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21 Sweet as Whole

Think this is another one of her sentimental ballad type songs? Give it a listen. You'll be in for a fun surprise! Only someone as charming as Sara could pull this off, but she does.

22 The River
23 1000 Times

This song is amazing, and captures the feeling of unrequited love perfectly.

I really don't get why this song is so underrated! Every time I find it in an awful spot among the lists! It's my favorite Sara song. - mood333

Really heart felt song.

Should be in top 10

24 Hercules

Very nice beat and chorus.

25 Between the Lines

The lyrics to this song are just so genius. So awesome. Awesome rhythm. Amazing vocals. Love it

Such an incredible, and often overlooked, song

Really! This one should be the first

26 Satellite Call

Quite different for Sarah - shows her diversity. Definitely a favourite

27 Vegas

It's a very chill song and it has that jazzy and '80s feel

Under-rated yet the best song from Sara Bareilles~!

28 Bluebird

Have no idea why this isn't number one! This song is so beautiful and relatable... There's so much raw emotion, it's gorgeous.

I am so surprised at how low this is! When I first heard this song I thought: What an absolute masterpiece. One of the best songs I have heard from her.

My favourite song right now from the one and only Sara. It's just so beautiful how she sings and the emotions pouring into it just makes shivers go down my spine. Often sing this to myself and try to imitate all her emotions! C:

29 Lie to Me

This is such a cool sounding song. It keeps a good balance between the catchy pop Sara puts out on the radio and the poems made song that only her truest fans appreciate.

30 Love on the Rocks

I don't understand how this isn't even included in the choices.. Or haven't you guys listened to it yet? Best song of sara ever.

31 Send Me the Moon
32 Machine Gun

I love it! Its so great and I love what she says in the song... I love how sweet it sounds even though what shes really saying underneath is forget you (saying this the nice way) . :D

One of my favorites!

love it

33 Bright Lights and Cityscapes

This song is so beautifully performed. The piano compliments the emotion-packed lyrics so greatly as well as matching Sara's haunting voice. Truly a song for the ages.

One of the biggest problems I've noticed with sad love songs (Someone Like You especially) is when the artist comes across as a stalker. Sara Bareilles wins 100%, being sad without being clingy.

While not one of her more well-known songs, this one is amazing. Sad and slow, she sings about loss without seeming creepy.

I LOVE this song. It's beautiful, heartfelt, and I can relate to it so well. Not my favorite song by her, but probably the best.

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34 Beautiful Girl

I love this song. It's uplifting and a beautiful pep talk to girls assaulted by peer pressure and our body-image-obsessed world.

35 Come Round Soon
36 Basket Case
37 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

The simple dissonant first verse is haunting, and then kicks into the more traditional song. Sara's voice is just beautiful

It's a 10 compared to others doing it!

38 Only Shadows

I love it its so pretty wish it was on her new album... I love what shes saying in it and the piano part is just incredible..

39 December
40 Stay
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