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Jack and the Smackback
Jack and the Zombies

An eerie atmosphere combined with a nonstop exciting fight that shows Aku's fight skills

This episode was really nice
I loved the fight between Aku and jack

Jack and the Spartans

If you noticed similarities to Frank Miller's 300, that's because it IS based on the same source material!

The Birth Of Evil

Aku's fight with jack's father was bad ass.

We finally see Aku's origin story


Action, tension, and revelations. This episode has everything and everything to truly mark the turning point of the revival. Through a series of physical and mental challenges and both Jack and Ashi conquering oneself and their past, now the revival is finally set up for the grand series finale to end all series finales.

This is where season 5 starts to really get intents. Especially when Ashi fights off everybody *spoiler when Jack is meditating, his anger hallucination blinded into finally sees what kept him back. The three monk gods appear to give him a new sword. Holy crap! Its time to find Aku!

The best episode of the fifth season. Has Jack finally overcome his grief and find his path to righteousness once again.

Jack in Egypt

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just finished the penultimate episode to Samurai Jack and are now approaching the series finale as of the time I write this comment. In this episode, what begun as a light-hearted and engaging relationship between Jack and Ashi continuing from the previous episode slowly and gradually turned into one of the biggest plot twists in animation yet. With Ashi now having been turned against Jack against her will under the essence of Aku that runs through her body ever since she was born, Jack is now put to his greatest challenge yet that rivals even that of protecting a baby from danger. With this episode concluding on a tragic and depressing cliffhanger, Episode C will pit you in a series of twists and emotions that will precede the true final episode of Samurai Jack.

Jack Remembers the Past

Love this episode because we get to see how Jack's childhood was like.

Jack and the Rave
Tale of X49

Poignant and maybe a drop of tear if you know this episode was the saddest of the show.

One of the darkest and saddest episodes that isn’t afraid to give us a downer ending

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Overall, while it did feel a bit rushed, CI was nonetheless still a phenomenal episode. The series finale was truly well done in terms of its execution aside from being rushed. And I must say the ending is quite bittersweet yet satisfying as it finally concludes the show on a good and high note.

Jack and the Swamp Wizard
Jack vs. the Ninja

Awesome use of two opposing colors to depict samurai light vs ninja shadow. One of the best fight sequences with great music and visuals

The visuals in this episode are just amazing

Aku's Fairy Tales
Jack vs. Aku

My personal favorite from the original series.

I knew that you knew that I knew that you knew...

Jack and the Monks
Jack and the Scotsman

The interaction between these polar opposites is hilarious

Jack vs. Demongo

Jack goes against a resurrected army of the world's most powerful warriors and defeats them all. BEST ACTION SEQUENCE EVER.

Jack and the Baby
Jack and the Warrior Woman
Jack and the Haunted House

The animation is very chilling, almost like watching a horror film

Jack and the Lava Monster
Jack Under the Sea

This episode aired in September of 2001 (the same month and year 9/11 happened, but it didn't air on the day it all happened).

Jack Learns to Jump Good

Such an underrated episode.

You can fly?!
No, jump good!

The Four Seasons of Death
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