Best Reggae Songs of All Time

The Top Ten Best Reggae Songs of All Time

1 No Woman, No Cry - Bob Marley

Common bob marley is THE reggae legend
Jah bless people jah bless
Bob marley is a legend and legends never die

Best reggae song in the world! Has the original reggae feel to it! I love it. And honestly Santeria is not reggae... Not at all. No organ no soulful lyrics nothing...

I think this is the best yet

Lions Den Hi-Power Sound (Daddy Norms) been true to Bob Marly music, Love Studio One music. Blessings to the Rockaway Crew, East London Crew and all Music lovers, Bless Lions Den Hi-Power Sound Rule, One Love.

2 D'yer Mak'er - Led Zeppelin

Love this song awesome lyrics and proves led zep could do more than just rock hard. 10/10

This song is called Jamaica

This song is awesome I wouldve picked sublime but his song is awesome

The best band of all time...could play any kind of music

3 Bad Boys - Inner Circle

Inner Circle have great songs, specially this one.

Wow, #3, awesome


4 Boombastic - Shaggy
5 Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley & The Wailers

I absolutely love this song I'm listening to it now

This is Bob Marley's best song. It should be number 1

Its very well sung and the lyrics are very good

Nothing better in term of reggae.

6 Three Little Birds - Bob Marley

Absolute banger mate not only deserving of number 1 on this list but number one of all time if I could I would marry this record good job lad

Cmon who doesn't think of this song when they think of reggae?

The first reggae song I ever herd after no woman no cry, this song deservs the 2nd place, not the 3rd, it'ss better then that

Very easily to sing along and very meaningful! BOB MARLEY=KING OF REGGAE!

7 Santeria - Sublime

It's just... Beautiful, even when the lyrics are about killing a Mexican dude...

this is the best of sublime. Should be higher than no. 4!

It's a soft and unmistakable sound

I love this album, I even paid $40 for it on vinyl laugh out loud, but it is definitely not a reggae album, it's ska

8 I Shot the Sheriff - Bob Marley


9 Welcome to Jamrock - Damian Marley

True modern day Reggae. His father must be very proud

It's not reggae, it's called dancehall, wrong list guys. Besides, welcome to jamrock is two ripoffs in one. The beat stolen directly from one song, lyrics and flow from another. I'm a give Damien Marley fan but this is far from his best work.

Just gimme the light so I can smoke some wed!

Just a great song. My favorite one to play at a party. I also recommend medication by Damian Marley as well

10 Jah the Conqueror - Bad Brains

Punky Reggae Party

The Contenders

11 I Luv I Jah - Bad Brains
12 One Love - Bob Marley & The Wailers

One love.. one heart.. lets get together and feel all right..

Number #9 come on!

Should be top 5 if not top 3

This song is the best

13 Is This Love - Bob Marley

This song is great.

One of his many great songs.

14 Red Red Wine - UB40

It's an awesome reggae track, this, without a doubt.

More of ub40 tracks should be here

Are you kidding?! How is this not even in the top 5?!

Best Reggae song ever, in my opinion.

15 Baby, I Love Your Way - Big Mountain

You can listen to this one while youre in the beach. Big Mountain has a cool and clear voice. It

Chill bro...


Listening to this song will make you fall in love all over again. this will help you realise how much you love your partner.

16 Get Up, Stand Up - Bob Marley & The Wailers

Reggae at its pinnacle... The best

The essence of Reggae Music. Reggae Music is Rebel Music.

It's good

17 Kingston Town - UB40

This is the best reggae song ever it deserves the number 1 spot! It just has a story behind it..

Amazing song, it can turn you from angry to happy and relaxed, there is magic in Kingston Town.

I totally forgot about this one! LOVE IT!

18 Redemption Song - Bob Marley

I listened to this when I went to the Hundred Islands in the Philippines while I was on a boat, with my hand feeling the water as we pass by. I see the sand, the sky, the trees, the islands. I feel the air, the water, the peace within me. I breathe in the sea, the cool air. I heard the sea, I heard the birds, I heard the boat, and I heard and felt Bob Marley's soul. It felt so good to be alive.

When I listend to this song, I need not to close my eyes to remember being in paradise. Paradise is not a place, it is when you feel inner peace and the gratefulness to be alive. It was great that I was also in a place that matched what I felt at the time.

You could feel his heart and soul in this song. I think this should be in the top 10.

This is my 1 of my favorite songs and most when it comes to reggae,.

This should be in the top ten hands down

Probably Bob Marley's best song, and it's not on the list?

19 Drinking for 11 - Mad Caddies

This is real reggae! Makes me so happy

I feel and dance this one


20 True Love - Soldiers of Jah Army

Soja is my favourite band! I really love their music!

Best contemporary reggae song

Soja is the best! Love sojaaa

Man this is a lovely song, must be in the first ten!

"I need true love
Do you know what you mean to me?
Does it show as I live and I breath?
In the valley of the shadow, I know you'll be.
I defense, I conquer death
I conquer the enemy (envy)"

21 Johnny B Goode - Peter Tosh

Yea definitely should have more tosh

Love this song, there should be way moreTosh on this list.

more peter


22 This Is Reggae Music - Zap Pow

The first reggae song I've heard in my life and, I think it remain one of the best regaae songs ever.

Reggae music is the best... herb and weedz I love

23 Jamica - Terkutuk Cintamu

New comer in Indonesian reggae industry, had a good musical tech and meaningfull lyrics, just try to listen their song

24 Zion Train - Bob Marley

Last song of true triumph.

Absolutely great song from Bob Marley!

25 One Draw - Rita Marley
26 Pesta Pantai - Tony Q

Badass Music!

He is the best reggea solo singer in indonesia. His song known as indonesian original reaggea 'because he can mix the colour of reggea with indonesian traditional instrument such as gamelan, etc

27 Turn Your Light Down Low - Bob Marley

This is one of the many good sounds of the master

28 Not the Way - Gregory Isaacs

Love this song, takes me back to my younger days

Greggory Isaacs need I say more

29 Deadlock Holiday - 10CC
30 Israelites - Desmond Dekker & Aces

First heard this in 1969. Never heard anything like it before or since. Dekker's voice has an incredible range and the minute you hear the intro you know it is going to be something very special. It was the UK's first reggae number 1 in the charts but I think it has been somewhat overlooked. Listen to it again, and open your mind to the pure excitement and brilliance of the music and Dekker's vocals. By the way, we always used to sing "baked beans for breakfast". Most people in the UK didn't understand the words but living in Bristol with a large Caribbean community I had a better idea than most. in my opinion should be in the top five at least. Respect.

31 Jerusalem - Alpha Blondy

Alpha blondy my man

32 Let's Do It Again - J Boog

Love it

If you love reggae, you must love this one. no excuses.

33 Billionaire - Travie McCoy
34 Badfish - Sublime

This song should be higher

35 Feeling Alright - Tribal Seeds

I feel alright when I listen to this song.

Wrong band

36 Could You Be Loved - Bob Marley

Greatest song ever besides Bob Marley’s other songs. This could easily be number 1!

How this isn't on the first page is beyond me!

The Tempo Of This Reggae Is Astonishing

37 Oh Carolina - Shaggy

Classical hit from shamrock he's a good magician and even better artist with Carolina I ultimately love it great peice

38 Sinsemilla - Black Uhuru

Best reggae tune ever

39 Amber - 311

The most relaxing reggae song for me, I heard it first in 50 first dates.

Best reggae song out there,

40 One Love - Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube should be up higher

i agree

41 Want More - Bob Marley and the Wailers
42 Stir It Up - Bob Marley

This should EASILY be number 1 and I had to add it to the list... hopeless

It really stir's one to inspiration


43 Antonia - Gondwana

Amazing chilean music

44 These Streets - Tanya Stephens

Tanya is the bomb!

45 Funky Kingson - Toots & The Maytals

A great mix of reggae and funk. A basic song in reggae history.


46 Quiero Bailar - Ivy Queen

Ivy Queen's 2003 hit "Quiero Bailar" combined Reggaeton with Reggae when her producer Ivan Joy sampled Reggae's riddim Liquid produced by Jeremy Harding. The song became the first Spanish song to reach #1 on on Miami's WPOW Rhythmic Top 40, an American radio station based in Miami, Florida that did not usually play Spanish music.

This song and it's remixes kept the fire in the clubs way into 2006 three years after it's release in 2003.

47 Rest of My Life - SOJA

It's one of my favourite songs!

You must love this one.

48 True to Myself - Ziggy Marley

An Amazing song which makes you think to yourself
Am I happy and am I the person that I wish to be?

This song really touches you deep down. The lyrics will help you make yourself happy.

It, s really True To Myself & Yourself

49 Dark Angel - Tribal Seeds

Sit down, relax and listen to this song. Master of reggae!

50 You're My Jah - Djimbe

Listen it! Amazing song

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