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Scar Symmetry is a Melodic Death Metal band from Avesta, Sweden formed in 2004. In addition to the typical melodic death metal aesthetics (numerous melodies and harmonies in the guitars, growling vocals, etc. ), they incorporate synthesized sounds into their music. Their lyrics are themed towards astronomy, philosophy, mysticism and inner struggles.
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1 Morphogenesis

Brilliant song. Love the clean vocals!

2 The Illusionist
3 Holographic Universe


4 Artificial Sun Projection

Just the fu##ing chorus, so deep, yet som wonderous!

5 Technocalyptic Cybergeddon

How is this not at the top haha. The part with the lyrics "Mind's potential to reach beyond the form Hiding behind new eyes Ability improved as they return transformed Intelligent but not wise"... that's damn near the most emotionally crushing thing they've ever written at least for me. (The final guitar solo in Neohuman is basically tied with it though)

6 Slaves to the Subliminal
7 The Anomaly


8 Quantumleaper
9 Prism and Gate
10 Oscillation Point

The Newcomers

? Pitch Black Progress

The Contenders

11 Ghost Prototype I - Measurement of Thought
12 Ghost Prototype II - Deus Ex Machina
13 Timewave Zero
14 Illuminoid Dream Sequence
15 Mind Machine
16 Extinction Mantra
17 Deviate from the Form

Very addictive song. Nice bonus to the Pitch Black Progress album. I seriously cannot stop listening to this one. One of Scar Symmetry's best! - NuMetalManiak

18 Retaliator
19 Astronomicon
20 The Consciousness Eaters

What? This song is not on the list... Are you kidding me? This is an awesome song... Just listen to it once and I bet you wont regret...

21 A Parenthesis In Eternity
22 Obscure Alliance
23 The Kaleidoscopic God
24 Limits to Infinity
25 Fear Catalyst
26 Trapezoid
27 Domination Agenda
28 The Missing Coordinates
29 Calculate the Apocalypse
30 Rise of the Reptilian Regime
31 Dominion
32 The Iconoclast
33 Hybrid Cult
34 The Draconian Arrival
35 Noumenon and Phenomenon
36 Seers of the Eschaton
37 Orchestrate the Infinite
38 Reborn
39 Chaosweaver
40 Dreaming 24/7
41 Neohuman
42 Veil of Illusions
43 Nonhuman Era
44 Dark Matter Dimensions
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1. Morphogenesis
2. Holographic Universe
3. Technocalyptic Cybergeddon
1. The Illusionist
2. Morphogenesis
3. The Anomaly
1. Artificial Sun Projection
2. Ghost Prototype I - Measurement of Thought
3. Ghost Prototype II - Deus Ex Machina


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