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1 Dragula

That's a good song. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Very hard to decide between this and Superbeast. I chose this one.

If you don't head bang to this song then you were dropped as a baby (I was dropped on my head as a baby) but I still head bang to this song its his best song and also he's not trying to be Alice cooper did Alice cooper direct the devils rejects - the-rate-it-guy

Sexy heavy hardcore and amazing beats its frigging awesome along with the lyrics it in one way means he always wins... It's a fantastic song and its got perfect music and awesome lyrics

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2 Superbeast

The best RZ song!

awesome song which takes me in a different world...

I don't know all of Zombie's songs but of the ones I know, this is my fav.

I'm not a big fan of this band... but when I listn it took me in a different world...

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3 Living Dead Girl

I love all of rob zombie's songs- living dead girl is at the top of my list, then dragula, superbeast, most of the ones on this list!

Amazing zombie song after the legendary 'dragula'... Deserves second..

I'm literally living dead when I listen to this track..

Rob Zombie rocks...

Living Dead Girl and Dragula are the best! - bobbythebrony

Why are thunder kiss and black sunshine on here? They aren't even rob! Living dead girl is #1

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4 Never Gonna Stop

You ever want to Ride and want some Music, this is The Song For You! The Most Awesome Song ever created, makes my mind Crazy..! - MeTaLRocK

As someone said before, the Chorus is so badass!
this one is cool, but still I like Dragula and Livin' Dead girl

This song is the Most Unique song by Rob Zombie.
It Rocks!

That chorus... MAN it�'s addictive.

5 Feel So Numb


6 Sick Bubblegum

the most classic riff ever created,, this song can give you the heebi jeebies man love the vocals

Why the hell is enter sandman on here? Are

Loved it the first time I listened to it

I like it because it is cool.

7 Meet the Creeper

where the hell is devils rejects and lords of salem and feel so numb and... never mind its impossible to choose out of all his songs

You absolutely have to listen to this song. It is awesome.

This song is one of my favorite should be in top 5

The best here's to u sis!

8 Thunderkiss 65'

Awesome song' what a great groove n' beat. Have no idea what the hell it's about, only Rob probably does but this song kicks ass. LOVE IT!

The first time I heard the riff I knew it was a classic and a truly great song. Totally awesome live.

Great song! Why is it only #7? Not my personal #1 but its definitely a top 3.

Never ever get sick of this song

9 Iron Head

Pretty good song. It defiantly aged better than most of the songs in his discography.

Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne... It's nuts that this one isn't in the top 10


10 Teenage Nosferatu P****

Yep, best song since his debut solo album.

This song bleeds industrial

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11 House of 1000 Corpses

Great yet morbid song.. Reminds me of Jeffrey dahmer kinda

I feel so evil while hearing this song. It truly describe my wildest fantasy whene he say:"She had a corpse under her bed". - SerialSinner

Amazing song. Terrifying!

12 P**** Liquor

love it

13 Foxy Foxy
14 The Devil's Rejects
15 Black Sunshine

Love the riffs in this one

Black sunshine's the best.

16 Super Charger Heaven
17 The Great American Nightmare
18 Demonoid Phenomenon

This is their heaviest song without a doubt.. Probably the scariest as well.

Awesome song!


19 Mars Needs Women
20 Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown

We listen to the dead radio baby!

Most catchy rock song I have ever heard! Amazing!

Has the most awesome tone ever. I like the way he sings fast.

I love rob zombie

21 American Witch

How is this song 16? Definitely top 5 in my book.

This song is the best rob song it it the first song I heard it makes me feel like the king of deathlike the grim reper

22 Demon Speeding

On the highway, V8 under the hood, jammin' to this song... it doesn't get much better.

I'm demon speding! And that's all in this subject. If you don't listen this song don't waste time anywany and use yt or something where you can find this song!

23 Two-Lane Blacktop

Theme from NFS Underground

24 More Human Than Human

While this is a White Zombie song I still voted for this as I always found White Zombie so much better than Rob solo - Johnnyt800

The best period

It's by far the best song if it's counted.

How is this not number one!?

25 Dead Girl Superstar
26 Scum of the Earth
27 Hands of Death
28 The Ballad of Resurrection Joe and Rosa Whore
29 Sawdust In the Blood
30 War Zone
31 What Lurks On Channel X?
32 Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga

Best Song of his new album Vemonus Rat Regeneration Vendor, A new fan favourite in my opinion

33 What?
34 Lords of Salem

Pretty dark

This should be higher.

I love this song! - Scr3aM

35 Enter Sandman

Haha not a zombie tune

This song is by Metallica, not Rob Zombie - Shake_n_Bake13

36 Spookshow Baby

Such a criminally underrated song... I think people get thrown off by the intro, and don't stick around til the song takes off. The song hits hard, and it's hard not to crank it up when you hear it.

Love it! Hard hitting song that kicks ass!

How do people not love this song

She's a killer!
She's a thriller!
Spookshow Baby!
She's a killer!
She's a thriller!
Yeah Spookshow Baby!

37 Get High
38 Feed the Gods

Any one seen the movie air heads?

39 Blood, Milk and Sky

Such a great song. At least now we know the white zombie went out with a bang

By far best Zombie tune.

40 Reload

This Rob Zombie song is kick-ass!

41 We're an American Band
42 Perversion 99
43 Well, Everybody's F***ing in a U.F.O.
44 I'm Your Boogieman
45 Let It All Bleed Out

One of the most underrated, awesome songs they have ever written. Definitely deserves to be top 10, Dracula is awesome but it's way overrated, it's not THAT good.

46 Welcome to Planet Motherf*****
47 Jesus Frankenstein
48 Return of the Phantom Stranger
49 Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks & Cannibal Girls
50 Man Without Fear
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