Best Types of Red Wine

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1 French Bordeaux

In the majority of cases the wonderful taste of grapes that blend in perfectly with the alcohol is absolutely sublime. French wine in general is the BEST. Way better than most Italian wine in my opinion

The French wines are so numerous, diversified, that is impossible to make a choice even a list.

The problem they are not known as they should, French have in that poor marketing behavior.

That's a pity.

Certainly Bordeaux are the best red wines.

There are lots of different kind of Bordeaux from 4$ to thousands...

From Château XYZ to Petrus.

Great great so great wines.

But some other Countries now are also using French grapes and are also producing very good red wine: California, Chili, Australia, South-Africa and of course Spain.

Yes, first one kind of wine.
It will take a life to taste all the different kind of BordeauX.

2 Spanish Rioja

Definitively better than disgusting and acid Italian wines.

Yes, a very delicious Spanish red wine.

Voted by spaniard of course,but disgusting,good only to low level restaurant

3 French Beaujolais

It first is results in a fruity wine without much tannin. In the case of Beaujolais nouveau, this process is completed in as little as four days with the other AOCs being allowed longer time to ferment. As the grapes ferment longer, they develop more tannins and a fuller body

Beaujolais is far to be the best French wine, but because it's from France is the origin of any other wine.

Also great with Cheddar cheese.

4 Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a French origin grape and Chilean know how to deal with this famous and one of the world's most widely recognized red wine grape varieties.

It should say any Cabernet Sauvingnon (I don't drink but I've had "experience" with this wine).

5 Australian Shiraz

It has to be Wolfblass Yellow Label Shiraz for a quality but reasonably priced red. But Rawnsley estate do a lovely shiraz for slightly cheaper.

Ahaha water wine! So bad tasting!

6 French Bourgogne

Goes well with goat cheese

French Bourgogne after Chianti? What a shame.

7 Petrus (France)

The top, and the price also... Just reserved for VIPs.

8 Haut-Médoc
9 Saint-Emilion

Every year we buy 96 bottles of different French wines included some Saint-Emilion, and we really appreciate it like all French wines actually.

10 Californian Zinfrandel

Nice wine and largely better than an Italian chianti for example.

Nice wine and largely better than a chianti for example.

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11 French Cahors
12 Italian Chianti

Chianti is the king of reds, and the best red to cook with, it is also the best Red for eating with cheese. Also whether you get a $10 bottle, or a $30 plus. I have never had a bad bottle. I can't say that with Merlot, Cab Sav, or Shiraz.

Comment below: 30$ for a bottle of cianti.. It's wasting money.
For this sum I do prefer to have real fun.

Absolutely low level quality wine.

Castillo Di Rampolla

13 Pomerol
14 Margaux (French)

The famous Chateaux Margaux... So good..

15 French Bergerac
16 Argentinian Malbec

Malbec wine is the best bar none

The Punta de Flecha2009 is absolutely nice with well round taste and finish.

Home of the best wines.

17 South African Pinotage

Simply the best. And only available in South Africa!

The best ever I drink it

18 German Spatburgunder [Pinot Noir]

German do wine? It is a joke?

19 Saint-Estèphe
20 Chablis
21 Chateau Listrac (French)
22 Georgian Ojaleshi

Ojaleshi is one of the best red semi sweet wines made from the grape variety of the same name cultivated on the mountain slopes overhanging the banks of the tsknetis tskali river particularly in the Orbeli village and Samegrelo district (Western Georgia). Ojaleshi has dark ruby colour, a gentle bouquet and aroma and harmonious rich taste with a fruity flavor. It contains 10 - 12 % alcohol.

Best of the best

23 California Merlot
24 Saperavi
25 Mukuzani
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