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41 Freaking Me Out

Simple Plan with a piece of All Time Low is just perfect.

Awesome song. Great verses, perfect for both peirres and and all time low singer alex! Listen to it!

Amazing! Verses are great! Perfect for peire and All Time Low singer alex!

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42 Lucky One

I love simple plan and I guess this song is one reason I keep holding on. it's uplifting to think that one day you'll be perfectly fine and everything falls in place. that's what I hope for.

This is my favorite simple plan song. The words are perfect

This song is so sad and relatable, it's amazing.

43 Fire In My Heart
44 Ordinary Life

Really Good song off the Second Coming! - Curti2594

45 Vacation

This song was on New York Minute! This is what made me fall in love with Simple Plan. This song is going to be played at my wedding! I don't give a freak what anyone or my fiance has to say about it. If this song isn't played, we are getting a divorce the minute the wedding ends.

This is the best song of Simple Plan

The lyrics are amazing.
And ths should really be higher... It was my first simple plan song uf you didn't listen to it I would have never liked them.

46 Perfectly Perfect

It's only on the bottom because it just came out recently so listen to this song because it is amazing! - Rezerise

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47 In V 1 Comment
48 I Won't Be There
49 I Don't Wanna Be Sad

Great song, really lifting

I don't wanna be sad, but some people make me sad

I like how they take the topic of being depressed... and turn into a comedy! ; and without coming off as a dick!

50 Singing In the Rain

Very catchy! I went back to Simple Plan because of this happy song!

Good song form take one for the team

I always listen to this song to make me feel better whenever I'm upset. It's a very upbeat and happy song. :D

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51 Running Out of Time

I love this song not their best but deserves better than 46 this isn't my favorite but it made me sad seeing it at 46 so I decided to vote for it I hope others vote for this too

49?!?! REALLY?!? Do you think summer paradise is simple plan? Sumeer paradise is reagge, THIS is real simple plan:pop punk

52 When I'm with You

Listen to this. I'm sure that this will go somewhat higher. But maybe because it's just an "extra" song, I, guess this song will always and forever be stuck at the bottom of the list.. But I'll still be rooting for this song forever and always.

53 Opinion Overload

My god is this amazing. Really revamps the band.

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54 God Must Hate Me

This is one of my favorite songs :D - kenzdeli

55 Generation

Heart thumbing song...

Wow what a song I heard it more than thre time in a day must hear - Johns6545

56 Holding On

This song is just so pretty and amazing! The music and the lyrics in this song are both great! Surprised that it's number 47 on the list though! Should be in the top 10!

This song is really amazing! I think the only reason why it's not higher is because Simple Plan has way too many great songs!


57 Never Should Have Let You Go
58 Just Around the Corner

Pierre shows once again his talent. In the first verse, the emotion grows little but little and suddently, when the chorus starts, all the emotions is liberated, it's an awesome feeling! And at the end of the chorus, we think it's over, but noway! The guitar comes again! And the 2nd verse can start in order to make the emotion grow again! And then Chorus again, emotion, emotion, emotion! Just perfect. The bridge is very really awesome and we can hear very well the piano, it makes it even more beautiful.
This song is just perfect.

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59 My Alien

This song is so CUTE! Beautiful lyrics and music, you must LISTEN it!

My favourite song of Simple Plan ever.

60 Try

This song reminds me of how I feel about my friends, partner, parents, basically everyone in my life. I've never really been one to know what to do or to be the best at keeping secrets and being loyal to a person because I just don't know how. This song makes me want to try for them and make them see what I actually can be.

How is this song not in the top 10 a least. This is their best song on Get Your Heart On

I wish I had this song earlier! It really helps, and it makes me honestly want to try. Try for myself

61? 61?! Really! TOP 10!

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