Best Rap Verses of All Time

The Top Ten Best Rap Verses of All Time

1 Eminem / Stan / Verse 3

Even though lose yourself is his best song, there is no doubt that this verse is just amazing. Always and will be the best rap verse of all time.

A classic

eminem's stan is not just a rap song, it is a book, it is a movie, it tells you a story perfectly
you can understand every part, and even have a plot twist

it is more than a song, stan is art

its hard to find a song that is like this one, this song is important to our music, to our artistic world

This verse is great, but it's not amazing. The flow and lyrics are a bit off at some points, where as other verses in this song are a bit more on beat. Don't get me wrong, this is a great verse, but definitely not number 1.

This verse has one of the best flow and lyrics compare to any other rap songs. Competing and trying to give this verse some competition might be one of the hardest things to do.

2 Nicki Minaj / Monster / Verse 3

LEGENDARY verse that has yet to be matched by any female or male.

If you can wash Jay Z and Kanye on the same song, the verse must be one of the best ever...

I literally skip to her verse then turn it off or repeat it whatever I listen to the song

Definitely best female rap verse I ever heard, nicki became official after this one. "Besides, Ye they can't stand besides may"

3 Nas / Memory Lane / Verse1

The most complex verse ever have to be smart to understand this one unlike anything I have ever heard

Such a lyrically complex, intricately crafted verse, Nas at his pure best.

This should be number 1! Nas was 18 year Old Lyrical Genius! He's the Best lyricist in the Game all time!

Poetry in motion.

4 Nas / N.Y. State of Mind / Verse 1

The insane rhyme scheme he uses and flow are perfect all the while painting an incredibly detailed picture of life on the streets. Easily the best verse ever

One of the best songs ever easy. And it begins with "I don't really know how to start this yo..." lol

"I never sleep 'cause sleep is the cousin of death, beyond the walls of intelligence life is defined" this verse is the greatest verse of hip hop history, and Nas wrote the bible of hip hop #Illmatic.
and this verse is better than Nicki Minaj's whole career.

Its just the N.Y. State of Mind

5 Jay-Z & Eminem / Renegade / Verse 1

A seriously heavy hitter. Em's verse is undoubtedly the best on the song, and each of his verses complements one another and sticks to the subject masterfully. Definitely in my top 3 for sure!

Eminem's verse is the reason this song is here in this list. Absolutely fire

Jay Z and eminem compliment each other so well in this song. Lyrics are insane

I'm a poet to some/ a regular modern day Shakespeare/ Jesus Christ / the king of these Latter Day Saints here. Epic.

6 Wu-Tang Clan / Triumph / Verse 1

How is this not number one? This is literally the greatest hip hop verse of all time. It should be required study in high school English for mastery of the human language!

Just read the lyrics as you listen, then replay it over and over. Pretty easily #1 of all time for sheer lyrical value.

Listen 2 that album 4 the first time in years the other day. As soon as I played that song, I recited that verse word 4 word. No matter how long I go without hearing that song I can't still remember that verse. That's what makes a great verse, you can always remember it.

Inspektah Deck destroys the song when it's just begun. Every TRUE hip-hop head knows what you're referring to when you approach them and say 'I bomb atomically... '. This verse has everything one needs in the perfect rap verse. Lyrics, references, flow, delivery, smoothness, and more.

7 Eminem / Bad Guy / Verse 4

The first 3 verses builds up the story. The storytelling was awesome. But the last verse was epic. Probably the greatest verse of all time surpassing every other verse in rap history. Lyricism at its best & Em goes all out in that.

Bad guy is another eminem's song that he can tell you a story that you can picture it just by listening the song

em used to have this power to break the music and become a movie in your head

the last verse is important to eminem's life as a human beeing, as someone who can say sorry and understand his mistakes

Throughout the 4 minute verse, power and anger build continuously, climaxing with Em absolutely shredding lyrically in a overflow of emotion. If you haven't listened, make sure you do.

Make it number 1...

8 Jay-Z / Dead Presidents II / Verse 1

This song summarizes the first 26 years of his life before he dropped Reasonable Doubt.

Love the verse, and the beat is unreal.

9 Kendrick Lamar / Control / Verse 2

How is this not number one? This honestly has everything that the others ahead of it has just written better. The speed, the meaning, the "diss", the lyrics. This is the single greatest verse ever.

Best rap verse ever. He killed every terrible rapper alive. #1

Can't believe he killed Big Sean on his own song.

I don't see why his control verse is a great diss. What did he say that would hurt anybody.

10 Big L / Da Graveyard / Verse 1

If big L was more well appreciated, this verse would be much higher.

Incredible best punchlines ever insane flow and sick lyrics

Big L is not human

Any verse by Big L is a lifechanging one

The Contenders

11 Immortal Technique / Dance with the Devil / Last Verse

This verse, it's actually amazing. This song is one of the best lyrical songs ever. But I actually don't listen to this song, because it's actually messed up.

Chilling all the way through, but it's the last verse that will leave an everlasting impression.

The last verse of this song leaves you in deep thoughts

The song is pretty messed up, but I haven't heard this verse

12 Eminem / Forever / Verse 4

Em is angry, and he is trying to come back in this song
it is awesome

This verse is nice, only good part of the song

No ones ever gone as hard on a track as eminem he was so emotional in his forever verse it was his comeback in one erse

All round average song, but Eminem's verse is good, although he does go off topic.

13 Nas / Verbal Intercourse / 1st Verse

Nas's "Escobar" persona usually feels empty to me (lacking the depth that makes Illmatic so strong), but he kills it on this verse. It takes a rare talent to outshine Rae and Ghost on a track. Nas does it here.

Crazy! Has to be top ten.

Nas had the best verse on the purple tape

How is this not higher?!

14 Eminem / Just Don't Give a F*** / Verse 1

Slim shady braindead like jim brady I'm an m80 your little like that kim lady

Slit your throat worse than ron goldman

Colder than the arctic

How Is This Verse Not In Top 15 /I'm Buzzin Dirty Dozen Naughty Rotten Rhymer Cursin at you playas worse than Marty schotnheimer

15 Nas / N.Y. State of Mind / Verse 2

Both verses are just unreal

16 MF Doom / All Caps / Verse 1

Best verse of DOOMs career, should be top 5 in my opinion

Better than any verse eminem has done



17 Notorious B.I.G. / Ready to Die / Verse 1

Awesome Hardcore and Brutal Delivery, sick flow, and nice rhymes.

Love this song, I like all the verses in this

No one is as ill as Smalls!

Mad verse

18 Jay-Z / Can I Live / Verse 1

This verse's unbelievable, make it go at least in top 10

19 Eminem/ No Love/ Verse 2

Nothing comes close to this! So powerful it gives you goosebumps

Best rap verse ever. BIf you don't think so, go listen to it right now. I'm black and I like this verse. Dope, dope, dope. Listen to it. He says never before seen rhymes.

The Greatest Rapid Fire Verse of All Time.

Fire fire fire

20 Earl Sweatshirt / Oldie / Last Verse

I know he's not up there with Eminem NaS Jay Z or Kanye but if you listen to the scheme and rhymes in this verse you will agree its one of the best you've ever heard

The complex word choice and rhyme scheme makes this one the greatest rap verses ever. Bars like this don't come around too often

Not the last verse on oldie, it’s the second last

This is easily one of the best verses from earl. from the rhyme schemes, to the bars, to that good old grimey earl flow, this verse is just amazing. he doesn't get the credit he deserves

21 Nas / One Mic / Verse 1

The third verse is by far the best verse on this song

Each verse is absolutely amazing, but this needs to be top 5

22 Nas / The World is Yours / Verse 1

Something about the flow of these opening lines are perfect

23 Eminem / Love the Way You Lie / Verse 3
24 A Tribe Called Quest / Butter / Verse 1

Not even the best verse in that album. Q-Tip's verse in Check the Rhime wipes the floor, or pretty much any of Scenario.

25 2pac / Keep Ya Head Up / Verse 1

His the GOD of hip hop


26 Big L / Put it On / Verse 1
27 AZ / Life's a Bitch / Verse 1

AZ and Nas were both unbelievable on this track

Everything just clicks, from the flow to the lyrics. Masterful

Way too low. Smh to many biased Eminem fans. This is better then all of his verses, the only one that's right there with it is the verse 3 in Stan. Anyways, this should be top 5.

Top 3 OAT

28 Eminem / Rap God / Verse 3

This will be the greatest verse in next 2-3 years

Missing the lyricism, which bumps it down a bit, but bar none the most TECHNICALLY impressive verse for sure

This whole song has very complex flows and rhyme schemes in it, but the lyrics are just corny.

Song hits. Verse is obnoxiously crazy amazing.

29 Kanye West / Jesus Walks / Verse 1

There should be more Kanye this high up

Kanye higher and less eminem he's ass

Kanye is god

30 Eminem/ Infinite/ Verse 2

How can this not be at least in the top 5? You clearly were not paying attention to the greatest rhyme scheme ever to be put into music.

It eases you mentally, gently, sentimentally, instrumentally with entity dementedly meant to be infinite

31 Andrè 3000/Aquemini

The most deep and complex verse out there. To add to that it's so smooth and easy to listen to

My mind warps and bends...

Why is this number 42? Look it up, it's amazing

Rhyming in this verse is un paralleled

32 GZA / Liquid Swords / Verse 2
33 Nas / Halftime / Verse 1

This is great, but the second verse was better

34 Jay-Z / Can't Knock the Hustle / Verse 1
35 Eminem/ 'Till I Collapse/ Verse 1

This verse is so hardcore

36 Killer Mike / Reagan / Verse 2
37 The Notorious B.I.G. / Notorious Thugs

Best rap verse I've ever heard

Best rap verse in history, yes, over Em in no love

First 3 verses are rapped to perfection

Best verse

38 Jay-Z / Da Graveyard / Verse 4

Absolutley ill you cannot listen to this and say its not ill

shii he just good hell

39 Hishaam / All I Do / Verse 1

Timeless piece of inspiration by the boy from Port Elizabeth

Hishaam honzo's finest verse, this verse is hot yho, don't believe me? Listen to it

40 Eminem / Lose Yourself / Verse 1

One of the best rap songs ever, trully eminem masterpiece with no doubt

literally an oscar winner

"This is the best verse of all time, 'Go back lab again' is the best quote from the Verse"

This should be a lot higher, such a good verse

41 Eminem/ Dead Wrong/ Verse 3

He goes hard on this, but Biggie stills the show here

42 Proverb / Writer's Club / Verse 1

"I write what I like and I like what I write, I like to be right but I don't really right to be like (difference)// I get hype when I right like journalists, but I'm no journalist so I don't write 4 the hype// not saying the hype is not right, but writing won't get you hyped and having the hype doesn't mean you can write// Hype is a right cover up, so that whatever you write might just get you on the cover of Hype..." - Proverb's first 4 lines, otherwise it's a great concept (probably the best I've heard so far in this decade) and it's got a great wordplay/flow to it. This song's a classic

Top ten song of all time

Proverb is just a beast

43 Lord Finesse / Da Graveyard / Verse 3
44 J Cole / Born Sinner / Verse 1

I think most of us as black people can relate to this verse.

45 Konfab / Runonsentence / Verse 1

"The end justifies the means// but in the end means nothing if the pen don't underline the underlying theme, undefine by societ-teams// without an iron between the third person observing// never heard it like quiet screams but better word-en for clever persons// to find a meaning behind what seems as letters murderous// combined in death sentences, well deserve it// men had worked with measures to reverse celebrities, still are worth the central purpose to spill..." - Konfab (aka KOndom FABric) is one the most inspired lyricists ever... Not only in the African continent but in the world

46 Eminem / Renegade / Verse 2

Another absurd eminem collab, he just kills this song with two awesome verses
people can hate on him, but it is true that he is a lyrical genius

Bruh.. Nas said it. Eminem murdered on your own track

47 Inspectah Deck / Guillotine (Swordz) / Verse 1
48 Kendrick Lamar / The Heart Pt 3 / 1st Verse
49 Dr. Dre / Still D.R.E. / Verse 2

Nice verse

50 Nas / I Can / Verse 1
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