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The top ten best characters from the television show Heroes. Heroes is an American superhero drama television series that tells the stories of ordinary people whose superhuman abilities take effect in their lives as they work together to prevent catastrophic futures.
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1 Niki Sanders

Ali Larter brings this characters beauty and a kick butt character as well. Niki has got to be one of the strongest characters in the first and second season. Her overall personallity is just so cool she so mystrious and good at the same time

My fave character, I love the whole story about her. A shame she was only in it for 2 seasons...

Niki Sanders has her share of problems. She's a single mother having to work as a stripper to earn cash

2 Claire Bennet

Hayden panettiere is the best actress on the show
She does an even better job when you consider that she was about 16 herself when playing a 16 year old because she's so good. High school characters are usually played by much older actors eg. The actor of the rapist guy from the first few episodes was actually mid twenties. Not the 16-18 year old he was portraying.

"Save the cheerleader, save the world." The entire first season is built around one character, Claire Bennet.

Healing? Teenage girl trying to find herself? It's a character I certianly can relate to! Except for the healing part of course

3 Peter Petrelli

Selfless, extraordinary and not to mention quite attractive... *cue swooning for Ventimiglia*
A man who believed from the start that he was destined for greatness, despite onlookers telling him otherwise.
A man with exceptional abilities and an extraordinary heart to match.

This is one T.V. 's most iconic protagonists. The selfless, caring hero with the potential to become the most powerful of them all. How could anyone not think he is #1?!

After his dad gave him the "it ain't about how hard you can hit, its about how hard you can GET hit, and keep moving foward" speech he decided to do more with his life and save the world...what a gun

Favorite character but I liked him best when he has empathic mimicry and could use all powers. Big mistake is what I think. Still favorite though

4 Elle Bishop

Um how is Elle not in the top 10? She is at least better than Mohinder and Adam. Heck everyone is better than Mohinder in my opinion. But anyways Elle is definitely getting my vote! She was an awesome character and I'm not saying she should've lived throughtout the rest of the series but she should have at least lived a little longer. Plus electricity is like the coolest power on the show so.

Kristen Bell gives a great performance as Elle, who was experimented on by her father so she's isolated, angry, and psychotic.

5 Hiro Nakamura

Hiro is the best character. He is funny, cool, and has the best power. I knew he was the best character ever since I first saw him move time backwards by a second, then he teleported to New York in the future! That was awesome! Ever since the first episode, no one could beat Hiro Nakamura, except maybe Claire, but Hiro is way cooler!

Hiro is very funny, has an awesome partner/sidekick(?), and has the best power ever: Time travel! He is a hero who always strives to save the world from evil (don't read any further if you haven't seen all seasons and don't enjoy spoilers.

Sylar in Volume 1, Adam in Volume 2, The Pinehearst company in Volume 3, Lots of people such as Nathan and Danko in Volume 4, and Samuel in Volume 5). Hiro was amazing and I wish there was a season focused just on him (before Heroes Reborn came out, of course)

I knew this guy was awesome ever since he shouted "I did it! " in his workplace. He is the only character in the show that can be comical and brilliant at the same time. In the first season, he showed how to save the world, and in season two, he showed how to be a great person.

Hiro is a geek and GEEKS RULE!
Why is Niki number 1? Oh yeah I forgot most the voters are lust filled men who are too shallow to vote a character based on personality!

6 Daphne Millbrook
7 Sylar

Not only is Zachary Quinto's portrayal of the character realistic, raw, and emotional in an imaginative way, but the characters backstory and powers add another dimension which the others lack. His upbringing taught him to be special above all, and that mediocrity was worse than destruction. His moral compass often combats with these beliefs, as he doesn't want to hurt or kill people, but finds himself in situations where he either can't control the urge, or the environment around him has pushed him towards such actions. His character arc is fascinating and unique, therefore I find Sylar to be the best character in the show

In my opinion, Gabriel isn't a bad person. I believe he just has a condition he can't control. He is honestly a great person morally and is just greatly misunderstood.

He's the only serial killer you love on T.V. and is one of my all time favourite characters ever! What a legend!

Sylar is a beast, he is easily my favorite and probably the coolest character in the show.

8 Molly Walker

She is so precious

9 Meredith Gordon
10 Charlie Andrews
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11 Candice Wilmer

A crafty illusionist

12 Lydia Martin

She has a sexy back

13 Nathan Petrelli
14 Matt Parkman

I love this guy because I think he is easily one of the purest hearted characters on the show. His ability is also epic. Not saying it would be preferable, but he is one of the characters deep enough that you could make a show just about him

15 Eden McCain
16 Adam Monroe

Best villain. Love David anders

Best villain on Heroes.

17 Tracy Strauss
18 Simone

Simone and Peter were the OTP! If only we got to know her better before they killed her off

19 Hana Gitelman
20 Kaito Nakamura
21 Claude Rains
22 Brian Davis
23 Zane Taylor
24 Dale Smither
25 Bob Bishop
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