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1 Princess of the Night

This one is the best! It has a nice riff and the lyrics are awesome! Highly recommended! Check it out! - Jean666

Amazing song, Metallica even copied the solo... If you don't believe just check out seek and destroy.

First rock song I fell in love with

2 747 (Strangers in the Night)

First one I heard, instantly loved it, got me into the band, best heavy metal band in my opinion, and this song is the best one of the lot, love it

Amazing amazing go Saxon but remember what ever you do don't go on the dark side pop

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3 Heavy Metal Thunder

This one should be the best from the band, in my opinion. The intro with rain and thunder, the riffs and the lyrics are awesome! Check it out! - Jean666

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4 Crusader

I love this one and "The Eagle Has Landed." Thanks to my British Brethren for providing the BEST concert EVER in El Paso Texas while "allegedly" backing up "Triumph"

Grand, epic, powerful. Classic rocking metal track. Stylistically and lyrically, this song epitomizes true metal.

This one is epic! Highly recommended! - Jean666

THis is my favorite!

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5 Wheels of Steel

I like this one, too. It has on Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City. I like the intro of this song. I recommend it, too. - Jean666

This song should be too repetitive for a 6 minute song but It is really too short

One of the most badass riffs of all time

6 Motorcycle Man

Motorcycle anthem

7 And the Bands Played On

This one is awesome, too! I like it! Check it out! - Jean666

When Biff screams Thunder, a shiver goes through my back, every time

The lyrics give me chills

The lyrics are so epic

8 Power and the Glory

First tune from these guys I ever heard, loved it!

Just listen...the best ever

Best saxon song everr!

9 Dallas 1PM

One of the greatest rock songs of all time which includes one of the greatest guitar solo, s of all time truely mesmerising still get chills after all these years

This is a stunning piece of brilliance...and the guitar solo that makes the hairs on the back of your neck extend my opinion Saxons greatest six minutes

Epitomises Saxon at there very best
Great intro, great riffs and awesome solo

10 Machine Gun

Just a great song all in all, has really good guitar riffs and vocals

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? Suzie Hold On

My favourite song from Saxon since I knew them...long time ago...

? Krakatoa

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11 Broken Heroes

A nice power ballad song from the band. Definitely awesome! Check it out! - Jean666

12 Never Surrender

This one has a nice intro. Check it out! - Jean666

13 20,000 Feet

One of their most energetic songs in my opinion

14 Denim and Leather

Denim and Leather is the all time classic, there are a lot of Saxon songs that I probably have never listened to... but everyone knows this. - AberdonianReviewer

15 Lionheart
16 The Eagle Has Landed

Excellent Metal song which caracterize successfully the British New wave of heavy metal


17 Strong Arm of the Law

Such amazing Riffs, solos and lyrics

Song about getting pulled over by the traffic police for no reason. love the lyrics on this song.

18 Warriors of the Road
19 Ride Like the Wind
20 Requiem (We Will Remember)
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1. Never Surrender
2. 747 (Strangers in the Night)
3. 20,000 Feet
1. 747 (Strangers in the Night)
2. Heavy Metal Thunder
3. Motorcycle Man
1. Princess of the Night
2. Crusader
3. 747 (Strangers in the Night)

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