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1 James Sunderland

Can relate to this survival horror character the most. Plus who doesn't like someone who sticks their hands in toliet water and jump down deep holes.

Most complicated/realistic character in the series. Has quite the memorable quotes as well.

2 Pyramid Head Pyramid Head

He punishes human sinners. Enough said.

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3 Heather Mason

She's the unique female Silent Hill protagonist, I rather get paired whit her but just my hallucinations, she is more choosable than that coward Ashley (From Resident Evil 4).

4 The Grinning Man

His character as well as his story are very flawed and could have been more developed, but the Grinning Man still seems like a unique and interesting character. If only the comic was better written and not so flawed. It also could have been better if we knew more about him, including his real name. Still, he deserves some credit.

5 Harry Mason
6 Alessa Gillespie
7 Lisa Garland
8 Maria
9 Cybil Bennett
10 Angela Orosco

She has so much depth.

The Contenders

11 Whately
12 Walter Sullivan
13 Travis Grady
14 Jasper Gein
15 Mary Shepherd-Sunderland
16 Michael Kaufmann
17 Henry Townshend

Main protagonist of Silent Hill 4.

18 Andrew DeSalvo
19 Eileen Galvin

Silent Hill 4 character

20 Alex Shepherd
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