type moves, making it powerful against 7 types with just those two compared to its 2 defensive weaknesses.

Out of battle, Water type Pokemon only really compete with Flying types for the most useful HM. They win the gold for design as well. In my opinion, Water type Pokemon have the most sleek designs. I'm hard-pressed to come up with an ugly Water Pokemon other than Luvdisc and Tentacool (there are others that aren't great, but they aren't as bad as many Pokemon are).

Best of all, the Water type gets to claim the real god of all Pokemon. Magikarp.

Unlike Dragon types, they are accessible throughout the adventures. Water-types are dependably tough, rarely frail or underpowered, and nearly all of them can learn Surf, the best HM for use in battle and on the field. The Water-type starters can always learn an Ice-type move or two to cover their Grass-type weakness (they can also wreck Dragons! ), and those with dual types can also often overcome one of their weaknesses.

They are best

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3 Psychic

Psychic Pokemon have huge special attack stats and also very high speed stats. They can just rip apart your team; always be wary for Alakazam, Reuniclus, and Sigilyph!

Before it's nerf, it use to dominate the 1st generation of Pokemon.

Psychic used to be over powered but now it's weak to one of the easiest types to find ( bug ) and is weak to dark and ghost on top of it. It is still useful but not that good unless u have a ghost and or fighting move to beat its weaknesses


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4 Ghost

Personally, I just love Ghost types, and I think they're horribly underrated. They make up the smallest type with only 34 Pokemon (one less than Fairy, the newest), but I like that about them - when you're using a Ghost type, people rarely know what to expect because with the exception of Gengar they're hardly ever seen. Plus, they're not affected by Fighting or Normal types and many have Levitate, granting them immunity to Ground too. Their designs are interesting and original, their applications in battle unpredictable and unique, and overall they just deserve so much more recognition.

Also, Drifloon and Phantump are adorable :3

In my opinion, Ghost types should be number #1. They are literally 3 types. (In Pokémon. ) The 3 types are Ghost; for one, Psychic; Without Ghost, Psychic wouldn't even exist. It is also a variation of Ghost-Types. Plus, it is a variation of Ghost... Psychic is the work of demons and spirits! (Ghost. ) And finally, Dark... All the Ghost must've had a Dark reputation and Ghost are evil... And also, Ghost is another variation...

Are you serious? This should be number 1. Even if it's only effective and weak against 2 types, it's resistant to Fighting and Normal. Ghosts are so good, not even Close Combat, a powerful Fighting move, Self Destruct, or even Explosion can harm it. Only weak to dark and itself, and they get cover-ups like Brick Break to help them deal with Dark pokes. They also have Levitate (Well, most) which makes them resistant to THREE types. And why is Dragon, Water, and Psychic above this? Dragon is only effective against 1 type, and vulnerable to three that being Ice, Fairy and itself. Water is ok I guess, good against 3 types and vulnerable to 2, but not resistant to anything like Ghost, and Psychic is just... bad. Good against 2 types but vulnerable to 3.

Ghost type Pokemon can be very strong (eg gengar) with some great moves like shadow ball and night shade. Many ghost types such as chandelure, jellicent and spiritomb are dual types so they can be used in lots of different scenarios. Ghost types can also learn powerful dark and psychic moves, for example, psychic and dark pulse which gives them a wide range of attacks. In a battle, they can also inflict you with all sorts of annoying status conditions and clever moves such as hypnosis and my favourite- destiny bond. With tricks, power and good type coverage, a well trained ghost type Pokemon is hard to beat!

I think they wreck psychic types and they have marshadow and Hoopa that wreck all pokemon with there strong stats

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5 Fire

Why is this down here?! Fire types are all around good pokemon charizard is great with speed and special attack it defense and special defense is balanced and magmar and infernape are pretty awesome to rapidash is one of the fastest pokemon I sweeped the elite four nuzlocke and all fire types

... What why would a very destructive type be down here fire types are very tough having an above average Sp. Atk and speed it could destroy its opponent before it could even attack and even though its weak against water types and you don't want a two turn grass type move with breeding you could soon get a fire type with a water/grass type hidden power and beat any water type it comes across

Fire types are simply the best. Just because dragons are stupidly overrated doesn't mean they're strongest Pokemon type. Besides most fire type Pokemon designs are amazing and there is a heap of amazing Pokemon including: charizard, arcanine, ninetales, houndoom, magmortar, blaziken, infernape, volcarona and so much more. There are an enormous number of fire type moves ranging from the physical to the special, with half of its move with a minimum base power of 100. Some include: blaze kick, blast burn, overheat, inferno, fire blast, flamethrower, eruption and flare blitz. This type is simply the best!

I love fire - legendary

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6 Steel

Steel type pokemons firstly have resistance to 11 type; secondly if they are dual typed they can have more than even 11 resistances, also can eliminate one of those weaknesses this way. These pokemons even if are pure or dual typed are the only one to resist dragon types besides that confirmed fairy type in gen 6, so are very good to have on your team when facing your opponents dragon pokemons. Having steel types you can have the most defensive pokemons of all and even resist dragon moves, so they are the best. These are great tanks also.

Steel type pokemon. Completely. Awesome. They are defensive monsters that can take down anything. My personal favorites are Aggron and Steelix. Opponent sends out a normal, bug, or rock type. Aggron takes it down without a problem. Same with Steelix. Aggron has 3 resistances that are super not very effective. Completely Awesome!

I don't know how this isn't higher up. Steel is absolutely phenomenal. It can tank so much damage and its only real threat is fire. Ground and Fighting attacks are usually physical, but they can never 1HKO the best Steel types because of their insane defensive power. Leaving Fire attacks as the most reliable option but it better not be a Fire type Pokemon because most Steel types can also learn Earthquake/Stone Edge/Ancient Power, and 1HKO just about every Fire type out there if they're able to withstand the first attack. Played this game since gen 3 and Steel is the only type so far that hasn't let me down (Dragons and Psychics were on this list too, but then Fairy type got introduced and by now it's way too easy to manipulate typical Psychic types)

Steel types have absolute defense but that does not mean they have no speed.Speed is the most important thing to me for a pokemon.lucario metagross and maybe aggron and skarmory are my favourites.I am a bit tired of the legenderys.Diagla is the leader of time, WHAT.They are so OP.I don't like legendarys in any "strongest ' list.They uselessly take up all the space.

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7 Electric

Electric is simply one of the coolest if not the coolest type available. First off: They are SO fast. Electrode is one of the fastest Pokemon in existence behind only Ninjask and Deoxys. Jolteon follows suit at the base 130 mark, rivaling other speedy 'mons like Mewtwo and Crobat. The ones that aren't fast have their own merits still, such as the Magnemite family, my personal favorite of the electric types. Speed isn't Magnezone's strong suit, but it is the most resistant Pokemon of all with eleven resistances and one immunity. One of its weaknesses can even be turned into an immunity with Magnet Rise. In addition, it packs a hefty Special Attack, an amazing ability in Magnet Pull, and a delightful movepool.

While Grass and Dragon resist Electric moves, most electric types have ways around that. Then there's ground types, which is the real type that will actually give Electric types a hard time. Even then, Electric types have their way around that issue. Take Magneton, ...more

Electric is the best purely because of its very few weaknesses (ground) and it does at least normal damage to most Pokemon excluding Grass (Nobody like grass) some Dragon (Most dragon types are also flying of water types so normal) and of coarse ground. Also many electric types have a high speed and/or special attack meaning they can strike hard and fast. Also there is the nostalgia Pikachu is Pokemon's mascot and is of the electric type. This is why Electric types rule the roost.

This is a wonderful type because it has 2 uncommon weaknesses to Grass and Ground-types. You just can't resist Pachirisu, Shinx or Chinchou. When also a Water or Steel-type this is unstoppable! It is one of the five lucky types to not have a weakness of Steel along with Water, Ground, Fighting, or Fire. It has wonderful moves like Thunder Fang, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Punch, Thundershock, Spark or SolarBeam. It has strong Pokemon like Lanturn, Electivire, Luxray, Elektross, or Rotom. This type is brilliant and miraculous!

Think about it an electric type has only one weekess begin ground so a Pokemon with electric typing and levitation ability would have no weekness also electric type is one of the fastest typing of Pokemon out there

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8 Dark

Dark types have amazing defense, speed, and the immunity to Psychic is truly valuable. Moves such as Nasty Plot bring up special attack, while Foul Play undermines the opponent who raised their attack stats. Umbreon, when introduced in Crystal was one of the strongest Pokemon in the game.

If you ever fought a mega alakazam you better hope you have a dark type or you are more likely than not to get wrecked. but I wonder if the no dark type gyms is intentional, or just a big accident. but I think it is intentional because, in gen 2 when it and steel was released steel got a gym, and in the new gen 6 fairy got a gym. so I wonder why there has not been one yet.

Darkrai is my partner, and it has NEVER failed to win me a battle. Since I got it I have only used dark types and I am currently undefeated. Dark types may have weaknesses, but they can be overcome.

Dark types are The BEST because If I waas in randomizer darkrai qoud be the best if u soft reset and I comes with nasty pldot and dark pulse

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9 Fighting

Fighting although isn't my favorite type but is the strongest shouldn't be down here at number ten! It only has one type that it has no effect on and that's ghost, a very rare type that you'll barely even see! Also, it has AMAZING moves such as Focus Punch, Hi Jump Kick, Superpower, Close Combat, Focus Blast, Cross Chop, Hammer Arm, Jump Kick, Brick Break, etc. Fighting is obviously the strongest move type with Water and Dragon as runner - up.

Fighting type pokemon are stong aginst five different pokemon types, more than any other type. Also, they are very useful if they have a dual type.

Actually, ground type also has 5 super effective type combos, and have many less types that are super effective against it. Ground is super-effective against the following: Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, and Steel, and not very effective against only bug and grass, 2 of the rarer Pokemon types. The fighting type, although with 5 super-effective attacking types, also has 5 types they are not very effective against: Poison, Flying, Psychic, Bug, and Fairy. - EvanCherp

By itself, it's kinda great, being super-effective against 5 kinda common types, and having 3 great resistances. Although it hits awfully 5 other types and doesn't even hit the Ghost one, they have a niche: most of fighting types can be covered by powerful Rock and Dark-type moves, such as Rock Slide and Sucker Punch / Knock Off, then, it hits super-effectively Bug, Psychic, Flying and Ghost types. My favorite type, by far.

To be honest, I'd say fighting type should be one of the strongest one, at least above number 5. Fighting type have a lot of advantage against many other types. It is also effective against the one and only normal type. If the fighting type pokemon is paired up with other types, it can be super powerful. That is why fighting type pokemon is my favorite.

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10 Ice

The ice type is full of cool pokemon that can also be pretty powerful. Lapras, Abamasnow, Glalie, etc all are pretty good. But more importantly I feel that the designs are very casual yet beautiful such as Froslass and Glaceon. If only there weren't any silly ice cream pokemon.

Definitely one of my favorite types, although the Pokemon doesn't offer a lot, competitively.

Weak to fire, weak to fighting, weak to steel, weak to rock (which means stealth rock). Ice types basically die to anything, unless you're an Avalugg or Snow Cloaked. Its signature weather: Hail, is also rarely used, since it almost exclucively only benefits ice-type mons and ice type moves (only Blizzard and Weather Ball, I think). Freeze-dry is a nice addition by gamefreak, as only ice Pokemon can learn it. Coupled with a water attack, it can hit any Pokemon for neutral-effective (for the regular water/ice combo is only resisted by water types).

While poor defensively, in term of offense, ice type is EVERYWHERE. Even if it's just a Hidden Power Ice, it's always nice to have an ice type move up your sleeve, just because of the coverage it has.

The ice type dudes are all pretty chill, and I personally think they have really cool designs... besides that Delibird guy... and... y'know... the ice cream dudes... yeah. But mostly they look awesome. That said, Ice isn't the best type to use in battle. But the dudes can get by if you're good enough. Some of my favourite Ice types are Walrein, Abomasnow, Froslass, Lapras, and even though Aurorus has a bad typing and does pretty poorly in battle, it's design is simply the best out there. To me, anyway. But yeah, I'd like to see Ice types get a buff in Gen 7, because right now, Ice types' weaknesses can be easily exploited, and they're pretty fragile Pokemon. Game Freak needs to buff Ice types already, and give them a better use than just sitting there looking cool.


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11 Fairy

Fairy is only beaten by poison and steel types, which are fairly uncommon. They are also supereffective against dragon types, the most powerful in the game. Fairy types additionally are good against fighting types, and they can do double damage if they are a fairy/psychic dual type, which is the most common out of all of the fairy dual types. Subjectively, I love fairy types and I am always sure to make my Pokemon have some fairy moves. Even though their 1st evolution/baby forms are usually weak and don't have good moves, through training they can become massively killer.

Fairy may be one of the best competitive types for Gen 6. Poison and steel types aren't ultra common, and Fairy can destroy one of the most used types: Dragon. Plus, Fairy types usually have extremely high special attack making them a force to be reckoned with.

Having resistances to Fighting, Dark, and Bug, while completely immune to Dragon altogether. Super effective against Dragon, Fighting, and Dark, and only weak to Steel and Poison, the two most uncommon attacking types in the game, Fairy type Pokemon are nothing to sneeze at. Especially if they are a dual-type Pokemon.

Gardivor is 1 of the strongest fairy and the other type I don't know but fairy need to go on top

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12 Flying

Aside from my personal preference, what I like about this type is that it can do massive damage to types which are common in the franchise (Grass, Bug, and Fighting). However, even though the Flying-type has weaknesses to Rock, Electric, and Ice types, this can be remedied by Flying-type Poke'MoN being "dual-typed" with other types (such as Ground/Flying - that is Gliscor and Steel/Flying - that is Skarmory). Flying type moves also cover a wide array of effects in battle (Sky Attack, Fly, Air Cutter, Tailwind, Roost, etc. ). Also, the relative difficulty of being a "master" in the use of Flying-Types can really be thrilling.

Personally I just use flying types for fly, but if you get the starting flying for each gen you should be good, I think the downfall of flying types is that the stronger ones are all dual type. so the flying type only gets half the glory

Flying is just awesome. And check the speed stats of flying type Pokemon -- most of them are pretty high. - CycloneFang

Why is this down here - legendary

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13 Grass

Grass types are my favourite, lots if them have brilliant defense and are very strong. They can learn synthesis and solar beam, plus they are calm and cute. I have always chosen my starters as grass types, apart from pearl and I always have a grass type on my team. My favourite grass types are Leafeon and Bulbasaur. Plus people think Swampert is amazing, but a grass type can take it down with one hit!

I disagree because grass has five weaknesses making them not ready for any attack - StormIllusion

Grass Types have always been my favorite type, especially Bulbasaur. I feel like Grass is a good defensive type, and virtually the best type for healing itself. Moves like Giga Drain and Leech Seed make it a powerful Pokemon. That is also why, when you pair Grass with another type, that Pokemon is always strong. The fact that it resists water and Electric, considered some of the best types, along with the fact that it can heal itself on a moments notice while doing a good deal of damage. This makes Grass one of my definite favorites.

They don't need too be healed (as much) with moves such as Giga Drain Drain, Leech Seed and Ingrain. Also they are amazing for catching Pokemon with sleep spore. They are also wonderful support Pokemon seeing as they can put a Pokemon too sleep then switch out too your more powerful Pokemon. I have never had a team with out a grass type. My personal favorites are Gardevoir and Roserade.

I myself am a Grass Trainer- the best one there is, thanks to this wonderfully powerful, quick, and defensive type. I love Cherrim, but Chikorita's my partner. I have to say that you inept people who think that Grass types are weak, let me say this.
Take a Razor Leaf to the face, doesn't that feel bad?

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14 Ground

I loved Ground type Pokemon. I didn't mind until Sinnoh when I was inspired by Bertha and I love Rhyperior due to his AWESOMENESS! I also collected all 5 of the Rising Rivals SP Bertha's Platinum team and won a card tournament against all my friends 2-3 years ago (making us 13-14) so long story short Ground types are offensive with a fair bit of defense as well making them the best.

The only type to be used specifically by a villainous team leader. The only other gym leader to use it? Clay the sheriff of Unova and his Nuzlocke killing Excadrill. Bertha of the elite four and her team, and... That's about it. But you'll be hard pressed to find a person who hasn't used a Ground type ever. Ground seems to be that perfect type that you can add to something and instantly make it competitive. With STAB Earthquake which is let's face it the best move in the games, And of course some pretty awesome Pokémon. We all know the type and we all fear any Pokemon that can learn Earthquake. But hey Fourteen out of Twenty isn't really that bad.

It can pile drive fire, electric, steel, poison, and rock. It is also immune to electric attacks. And there are a high amount of cool ground Pokemon. Flygon, Marowak, Gliscor, Groudon, Krookodile, Excadrill, and Golurk just to name a few

Why it is so down it should be in top 3

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15 Poison

This type is so under-rated but actually to me it is one of the best types. Poison should at least be in the top ten I could beat a dragon (no. 1 at the moment) Pokemon easily with a poison type, we need to bring back poison type its weakness is ground and psychic (their bad) and resistance is grass fighting poison and bug and poison can beat all the good types. All the unpopular types are better than the popular types

You can beat any type with a pokemon as long as the type isn't super effect to it - germshep24

Defensively? Probably the best type ever. Offensively it may be the worst. If one uses confuse ray + bad poisoning + evasiveness moves = unstoppable

Poison is one of the best defensive types out there (second only to steel in my opinion) and although it isn't offensively the best it counters grass and the new fairy type pretty well plus it's neutral to a lot. Poison is by far my favorite type.

I always liked Poison types, but when it got buffed by the Fairy type in Gen 6, I was sold. It’s the second type of my favourite pokémon- Roserade and pokémon like Toxapex, Gengar, and Toxicroak are nothing to laugh at either. If you do, you’ll probably find your veins fully clotting faster than you can say “help me”.

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16 Normal

Normal is mostly a starting type, but if you have some other Pokemon to make them stronger go for it, I did, but if you really want a truly strong team, normal type is only good for really good trainers in late/post game. note this is all my opinion, and the results of my observations, they can get beaten real easy. and arceus is normal type but he created all Pokemon types, if I had my say he would be pure blooded?

Personally normal are worthless. They are only good if they are Pokemon like Kecleon, castform, or ditto. But they do have advantages. They do normal damage to all types except, steel, rock and ghost. Also normal types has the highest range of moves (apart from mew). I battled a normal type team and got wrecked. The team had moves like mega horn, thunderbolt, close combat, hydro pump, flare blitz and even EARTHQUAKE. Take this into consideration

Normal type I like the best as it contains the strongest and powerful Pokemon (the Pokemon god) with a base stat of 720 who is arceus who learns each and every moves. Also it contains the strongest non legendary Pokemon with a base stats of 670 and that is slaking and contains many other strong Pokemon like regigigas and snorlax.

I have played many pokemon games and I personally think normals should be on top they have 1 weakness and I always make sure to get a tauros or persian on my team cause with all the good moves they can learn they become very useful

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17 Rock

Rock is the best!

I love Rock types
Who cares if they are slow.. They can take a hit better than an ice type!, so if you love rock types... VOTE FOR US

Rock is solid I don't know how water defeats it one shot but rock is still really cool!

Rock is the most awesome Pokemon type. My favourite pokemo s are Lunarock and solarock

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18 Bug

Although bug types were terrible in the first few generations, they came out as almost essential in gen 5 with their advantage over psychic, grass, and dark. DARK AND PSYCHIC WERE TWO OF THE ELITE 4! Bug types also have a great variety of powerful moves, such as X-Scissor and Bug Buzz. Some of the most interesting and powerful Pokemon are also bug type, like Scizor, Heracross, and Volcarona. I have never played a game without a bug type on my team, and never plan to.

Why is bug bad?! It has helped me through TONS of battles and in my opinion is better than the top 5 up there because I have beaten all the Johto gym leaders with them. Plus, it evolves at a low level giving them a cutting edge at battling and you get to see them look more epic and powerful. Maybe they are not as well in a cocoon form (medapod, kakuna) but its not my fault you never train them. In conclusion, I'm upset that it has been so underrated that it is in last place.

This should be at the top with dual typing of Scizzor only have 1 weakness and others like volcarona being able to counter fire they are more strategic than any other type in my group of friend we use mono teams with no legendary and I'm number 1 with only 1 loss and numerous wins. And if u wanna get into legendary the all favorited metro falls victim to genesect. Who by the way types out almost every single legendary due to being bug steel and the few fire legendary are victims to his type discs and overwhelming stats he don't need a mega as he stomps the primary of ORAS and mewtwo

The only reason I voted for this is because I needed to tell the whole world how much I HATE this type! I hate it the most in Pokemon : Gale of Darkness (Which is one of my favorite Pokemon Games by the way). Bug was never useful to me in that game! I don't really play many other Pokemon games though, so It might be good in other games! - TheMuslimMemer

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19 ???

To clear up this subject, I believe this was never a type, I think it was a misconception as? had a move, but I think the people at game freak just could not figure out what move type it should be before the release date of Pokemon pearl and diamond, but in platinum they could not just change it in that gen so that is why I think the move curse had the?. besides what would it be called? question mark question mark question mark? no if this was to become a type they would have had it something other than?. hope this cleared some things up

Too bad it retired, I believe it had so much potential, but right now the only thing defining its power are weather orbs? Or are they called something else

Too OP, Curse is the only? Move and it can do wonders.

Actually, the latest generations changed Curse to Ghost type. I think it was a? Move because it changed its effect depending of the Pokémon type. - FernandoLemon

Just a glitch - TealBoyxx

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20 Bird

The people that say this type isn't a type need to shut their mouth and look at gen 1's types, it's their

Doesn't exist but the bug of the "Missingno" Its type is Bird. - cassiabez

It is not a type. It is called flying so GET IT RIGHT

Missingno. is bird type so don't say it is not a type

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