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101 Animals As Leaders - Animals As Leaders
102 Tales of the Sands - Myrath
103 Salival - Tool

The most profound, expensive, and great cd/dvd set a prog fan can own. It's so good that you'll pay $140 US just so your best mate can talk to you how great it is. The live revamped version of Push It. My Third Eye, You Lied, No Quarter...I'd buy this epic set 3-times over. The business!

104 Mer de Noms - A Perfect Circle

From The Hollow, to Rose, to Judith, to 3 Libras, this album is a masterpiece.

105 Mr. Bungle - Mr. Bungle

What more needs to be said?

106 The Meaning of I - Voyager

A quality progressive metal album that delivers on all fronts - provided you can tolerate the Australian accent of their otherwise talented vocalist.

107 Frances the Mute - The Mars Volta

Incredibly the greats, and is tough to grasp - like any great album - but as a progressive concept album, it has it all.

108 Deception Ignored - Deathrow

One of the greatest progressive thrash albums ever made. For its time, it was mind-blowing, and still is. Buy the version with the bonus track Beuracrazy on it for the best listening experience.

109 Machine Head - Deep Purple

Because, for their time, alongside Led Zeppelin and Rainbow, Deep Purple's Machine Head album was the greatest progressive metal album ever made - and still is one of the greatest.

110 +4626 Comfortzone - Beardfish
111 Hours That Remain - Mercenary

An epic from beginning to end, and an absolute must for any prog fan, or musician alike.

112 Aquarius - Haken

Great album. Masterpiece

113 Urn - Ne Obliviscaris

Their 2017 release is very good again. This violine... - Metal_Treasure

114 Orchid - Opeth
115 Damnation - Opeth
116 Falling Into Infinity - Dream Theater
117 When Dream and Day Unite - Dream Theater
118 The Wall - Pink Floyd

Good album, but this isn't even remotely close to progressive metal.

Dream Theater and (latest) Opeth aren't even remotely progressive metal, but they're at #1 and #2! Lol!

Of course it's not metal, but I'll vote for it because it's here and it's great, just like Puscifer and Porcupine Tree and Rush.

119 The Great Escape - Seventh Wonder
120 The Hunter - Mastodon
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