Late Night


Its just a lot of fun! When you are a celeberty, you get sent free stuff and the clubs are just so much fun to go too! When you become a vampire, it is so cool, you can drink from other sims and whatnot. This is totally a must-have, worth every penny!

This is a great view on how life in the city is like! Your Sim can earn celebrity points and get free gifts just for being a celebrity! It also comes with amazing new furniture like hot tubs, bars, etc... You get gorgeous new hairstyles and clothes so your Sim can fit right in! Your Sim can be transformed into a vampire by a close fang friend, so you can experience what its like to rely on the moon as your only light. All-in-all, the Late Night expansion pack is definitely one I'd recommend!

I absolutely love this expansion pack. I would definitely say this is the best expansion pack for the sims 3. I would definitely recommend it. I love the fact that you can become a celebrity, become a vampire and even own an apartment. My dad said I could have this for my birthday. I was super excited for about a week and then I got it and it was super awesome. definitely buy it.

Late night is by far one of the best packs out there not only can your Sims become celebrities they can create a band or join another persons. with new instruments like the bass and drums your Sims can also play gigs at clubs or for tips somewhere in the city. of the packs I own (late night, university and into the future) this pack is surely one of my favorites.

The sims 3 late night gives you lots of new stuff like apartments, clothing, furnishings and a new town called Bridgeport where one area is the main town and other across the bridge upper class area this expansion pack is amazing and I would recommend it a must have expansion to your game you will enjoy it

Its not the best I guess but its still good it was the first expansion I ever played so its good for beginners but my favorite is mystical creatures island paradise and university life! By the way the audios can kill your butler it scared me so much that demon thing that turns the dead people into a ghost (cool but scary music! )

It's amazing and I have this pack! Plus it's really funny because when sims are skinny dipping in the hot tub, you can hide their clothes. Then they have to wear towels until they take a shower. The new traits are shy, star quality, loner, virtusaso. (sorry if I spelled that wrong). You can go to clubs, become a vampire or celebrity. Plus there is a new cheat for it. You can set your celebrity level too! There is new clothes, and games to it!

Forgot to add that you can ride in a limo if your a celebrity, live in a high rise building, go to bars, and get the mixology skill. And finally they have butlers!

Late Night is awesome. You get to be a vampire, celebrity, and you can live in the city life. It makes me feel like I'm in New York when I'm playing it, living in high rise buildings and everything. You can also go to bars and night cubs. Very fun!

P.S. who farted? Oh... Nevermind. It was me

I love how in this expansion you can get piano, bass and drums as well as guitar and start your own band. Also, the new town Bridgeport is awesome because it is a city and you can live in an apartment or high rise (houses are still avaliable too). There are a lot more outfit options on offer for teenagers upwards and there are a lot more mansions than the other towns to live in. Also, playing as a vampire is awesome because you can build skills faster at night, move faster at night, raid storers and hospitals for plasma fruit and live on blood boxes and plasma fruit. I would definitely buy this!

I would get this one if the vampires were not included. It sounds SO fun because you can get an entire new city that you can drive to and all, but the vampires for me are a deal breaker. I'm not going to pay $3,000 for a cure just to have them get bitten again! How dumb! No thanks--no vampires aloud!

I don't really like supernatural... I feel like supernaturals are even more NEEDY than the majority of Sims.. It's really annoying... and I feel like you can barely do anything with a vampire, and that they take forever to age, I get really really bored with them.. So I never play with them.

If you get rid of the vampires, I'm all for it. But I'm not going to have my people turn into vampires! Mostly because I would pay $3,000 to get the cure at the science center, just to have them turn right back into a vampire. Yeah, no thanks. Late Night's Bridgeport: City of the Vampires.

I love late night because it realistically portrays city life in a very fun way. This my favorite expansion to create single or bachelor characters. My sims tend to be very extroverted, and they love clubing. I really enjoy building lofts and apartments. The only critique I have is that I wish my sims could have more interactions with their neighbors like they did in apartment life.

If this isn't your favorite sims 3 pack, it is your favorite anyway. I have SO many funny memories with this pack. As that was one of my only packs I had at that time. First of all, the city life is amazing and so is the clubs. - Chatsa2

It is definitely the best expansion pack! In addition to this, it is the best expansion pack to get first as it gets you started with the extra content well. It is a great introduction! It is so much fun and adds the most to the game! GET IT!

This expansion was the very first I owned. It is an amazing pack that definitely is the one that is most worth getting. You can do so much stuff with it its unreal! It really is a must have!

Although I haven't actually got the game, everything that I have read about it is completely positive and you can become celebrities and have paparazzi and everything. cannot wait to get this next.

I'm not interested in the clubs, just the town of Bridgeport! Bridgeport is an amazing town. It's beautiful lit up at night and has a lot to do. It feels like New York City

I like it because you can be famous and a vampire and you get a lot of new clothing and you can live in buildings and there are bars and security guards. I truly think that this is THE BEST SIMS 3 EXPANSION PACK EVER!

I love this expansion pack, especially Bridgeport, I like how it's reminiscent of a metropolitan city. - Mochi

I really enjoy the ability to become a vampire, and a celebrity too. Great new town - love the apartments and house options. However, lifts get annoying when you get stuck waiting for them! Still, love it!

There's nothing really new besides bars and vampires which can be bought in other expansion packs with even more than that so for that reason I think that almost all of the games below are better.

Everyone thinks that it's the best one ever but it's really not that cool. There really isn't really anything new besides the vampires which you can get in other expansion packs with even more.

Ever since I got this expansion pack I've been playing the sims 3 whenever I have free time. I love the city because there are so many things you can do in it everyday.

This expansion pack really just adds on new and exciting things to do in every part of what the Sims 3 life is meant to be! Partying out, becoming a celeb, cool new furniture and clothes and hairstyles etc. With other expansions like Generations or Seasons, it'll make the expansion three times as fun as it already is! Although there are horrible bugs, crashes a lot and makes your game slower, despite all this, I think Late Night really deserved the 1st place prize on this list.