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1 I Want to Break Free

Who mantis this is great

Queen is my all time favorite band and Roger dressed as a girl absolutely kills me

Roger as a girl is so amazing ROGER

LOVE it! It's one of my absolute fave videos of all time. Roger made such a "pretty girl" & Freddie was HILARIOUS!

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2 Radio Ga Ga

This music video is one of my favorites. I love the Metropolis theme and I like how they made the video the way we imagined it when we heard it on the... well... Radio!

3 I'm Going Slightly Mad

Never did like the song, although the music video was brilliant.

4 Bohemian Rhapsody

This video is great because it's weird but it is still one of the most popular songs and videos ever made, and towards th middle of the video they start doing the opera verse, and when Freddie Mercury says oh Mama mia Mama Mia, that was so cool and the vocals are splendid and the best video ever.

With stunning visual effects and featuring an iconic image as the theme, Bohemian Rhapsody's promotional video is one of the most stunning music videos ever created. It is also no doubt the best Queen video.

It has said by many people that it is the first ever Pop Video even though there were promos before.

This is the video that spawned the entire music video industry.

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5 A Kind Of Magic

Really creative and brings some imagination - TheDodgeGuy

6 The Invisible Man

The kid must have been so lucky that he got to even be in the same room as them. I would die happy. And with 8 Brians in the same room, you can't go wrong, can you? I just thought it was strange Roger had no drums to play on so he's hitting himself! But still, amazing video and amazing song!

7 Breakthru

This video is just really creative. Freddie running around on the roof of a moving train while him and the band are performing a great song? Can't really go wrong.

A smiling John Deacon is all the evidence needed.

On the back of a train, awesome!

It's such a cool concept, and the cinematography just adds to it. it flows really well with the music. I don't know why but there's something about that bird's eye shot as the train goes under the bridge that gives me chills. the whole thing is just so well done. seriously, this band just always have the best videos.

8 The Miracle

I think its really cute having young boys playing queens role.

9 These Are the Days of Our Lives

Right before my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer I saw this video. After that it became our song. I would play it by myself and cry. I still do after 4 yrs. I believe it goes right to the heart of our life.

Knowing how sad the song is, is was a great video

10 I Want It All

Freddie could barely make this video he was so sick at this point, but he still delivers it amazingly - I<3Queen

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11 Princes of the Universe

can't beat a Freddie sword fight - I<3Queen

12 Innuendo

Magical - Userguy44

Pure creativity from the animations to the stop motion during the Flamenco guitar solo.

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13 It's a Hard Life

Freddie was very handsome in this.

Silly outfits but a very unique music video even by Queen standards.

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14 Friends Will Be Friends

The crowd is people who have helped and supported Queen over the years - I<3Queen

15 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
16 Calling All Girls
17 The Show Must Go On
18 We Will Rock You

great song

19 One Vision

The behind the scenes of this video is amazing. This should be in the top five to be honest.

Just so cool to see the band in the studio.

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20 Headlong

Freddie was filled with so much energy and he was just 1 year from death

21 Another One Bites the Dust

Sure the video may look cheap, but I think that it suits the song perfectly with Freddie strutting around the stage while singing with so much charisma, and the rest of the band members get as much attention as well.

22 Who Wants to Live Forever

The music video just makes this so epic and haunting what with the choir and the candles.

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23 Scandal

Freddie has so much energy in this video.

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25 Too Much Love Will Kill You - Queen

Very similar thing going on here like with Show Must Go On but to a much more sombre song.

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26 No One but You (Only the Good Die the Young) - Queen

A fitting tribute not just to Freddie but all those that go out too quickly.

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27 Under Pressure - David Bowie & Queen

Appropriate montage of images due to neither artists being available to shoot a video.

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28 All Dead, All Dead UListen to Sample
29 Flash Theme
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