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41 The Simpsons Hit & Run
42 Blur

In this game you get the best of both worlds the items and insane fun from kart races like ctr racing and Mario kart as well as the car models and level of track quality and tight controls that usually go to games like forza. With its various game modes and power ups I can say that this is one of the bed racing games out there and will stand the test of time because it can appeal to so many people. I just wish it got more popular

Love to play blur and listening to "Zeds Dead" songs - Kianoosh_XL

It was shooter and racing game in one!


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43 Need for Speed: Undercover
44 Need for Speed Underground 2

Before there was Most Wanted, there was Underground 2. The second-best racing game from the series. - jimmy12lee

This should be so much higher! Should be either number 1 or no.2, only behind Most Wanted (2005)

It may not have the show or feel of a true racing game, but for car customisation this won hands-down. Deserves a Top 10 position at least!

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45 F-Zero X
46 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Awesome title soundtrack. Enjoyable gameplay while playing as either police or racer.. But that adrenaline rush happened only when you use turbo as a racer.

Hey this is not for this position if you run it in higher processor like i3, i5, i7 this game is very good quality high graphic game

The best police chasing ever and best soundtrack ever. but the bad thing is that is hard to get all the cars in the game

47 Gran Turismo 2

Today's racing games can learn a lot from this game, including all its sequels.

This is what made me love racing games in the first place - Mcgillacuddy

Best of all Gran Turismo's. Over 650 cars! - Strobo

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48 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)
49 Asphalt 8: Airborne

Most fun racing game of all time

Better than need for speed

Best racing game ever

This games too godd to be at 68!

50 The Simpsons: Road Rage
51 Forza Motorsport
52 Forza Horizon 3

Best game ever graipic are awesome Just amazing game be PlayGround games Turn 10 and Micosoft

Why the heck is this number 58
I don't own this game but from youtube and friend requests I love this game

53 Split/Second

53? You gotta be kidding me! Split/Second is awesome! The game uses an easy approach for arcade racing, but it proves to be thrilling. Generating blasts that ruin multiple vehicles and shove you to the front of the pack is gratifying, as is dodging giant explosions en route to victory. The driving controls are very basic to pick up as well. Also, there is a lack of predictability each race. Even though you start in last place early, you can execute a Level 2 Power Play and hop in front. The game features a solid variety of unique, fun modes that make this an awesome avenue for satisfying your inner thrillseeker. - Extractinator04

Best Arcade Racing Game ever. Pity it won't have a sequel.

The best racing game ever. So underrated! NFS MW 2005 is junk compared to Split Second.


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54 Dirt 3
55 Mario Kart 7

Do not get me wrong, Mario Kart 7 is around as fun, quick, creative, and fun as all of its predecessors. But should it have been better? After 20 years, MK could benefit from a shakeup. That is not what you get here. Make no mistake, this is an extremely great game. The gliding and underwater driving are awesome additions. And it is nice that the Nintendo server will set you up with opponents who are the same skill level as you. But if you have played Mario Kart Wii, you have already got the simple drift. - Extractinator04

Best Mario Kart game! Same with Double Dash! So much fun. There's a lot of great tracks to race on, great graphics, music, and fun multiplayer. Me and my friends love this game, and you would love it too!

Why is this so low?!

It is amazing! Best mario kart game by far!

56 MotorStorm

Funnest racing game, knocking people off their motorbikes and showing them who's boss - roblist

Motorstorm was just badass. It was like Need for Speed on steroids and it needs a next-gen on the PS4. - Mcgillacuddy

57 Flat Out 2

I remember dying to have this game as a kid, it was so much fun.

58 The Crew

Unbelievable. This game is absolutely gorgeous in graphics, the open world is by far the greatest of any racing game, and the possibilities are endless. Sure, the campaign didn't get you in the feels, but how about ignoring critics for once and PLAY THE GAME.

Why not in the top #3? Stunning graphics, stunning open world, stunning GAME. Only racing games where you can do road trips! A must buy racing game! So underrated!

This game took me back to the old need for speed. It should be in the top 10 and replace mario kart.

Best ever played!

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59 Shift 2 - Unleashed

Stuff and has reality.. This must be first.. But not a arcade game

60 Road Rash

No motor bike racing game even comes close to this original master piece of a game

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