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George Washington was the first President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.


Should be #1 not Lincoln. Held an army of volunteers not draftees (like Lincoln ordered) to help create the nation. Returned several times to help with the government despite not wanting to and did so with a good will and class. Did not seize power (seriously this is very rare) even though he easily could have. Forsaw and tried to warn about various political problems. Kept meticulous records about everything. One of the few founding fathers who freed his slaves after death (would have admittedly done so earlier, but at that time they were technically his wife's and he had a moral dilemma about them not actually being his.) Solved it creatively and very ethically for the time. (Can't remember but I think he even schooled them before setting them free, didn't just cut them loose with a "good luck", but I might be thinking of something else.)

He is the only president who never wanted to be in charge and that makes him the greatest. He's the leader who solely did it for the people and did what he thought was best for the people, not himself. Which included stepping down from the presidency, possibly the most important thing he did. He could've been president for his entire life, he could've held power and done whatever he wanted to the country the people loved him that much. However, he understood his responsibility, he actually acted accordingly with it and later when he realized his time was somebody stepped down. Amazing man who saved this nation.

For everyone saying that Washington was only good as a general, I would like to say that George Washington was a even better president. First off, he won the election in a landslide, he stopped the whiskey rebellion with a force of 14,000 troops, and no one died. The reason for that is that everyone respected him as a leader and the nation got started with him. There was no corruption because Washington was there and everyone respected him. He also opposed political parties, which have ruined much of American politics today (as today it is just a war of who can get most of their party in Congress). He also realized that he would have to leave at some point, which he did after 2 terms, by passing the POTUS seat of to John Adams. No doubt that Washington was a great leader and a great president.

He turned down 3 opportunities to become a king or dictator and believed in a nation with a limited federal government. He believed in a nation where the power rests with the people. His administration set an example that has enabled the United States to become the greatest, most prosperous and freest country ever on this planet. No one else has created a better government. If the citizens of this country continue to give up freedom for security to the federal government, they and their children will lose their freedom and eventually the security and they will deserve neither.

Yeah I guess he was great Lincoln was way way better though. But nowadays Americans are stupid jealous nosy and anyone that can do anything better than

Them is considered an enemy. When you say USA is the greatest I do not know what you are talking about. Their economy is crap and they just suck at a lot of things. USA sucks Canada is better. Their are more reasons to hate this country than love it. They think they are the only ones with freedom when Canada has freedom Belgium has freedom Japan has freedom Australia has freedom Germany has freedom so shut up Americans.

George Washington was a much better president that Abe Lincoln. Washington fought a war that was necessary for us to be a free country. Lincoln's war was not really necessary. If he had let the Confederate States stand, they would have wanted to rejoin the union within a short period of time. The North would have invited them back. Both the the North and the South needed each other. Slavery was not an issue in the war until 1863 when Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation which accomplished absolutely nothing. It only applied to the states over which Lincoln had no authority at the time. It didn't apply to the slaves in the states which were under his control. There were slaves in Pennsylvania, New York, Connetticut and is a few other states. The purpose as stated by Lincoln was to "preserve the Union". If did preserve the Union at the expense of several fortunes and over half a million lives.

The man who told us political parties would give this country problems and alliances would cause nothing but trouble. Looking at our status today, can you argue with the man. He was also born to be a leader and fought valiantly in arguably the greatest war in this country. He defined America and loved it more than possibly and other president because America was a child to him, not just a source of power.

I would put Washington first and Lincoln second. I cannot think of a revolutionary leader in history that didn't become a dictator. Washington turned down that power not once but three times. Many of his supporters wanted him to be a dictator and he rejected their overtures. After two terms he left the presidency. Thank God he was not a Lenin, Mao, Castro, Napoleon, Cromwell, Santa Anna and many others through out the world. He set the example for our country.

Without his leadership, sacrifice, strength, conviction, confidence, and ability to engender trust and loyalty - there would be no United States.

He could have let his ego vault himself into great power and riches of a new American dynasty, but instead, he demonstrated restraint, humidity and fidelity to the new constitution by relinquishing the reins of power to a democratically elected successor.

The only president who was flawless. Had only the best intentions, and ALL of his intentions were aimed for the best for the people. He wasnt in it for himself, but for the good of the people. No secret selfish goals or ulterior motives. Worked the hardest, thought things through before taking action on anything, didn't bash other leaders in the meantime. It was Washington who warned that political parties would be the downfall of the nation, and he was right, wasnt he? Look at us now, and where we are. With leaders having all the wrong ideas about leadership, and all the wrong reasons for assuming a leadership role. Every president should have the wisdom, morals and foresight that Washington had. By the way, why is George W. Bush so high up on this list? This is a joke, right?...

George Washington wasn't assassinated. And was president twice until he didn't want to be re-elected. The first president of the United States of America. Didn't do anything with slavery, and was different from Lincoln. The thing is... George Washington changed America in a way we see it today. If it wasn't for him... We have been going through trouble with each other. Plus because of how I see it, FIGHTS MAKE RIGHTS!

George Washington the father of this nation. If it wasn't for him, we simply would not be here and would never have gotten the experience to live in the best country in the world. It is because of strong and heroic men like him, that we live free today and he is a constant reminder of our democracy and the reason why our flag stands up strong and will continue to serve us forever and ever!

Few people in the history of the world have risked so much and won so much power only to give it all away. He could have been Napoleon or Caesar or Santa Ana or a million other dictators. Instead he gifted that power to you and me. It is impossible to compare him to any other Presidents. All list should begin with him and then you can talk about who is number one and two.

George Washington is the father of America he is well known and respected as a leader to our country if George Washington hadn't fought in the revolutionary war we would be ruled over British government and woul have to follow their policies so George Washington should be number 1 overall in this list I came upon this list while doing a project for school I am in 4th grade and I am 10 years old yes Abraham Lincoln did many stuff for our country but in all George Washington is number one

George Washington set the tone of our Republic for an elected president and not a king and nobility. He also set the model for a peaceful transition of power passed on to his successor. Something the country should remember now with President Trump as our new President.

George Washington has always been and will continue to be throughout the course of history the best thing to happen to the United States of America (whom without George Washington would not exist in the first place)

The man who turned down being King of America. Fought a civil war (revolutionary war) against his own country and government to free an entire people. Gave everything he had to the cause. There are many greats in American Presidents but you can't top Washington.

George Washington wasn't highly remembered for turning down the opportunity of becoming King of America. He turned it down. Who does that these days? No one! If that offer was granted to anyone else, America would be probably a hellish place once again.

The first! He followed rules and even though people wanted him as president for more years he didn't want to act like a king so he was president for only 8 years and this rule still stands today. Not to mention he was a general in the Revolutionary war and he won a lot of battles.

The father of his nation, a leader like no other, and survived for some time after receiving such a grievous wound! What a guy. We owe it all to George Washington--and we have let him down a number of times too many.

Washington was president when The Bill of Rights was ratified, he is the basic reason we are a free country. He was the general against Britain during the war to independence. Personally, I have to say Washington is my favorite president.

If it wasn't for George Washington we would have all been living in other places and America would probably be corrupt if it wasn't for George Washington! GEORGE WASHINGTON FOR THE WIN!

Always pursued the interest of his country, not partisan or personal interest. The decisions he made during the first eight years of our country's history, evaluated against the constraints he faced, were all or nearly all correct.

President Washington should always be considered number one. He invented the presidency, all that it is and all that it is not. He delivered our independence against all odds. He literally gave his life for the United States.

George Washington united a nation. Can any other president say they did that? No. He is the father of America and fought valiantly in the Revolution. I don't have anything bad to say about this brave man.