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101 Shy Guy - Diana King

Always great to listen to diana

102 L-L-Lies - Diana King

Diana king once remarked in interview 'i think in reggae"

103 New Heights - Ky Mani Marley
104 Gypsy - Eddie Lovett

One of the best romantic Reggae songs ever.

105 Thank You Lord - Judy Mowatt

One of the best Gospel Reggae songs ever.

106 Love is the Most High - Fortunate Youth
107 All in My Head (Flex) - Fifth Harmony
108 Welcome to My Paradise - Steven and Coconut Treez

Good song. Try to listen to this one. Wtf? Billonaire, I think it sucks. - joshsanz

yeah, this song is really good.

When I heard this music, I feel that I'm free to do anything that I want..

This band is awsomeness - darma

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109 Go Deh Yaka - Monyaka

Monyaka - Go Deh Yaka

110 Courage to Grow - Rebelution
111 Other Side - Rebelution
112 Cool Down - Kolohe Kai
113 Butterflies - Kolohe Kai
114 First True Love - Kolohe Kai
115 Lover Girl - Kolohe Kai
116 Ilegal - Cultura Profetica
117 Rude - Magic!

Its trending!... Its first in top 100 billboard.. Will soon be recognised as one of the best songs in this genre... You will just fall into the song

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118 Many Rivers to Cross - Jimmy Cliff

Why isn't jimmy cliff on your list

119 Boom Draw - Julian Marley
120 Mysterious Girl - Peter Andre
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