Best Rick James Songs

Best 10 songs by the King of Punk Funk Rick James & the Stone City Band!
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1 Super Freak Super Freak Cover Art

I will NEVER go to the lame Rock and Roll Hall of fame until they induct Rick James! Such an innovator, talent and great musician!

It should always be number 1. No question whatsoever. No other Rick James song can challenge its honour with dignity. How could anyone think it was number 3?! It's the best of the best of RJ.

Great music, this was the best Funk decade for Rick James

One of the best songs that I've heard ion my life!

2 Give It to Me Baby Give It to Me Baby Cover Art

When you listen to some Prince, Michael Jackson and red Hot Chilli Pepper Tunes you say wow they were really influenced by Rick and in the case of Prince copied his act.

The most memorable Rick Jame's song we all were looking for, hands down baby!

Probably the best baseline in music history.

How this song is not number 1?

3 Mary Jane Mary Jane Cover Art

One of the best songs of all time. Why isn't this guy not in the R & R hall of fame. He created a new song category that has been copied by Prince, Michael Jackson, Red hot chili peppers and the clash.

A funky songs with flutes wow. The singing is great, the music, just a masterpiece!

One of the most melodious songs ever made

The ultimate Rick James experience

4 Spend the Night With Me Spend the Night With Me Cover Art

One of his best song cool lyrics and just a ground sound. Sound like an actual true story.

The more I listen to this song the higher up the list it goes.

Great song! Danny plays a wicked sa on this one. One of Rick Jame' best.

5 Cold Blooded Cold Blooded Cover Art
6 Glow Glow Cover Art
7 Hollywood Hollywood Cover Art

It's like an autobiography song. Very funky.

8 Good Ol Days
9 Ghetto Life Ghetto Life Cover Art

This is why this guy was so much better than Prince and Bruce Springsteen. He lived the life and sang about it.

Cool! Rick James was the best. MTV sucks!

10 You and I You and I Cover Art

Good Stuff! One of his many best.

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11 Bustin Out Bustin Out Cover Art

One of the best song openings- Blasting Horns to "All Right You Squares! "

What a opening line! Well allright you SQUARES!

12 Love Gun Love Gun Cover Art
13 Hard to Get
14 Big Time Big Time Cover Art

This is one of his most underrated.

15 Mr. Policeman! Mr. Policeman! Cover Art

A masterpiece! Best entertainer ever.

How relevant is this song today!

Great message with a reggage beat.

16 Throwdown
17 High On Your Love Suite High On Your Love Suite Cover Art
18 Fool On the Street Fool On the Street Cover Art
19 She Blew My Mind (69 Times)
20 Call Me Up Call Me Up Cover Art

Bass line was crazy...and lyrics

Super underrated

21 Loosey's Rap
22 U Bring the Freak Out U Bring the Freak Out Cover Art

Love this song.

23 Fire It Up

What do you want to do with the FUNK? Fire it up! great horns too.

24 Fire and Desire Fire and Desire Cover Art

Rick James and Teena Marie this was great song. It game me chills the range and greatness of their voices.

25 17 17 Cover Art
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