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1 My Screw Up

Easily the best Scrubs episode ever, though My Lunch and My Finale are great, too. The final scene is simply beautiful. I'll never forget that phrase, "where do you think we are? " And Dr. Cox's face when he realizes that he's at a funeral for Ben.

Still get goosebumps after watching the final scene for the fourth time

This should at least be #2 for the psychologic breakdown of JD, and its one of the hopeful:Grim episode

2 My Lunch

One of the funniest and saddest episodes. This probably isn't the episode I would use to introduce Scrubs to people, but avid watchers of the show must realize how brilliant this episode is. This is most definitely better than My Finale (which is also a brilliant episode. )

To see someone as strong, as confidant, and as knowledgeable as Dr. Cox having a breakdown was definitely one of the darkest moment in the series. What makes this episode even better is that it shows that sometimes it takes moments of failure (like the death of the three patients) to truly grow as a person.

Best one! It has death, suspense, humor, tragedy, anger, and The Fray!

It may not be the best episode, but it is by far the saddest.

3 My Last Words

Pay attention and this episode is much deeper and meaningful than you might realize. Sad that things like this happen everyday

Easily the best episode ending is great (with a great song) Really grips you in. this show can make you laugh and cry in the same episode

This episode of scrubs is one of the saddest episodes. It also has an amazing perspective on death

So brilliant, such a good mix of comedy and drama too.

4 My Finale

That episode always gets me. It is not in line with the general scrubs spirit through the show, but it shows the most beautiful end of a T.V. show I've ever seen.

Loved the simply beautiful ending where the future could be anything. It stayed true to the characters and Peter Gabriel's 'Book of Love' as the end song was so moving

c'mon, you gotta hate scrubs not to like this one.

This was great. I nearly cried for JD. he should get married with Elliot and have kids. they make a great couple. They are like Ross and Rachel only way better and more sane

5 My Old Lady

Not many great television sitcoms deal with such moving stories as early on as Scrubs did. It was so beautifully done that the ending with John Cale's Hallelujah, is such a thought provoking and devastating episode.

The show dealt with death in such a classy way from the beginning...

This was the original multi-storyline humor/emotional scrubs episode

6 My Musical

It's guy love between two-o guys! HAHA! For the win my friends, for the win!

Should be in top 10 very well done

7 My Fallen Idol

The best one with the most depth.

I guess I came over here to tell you how proud of you I am. Not because you did the best you could for those patients... but because after 20 years of being a doctor, when things go badly, you still take it this hard. And I gotta tell you man, I mean, that’s the kind of doctor I want to be

8 My First Day

The old ones were so good...

A really cool introduction to the series.

9 My Soul On Fire

Easily the best episode of the series. Deeply emotional and uplifting and really brought everyone together. Beautifully done.

werid episode but really good too.

10 My Long Goodbye

A complete up and down of emotions, one scene you're crying, the next your laughing... tears the whole way through. Incredible script writing and screen play by far makes this my favourite episode of Scrubs.

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11 My Life In Four Cameras

Dr cox:let me present, man not caring


Do you see what you get, Carla?

Do you see what you get when you mess with the warior!

12 My Way Home

A great parody of the "Wizard Of Oz". The 100th of Scrubs.


13 My Fishbowl

One of the only episodes that made season 6 actually funny.

14 My Overkill

Anything with Colin Hay in it has to be good! When Cox smashes his guitar; "I have other songs! "

Definitely one of the best


15 My Own Personal Jesus
16 My Butterfly

I just like the guitar music played while JD looks at his patient in the OR and the patient dies. It is a sad song, but still it moves you to know that just like that life is that fragile. Cherish it for you'll never know when your time will come.

17 My Philosophy

Should definitely be top 10. The ending scene with the song is amazing

The ending always makes me bawl

18 My Hero

brendan fraser was brilliant.

This episode aired the day I was born.

19 My No Good Reason
20 My T.C.W.
21 My Catalyst
22 His Story III

The one episode that shows that even the janitor have feelings and that he too, wants to make a difference

23 My Best Friend's Wedding
24 My Five Stages
25 Our Couples
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