Franklin D Roosevelt (32)

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, commonly known as FDR, was an American statesman and political leader who served as the President of the United States from 1933 to 1945. A Democrat, he won a record four presidential elections and dominated his party for many years as a central figure in world events during more.


He got us through the Great Depression and WWII, and yet George Bush (who got us IN a depression and a war) is still ahead of him. That just doesn't make sense.

He inspired hope into all Americans during the Depression. There is a reason he was elected four times. I only wished he had lived to see then end of World War 2. He took immediate action to fix America's problems with the New Deal. He remembered the "forgotten man" and positively influenced millions of Americans all from a wheel chair. His fireside chats kept Americans updated on the state of the Depression and made citizens feel that the government actually cared for them. Best President, followed closely by Abraham lincoln, and George Washington.

The greatest president this country has ever seen period. If you don't agree, perhaps you should do some research. This man was born into a wealthy family, but still put the people he served above everything else. Not to mention he battled with polio his entire presidency. He made sure that Americans had job during the Great Depression and did much (that both parties did not like) to ensure that the middle class was elevated and taken care of. Anybody who supports "working Americans" should pay their respects to this man.

Putting Reagan and Jefferson over Roosevelt is an outrage to American history. Roosevelt is considered by most presidential scholars to be in a league with Washington and Lincoln. He pioneered the new deal, preserved the nation during the great depression, and led the fight against Hitler in WWII. Reagan and Jefferson, while they were quite good presidents, they merely built slightly upon an already great nation.

He had the most successful domestic policy of any President ever. His incredible popularity (he kept winning the presidency until he, well... died) is unmatched by any past or present President. Everybody from both political sides respected him, and his policies were very successful and loved from the country. His only black eye was the internment camps, but the people during that time, who were terrified, mainly supported that decision as well. An overall incredible president who conquered all from a wheelchair that most Americans knew nothing about.

Led the nation through the second world war and the great depression. New deal was able to help millions with their economic situation. Rallied the nation against the Axis in the US and abroad. Created alliances in Russia and the United Kingdom. Used the war to boost the economy with people using their own money to donate to the military and lowered unemployment due to the rise of the military industrial complex which needed workers.

Roosevelt stopped the depression of the united states of america which no other president could ever do. Even though I am republican he (to me) is the best president. Abraham Lincoln was very good, but Roosevelt saved america from being tooken. Or even worst destroyed. Abraham did also give us freedom but he would of never gave us a home in a situation like that. The funny thing is that roosevelt is democrat when really he is kind of republican because he saved all of our money and got people jobs like a republican party. This is my opinion of the best president of the United States.

America without this man I personally think wouldn't be what we are now dealing with the worst financial crisis to ever hit America people wouldn't working or eating Two superpower nations trying to take over everything (Germany and Japan) and with the rest of world getting taken over this man handle his stuff without him I don't see America being a superpower like it is today Greatest human to ever walk on Gods earth.

FDR in my opinion is the best, sure his new deal policies were tough, but in any circumstances the country was failing. He knew WW2 was going to happen, Germany by that time had an substantial bigger army than what was agreed on the Paris Peace Conference. You have to take in consideration of all aspects, you can't be ignored by blind arrogance to determine the best. No one is literally the best, but there is something that you work for the best out of evil. He is one of the eight presidents to die in office. To know that death might be awaiting you, and you still struggle to put the country benefits in front of your health, requires an extraneous amount of courage and strength.

Led the nation out of the depression due to socialist ideals that adapted the economy to the hard times and stimulated jobs for the lower and middle class which stabilized the economy. A true American progressive in every sense of the word if we would implement his values today we might be able to get out of our recession. Food for thought but all in all the greatest president in American history with the greatest track record of all presidents and without him who knows where America would be today. Tied for Most impactful president With Abraham Lincoln but as it pertains to presidency all together FDR was the greatest.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was truly on of the greatest politicians America has seen. He did not give up on his country no matter the difficulty he faced. He continued to strive to save his fellow Americans. The Great Depression was one of the worst events to hit the United States and Roosevelt saved us from it. By passing laws to help control the importance of money, he brought America back onto his feet.

His track record as president was great and he effectively led the country through economic crisis and war. He should be ranked #2 behind Lincoln and above Reagan. The Reagan administration laid the groundwork for the inequality we are experiencing today and also by his arming of the Muslim rebels in Afghanistan.

Above every other president. He saved our butts. If it weren't for his leadership during the depression, we wouldn't have became the industrial hub of WWII, and the Axis Powers would have won. He saved the free world. He saved everything that the founding fathers made this country for.

Umm New Deal and Great Depression? He got the US out of their greatest economical crisis to this day! He was able to completely revive the US economy, and although some could say his methods of doing so were too involved and unconstitutional (maybe even communistic), it was necessary at the time, and I don't think anyone would be complaining on whether or not he is constitutional if he is giving you a job!

I've to recognise the limits of my knowledge about the American presidents. As far as I know Roosevelt was elected four times. He conducted the New Deal after the Black Tuesday great depression and led the United States during WWII. A great president who remained standing in spite of the poliomyelitis - Toshin

I'm from England and from what I have learned about presidents this guy was the greatest, he did so much to make the American economy better and created millions of jobs. He succeeded Herb Hoover who ruined America and Roosevelt did a brilliant job making America a good place

He got us threw the Great Depression which was one worst thinks that happened to America. We should really thank him for that. Yes Washington gave us freedom from England, but people die from it. And the same thing for Lincoln. While Franklin.D Roosevelt did what he had to do and no one got hurt.

Best president, but only slightly to Lincoln. He handled the Great Depression, cleaned up Hoover's crap, served more terms than anyone else, made the democratic party what it is today, and even broadcasted for the radio networks. He did this all from a wheelchair. Is there anything he can't do? Well, other than walk.

He revolutionized the way a country deals with a depression. The status quo before was you couldn't do anything, he changed that for the better. His New Deal didn't save the country, but if WWII hadn't happened, I'm pretty confident the New Deal could have fixed the problem eventually.

Some may not have agreed with his policies but think about this. He led this nation through the biggest stock market collapse and through the greatest conflict in human history, and we rose out of that to become the greatest nation in the world.

He pushed the limits as president. HE took control of the economy during the depression and expanded his executive power to bring our economy up. He created the New Deal. He wanted to help the people hurt during this time. He changed the entire path of our country.

Set an example, albeit an ignored one, on how to agressively tackle a recession as well as a war. A true leader, but also a true public servant

Probably the third best President we ever had following Washington and Lincoln. The challenges faced and conquered were greater than all but those 2 and the effect today of changes to our society based on his guidance has is greater than any of them.

FDR brought us out of the Great Depression and brought domestic policy such as the New Deal programs to repair the United States following the Great Depression. Being the only President to be elected to more than two terms (four to be exact) also speaks a lot. He overcame polio as well and showed to the American people that a physical disability shouldn't stop anyone from achieving their goals.

Got us through the worst economic disaster in American history and the biggest war humanity has ever seen. Also, had he been able to, the Second Bill of Rights could have been passed, which may have pushed the USA into a direction of social democracy.