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1 Riding the Eagle

The instrumental section is amazing - a really fast, technical and melodic solo. Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt - great job!

The solo is also brilliantly paired with the drum beats for a maximum effect. And before the solo you can hear one of the most beautiful fills. Love this drummer - his double bass is insane (Randy Black). - Metal_Treasure

2 The Man (That I Don't Know)

Great music and lyrics with deep meaning, and one of the best vocal performances in metal.
The best vocals from Ralf - impressive sustain (11 secs); there are also many other nice moments in this song (the outro solo, etc). - Metal_Treasure

3 All for One

This song has one of the best riffs created by a metal band after 2000. The riff and the awesome mini-drum solo in the middle make this song a masterpiece. Plus perfect guitars, vocals, chorus and melody. - Metal_Treasure

4 Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove
5 Strike

One of their best - top 3. The solo is exemplary, the riff is amazing, the chorus is powerful and catchy. One of their fastest songs. - Metal_Treasure

6 King for a Day

Maybe the best off of the 2014 album. - Metal_Treasure

7 Under the Radar
8 Diabolus

Should be number 1

Magnificent start to finish - 8 min eargasm... - Metal_Treasure

This is top 5

9 Born Again
10 Six Times Dead (16.6)

Get this higher. One of their catchiest songs and my tenth favorite song. - 906389

Awesome and groovy drum intro, and catchy chorus - Metal_Treasure

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11 Fighting the Darkness (Orchestral Long Version)

This song is so epic and awesome - the 2nd half goes symphonic metal and they nailed it. - Metal_Treasure

12 Rebel Faction

Love the way Randy Black uses different beats (thrash beats on a non-thrash song, cool double bass). - Metal_Treasure

13 In Metal We Trust
14 Everytime It Rains
15 In Memory
16 Under Your Spell
17 Unbreakable, Pt. 2

An exciting and motivating masterpiece by Primal Fear. Takes you on a musical journey. Worth every minute of listening.

An exciting and motivating masterpiece by Primal Fear. Worth every minute of listening.

18 Bad Guys Wear Black
19 Metal Nation
20 And There Was Silence

One of their fastest songs - Metal_Treasure

21 No Smoke Without Fire
22 Where Angels Die
23 Silence
24 One Night in December
25 Blood On Your Hands
26 Road to Asylum

Can't get enough of the riff - groovy and thick, it's there throughout the entire song. This riff is also well paired with drums - Randy Black plays drums towards the guitars and the whole riff layer comes out thick and with a groove. Pure beauty! - Metal_Treasure

27 Raving Mad
28 Night After Night
29 Metal is Forever

21 only a joke? 22 Angel in Black, 23 Armageddon, 27 Final Embrace, 28 Bad Guys wear black, I don't believe that. Songs for all bangers!

30 Face the Emptiness
31 Demons and Angels
32 Conviction
33 Bullets and Tears
34 Scream

This is the song that got me into Primal Fear. The chorus is absolutely amazing.

35 Chainbreaker
36 Angel In Black
37 Armageddon
38 Out In the Fields

This is not an original song - it's a cover of Gary Moore and Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy. Besides, Primal Fear have better cover songs than this one. - Metal_Treasure

39 Question of Honour
40 Tears of Rage
41 Nine Lives
42 Final Embrace

Best song on "Jaws Of Death"

43 Delivering the Black
44 When Death Comes Knocking
45 Born with a Broken Heart
46 Promised Land
47 Fear
48 Lightyears from Home
49 Mind Machine
50 The Immortal Ones
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1. All for One
2. Strike
3. The Man (That I Don't Know)
1. Silence
2. Out In the Fields
3. Face the Emptiness
1. Six Times Dead (16.6)
2. In Metal We Trust
3. Unbreakable, Pt. 2


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