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41 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)
42 Carmageddon
43 Need for Speed: Undercover
44 Need for Speed Underground 2

Before there was Most Wanted, there was Underground 2. The second-best racing game from the series. - jimmy12lee

This should be so much higher! Should be either number 1 or no.2, only behind Most Wanted (2005)

It may not have the show or feel of a true racing game, but for car customisation this won hands-down. Deserves a Top 10 position at least!

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45 F-Zero X
46 Gran Turismo 2

Today's racing games can learn a lot from this game, including all its sequels.

This is what made me love racing games in the first place - Mcgillacuddy

Best of all Gran Turismo's. Over 650 cars! - Strobo

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47 Midnight Club 2

MC2 is ofc the best racing game of all time

48 Asphalt 8: Airborne

Most fun racing game of all time

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49 Forza Motorsport
50 Dirt 3
51 Flatout: Ultimate Carnage

The most realistic racing game of all time.

52 NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

Best racing game of all time: you can add mods, tracks, cars - not just NASCAR either! The physics are amazing and the car setups are easy to understand but challenging to create. You can modify almost anything in this game - graphics, etc. And it still runs great despite its age!

This is what I would get if I had a Windows 7 computer. My mom says I should be 16 but she doesn't see WHY I want Windows 7. It plays the 2 greatest PC games of all time: Minecraft and NR2003

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53 Forza Horizon 3

Best game ever graipic are awesome Just amazing game be PlayGround games Turn 10 and Micosoft

54 Split/Second

Best Arcade Racing Game ever. Pity it won't have a sequel.

The best racing game ever. So underrated! NFS MW 2005 is junk compared to Split Second.

All who like those stupid nfs and burnout series should play this game,its way better. NFS and burnount sucks that's all I have to say.

55 Mario Kart 7

Best Mario Kart game! Same with Double Dash! So much fun. There's a lot of great tracks to race on, great graphics, music, and fun multiplayer. Me and my friends love this game, and you would love it too!

It is amazing! Best mario kart game by far!

56 MotorStorm

Funnest racing game, knocking people off their motorbikes and showing them who's boss - roblist

Motorstorm was just badass. It was like Need for Speed on steroids and it needs a next-gen on the PS4. - Mcgillacuddy

57 Flat Out 2

I remember dying to have this game as a kid, it was so much fun.

58 Shift 2 - Unleashed

Stuff and has reality.. This must be first.. But not a arcade game

59 Road Rash

No motor bike racing game even comes close to this original master piece of a game

60 Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now
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