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Rush is a Canadian progressive rock band that was formed in 1968. Even though the only founding member still in the band's final lineup is Alex Lifeson (Guitar), the band is most well-known for their other members of that lineup: Neil Peart (Drums) and Geddy Lee (Bass, Vocals). more.


Here we are over 40 years later and Clockwork Angels, the album and the book just blows the mind. They are probably more influential now than ever and seem to just get better. Some people have had a hard time with Geddy's voice from the earlier days but it was always pure and certainly always progressive as their entire approach to the music they have produced. Glad that they finally were given the credit due to them in 2013 with the rock hall induction, a successful tour and an album of great new material. Keep bringing it Rush, we can't wait to see what is coming next!

Progressive rock is all about going beyond the general verse-chorus sound of songs. Progressive rock bands generally have extremely talented musicians that use their full ability in all of their songs, which are usually lengthy and contain odd time shifts. Personally, I think Rush is much more talented than Pink Floyd, but they were not as commercially successful. Rush is the best progressive rock band ever.

Come on! Rush needs to be #1! I don't care how the British invasion helped Pink Floyd rise to the success that they have had. Rush has lasted much longer as a group that would stay together and make music that reaches people across the globe. The members of Pink Floyd only stayed with each other for 29 years (with some frequent reunions). Rush has been around for a total of 47 years. Never did they break up for whatever reason. (Although Rutsey was replaced by Peart in 1974) Listen to 2112, Caress of Steel and Moving Pictures. For 3 dudes, they're able to make more of a sound compared to a 4 or 5 man band. La Villa Strangiato is a perfect example of that. THEY ARE THE THIRD BEST SELLING ROCK BAND OF ALL TIME. RIGHT BELOW THE Beatles AND ROLLING STONES. That is a proven fact. LOOK AT THE OFFICIAL RIAA STATISTICS! Pink Floyd isn't at the 24 Gold, 14 Platinum and 3 multi-platinum sales record that Rush is at.

I believe that research according to record sales, longevity and fan ...more

Rush is simply better than Pink Floyd, and with the passing of time the GROUP gets better and better. Always improving, experimenting and moving forward.

From their debut album to their very latest album, I cannot find one album as a whole which is not a least good. Whether the individual dexterity on their respective instruments may be a matter of opinion, their mastery, creativity and complexity as a GROUP surpasses BY FAR every other single progressive band. THAT IS WHY RUSH IS THE BEST, AND THEY SHOULD BE #1.


I respect Pink Floyd, because I like David Gilmour more as a "kick ass" blues and rock guitar player. He is the cool part of Pink Floyd, and I like his current solo album, but without him Pink Floyd loses all its cool.

Barrett and Waters respectively gave the strangeness to Pink Floyd that contrasted perfectly with Gilmour's guitar.

I like the early works like: "Obscured by Clouds," ...more

Listen to the technicality of the three. It just adds up. Geddy is one of the hands down most underrated bassists/vocalists ever. Alex was a memorable riff maker and also added powerful solos and fills that gave songs their intensity and emotion. And I don't even need to say anything about Neil Peart, because anyone with an ear for the drum knows that man is unparalleled and underrated all across the board.

Best prog rock band, especially with albums like 2112 and Farewell to Kings. Ditto Fly by Night, Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures.

Rush kept prog alive by surviving the reckless destruction of punk and by bringing it together with hard rock and early metal, leading to the prog metal bands that took on the job of keep progressive rock alive in the eighties and beyond while Rush explored less classically progressive areas. Prog may well have died or vanished into musical obscurity without Rush (and Floyd just to be fair, though the latter didn't survive through the eighties unscathed).

Pink Floyd are good but almost all their songs sound similar. But this band, despite of having three members only, sound amazing and different in every song. Their lyrics are not weak, they are so real. Listen to La Villa Strangiato and realize how badly good are they at the instruments. YYZ is another masterpiece created by them. When I listen to Subdivisions, it feels like Neil Peart has written those lyrics for me. See their live dallas performance on YouTube.

Now now, you have the right to criticize Pink Floyd. However, they're one of the most diverse bands out there. Each album has his own style and atmosphere. - RalphSaad

It really is a toss up between the top four here as best prog rock band, but in my opinion, Rush is the best choice. No, they don't have the meticulous attributes of Pink Floyd, or the grand style of Genesis (the version with Peter Gabriel), but they have a sort of nerdy charm that holds up today. They appeal to everyone, and are just a special band in general. Rush is the best progressive rock band. - andrewcello

I love Rush but I hate its fan base and I think the comments show why. The fans are a bunch of elitists that like to give Rush the status of underrated despite that Rush is one of the most known bands out there. They also like to bash other bands. The difference in the comments between the fans of Genesis or Pink Floyd and Rush is staggering. What's all the aggressiveness about? - RalphSaad

What? Dream Theatre is progressive METAL, not progressive rock. They need to leave this list and let the most talented band ever Rush take the second spot then rightfully earn it from Pink Floyd.

1. Rush 2. Pink Floyd 3. Yes 4. King Crimson 5. Emerson Lake And Palmer 6. Genesis 7. Dream Theater 8. Jethro Tull 9. The Mothers Of Invention 10. Porcupine Tree 11. Kansas 12. The Moody Blues 13. Van Der Graaf Generator 14. Tool 15. Caravan 16. The Mars Volta 17. Gentle Giant 18. The Soft Machine 19. Styx 20. Marillion

I Really Love Pink Floyd, but I gotta give it to Rush, This band is on a level I'm not sure will ever be obtained in our lifetimes. Utter Brilliance and evolution in the music industry. Just Listen to Countdown! and about a hundred other tunes I don't have time to type here. Untouched!

The only prog band that survived into the 80's without selling out (cough cough genesis cough) and still going strong today and even Genesis can't say that. You need to wonder why. They deserve to be number 1.

How can you go wrong with Rush or Pink Floyd? I personally think Rush is the better of the two. I am a little biased though Rush is my favorite band. A close second to the FLoyd not bad... I'll take it. - scaff212

Has one of the best drummers, Neil Peart, one of the best guitarists, Alex Lifeson, and Geddy Lee, vocalist, bassist (probably one of the best) and eventually keyboardist of the band, a fantastic trio!

Not just an amazing Prog Pock band, but one of the best live bands out there! Brilliant band, comprised of 3 of the greatest musicians in their field. And then there's their actual music. Beautiful.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Rush is amazing I can not put it in words they just blow my mind. How does neil peart drum so amazing. He owns all competition. Their prog style is a really nice sound when they blend it with hard rock.

Their should number #1. Pink Floyd songs are mostly psychedelic rock and their song are very simple. Everyone can listen! But rush is REAL progressive rock. Pink Floyd is most overrated band in the world

1. Rush
2. Pink floyd
3. Yes
4. King crimson
5. Emerson, lake and palmer
6. Genesis
7. Jethro tull
8. Dream theater
9. Kansas
10. Porcupine tree

I first heard them when I was coming of age in the early 80's. When I heard Tom Sawyer that was it. I was hooked. I am now in my fifties and still love to rock out to them. Love them forever.

Come on! Progressive Rock these guys have to come on top, Just a three member and they were extremely tight and played time signatures some of can't even dream of playing.

I don't even need to go through why Rush is the best (progressive) rock band of all time! I put "progressive" in parentheses because Rush is also the best band of all time! - Medmac

The best place...Rush is a great band I don't think they can outrun Pink Floyd...rush deserves no.2...they're great musicians and talented artists...

The only annoying think about Rush is their pretentious fan base, who considers that anything besides Rush is worthless. I mean just check the comments...

Pink Floyd is vastly overrated. Most of their music is self indulgent crap that people force themselves to pretend to like. It's like eating French cuisine, it's crap, but you're supposed to like it.

You have the right not to like Pink Floyd, however Pink Floyd was my first Rock and Roll crush. I was pretty anti-rock and used to listen to Nicki Minaj and the rest of that crap. However, the first time I heard the wall, there was nothing forced. It was natural instant love. - RalphSaad